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Brainy Science: Quantum Physics

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I loved Ferrie's science board books so I was pretty on board to see how the topics would be expanded for a slightly older audience. It's really a small step forward. A few more sentences, a slightly more complex image. While the baby books are probably more for the entertainment of the adult, these books will do more to introduce complex science to young children so I still wholeheartedly approve.

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Ebook received for free through NetGalley

My eight year old read this book an absolutely adored it. Thanks for the opportunity. Definitely can see looking into these in the future.

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Kids are naturally more enthusiastic about reading if they can follow their own interests, so if a student saw this and wanted to read it I absolutely wouldn't discourage them. That said, I'm no scientist but I'm a moderately well-educated adult and I found the explanation of electrons (largely called a "ball") jumping between the rings around the nucleus to be vague and confusing. I realize distilling quantum physics for a Level 1 reader is challenging, but I did expect to get what was explained and I was left with more questions than answers. Provoking further questions isn't a terrible outcome and reading practice is reading practice, no matter the subject, so there is value here, but I probably wouldn't assign it for general classroom use.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!

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First, I saw this was for children and thought it would be a fun read. I didn’t realize it’s for Pre K- Grade 1. So with that in mind, I thought this book was confusing. The author uses a ball analogy that explains a ball being made of atoms and then an atom being made of balls. I personally found the wording confusing, as an adult who’s taken college level physics. I’m not a parent though so can’t say with any certainty how a kid would understand the concept.

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I couldn't view any of the photos regardless of which device I was using. The text was also not interesting enough to capture my attention and I don't believe my son would be able to sit still for this book.

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Chris Ferrie books are much loved in our household. We collected several when our son was young and have started to collect them again since our daughter was born, so I was really interested to see what these beginner readers would be like.

With Ferrie's trademark illustration style of clean, bold pictures, young readers will love learning about the basic physic concepts in these books.

The text is nice and bold and the wording is very age appropriate.

The main criticism I see in regards to Ferrie's books is that the concepts are 'too hard' or 'too advance' for children. I strongly disagree and believe many adults underestimate just how capable children are at learning these concepts when they are presented in an age appropriate way.

Whilst the reader difficulty is too low for my son, I look forward to purchasing these books for my daughter once she begins her reading journey.

Thank you to NetGalley, Sourcebooks Kids, and Chris Ferrie for giving me a free digital copy of these books to read in exchange for an honest review.

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The colours, the illustrations and the presentation work well together.

However, I genuinely feel this series will scare the very young readers. I would say this is not the series for all the very young readers.

I feel that the concept will be a little difficult for the reading age group to grasp what the writing is trying to say. It's rather too serious for them I feel.

Thank you, SOURCEBOOKS Kids, for the advance reading copy.

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This is a good Pre-k - Grade 1 book with mostly easy vocabulary, short sentences, and repetition. It is very simple and has a developmentally appropriate approach. Parts of it are boring and not enegaging enough. There is a female scientist from the field at the beginning, but no information or contest within the book, so unless you know about her, it doesn't really make sense why she is in the book.

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This is the less successful of the first two books in this series. The book is designed for very, very young children (think toddler and preschool) and covers very basic concepts with simple illustrations. Unless they are not the kind of kids to think about the subject matter and try to follow it, children are likely to come away with follow up questions that parents can't answer, and there is no back section with further information like some beginner concept books have.

This one really seems to be designed more for parents who want to brag that their toddlers are learning quantum physics than for kids to really learn anything of substance. It's not really entertaining in any way and it doesn't feel truly educational other than a very few vocabulary words. That said, it could be the very first book in a pile of books to teach kids about the topic if you can find follow up books that go into more depth.

I read a temporary digital ARC of this book for review.

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This series is fantastic! I was very curious (and admittedly a bit skeptical) about how to explain something as complicated as quantum physics to a young child, and especially in an early reader format.

The text and illustrations are perfect and, dare I say, simple! The concepts presented build on each other in a clear and concise way. My family can confirm that this is just right for an early reader to digest and understand.

I hope there will be more books in this series. What a gem for young kids.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing us with an advance copy!

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This is the second book in the Do you Know series of scientific easy readers by Chris Ferrie. They are done to perfection. They take complicated concepts and break it down to its finest points, then make it easy to digest for the earliest of readers.

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