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The Gunslinger’s Guide to Avoiding Matrimony

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This is a fun read, that's for sure. It's light-hearted and funny enough to have had me giggling in the coffee shop I like to read in. My biggest hang-up here is that I didn't quite believe the relationship between Nora and Adam. I feel like it needed just a bit more build-up before the get-together. That may just be my personal preference, though, an abundance of angst and pining. I also can't say I'm a big fan of an entire town dropping everything to help one person in the "you're always there for us" way, but, again, that's just my personal preference. However, if you're looking for a quick, enjoyable, western historical romance then this isn't a bad book to pick up.
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I loved getting back to the town of Desolation.  
There were a few funny moments between Adam and Nora that left me laughing out loud. Lucille the goat is still causing mayhem around town and his horse is can't stay away from the sheriff's horse. 

There were also a few sad moments when Nora feels the sting of Adam's rejection. But overall this addition to the series was fun. 

Adam Brady accidentally finds the town of Desolation, a town that welcomes outlaws as long as they find a job or get married. Something Adam would like to avoid but after helping resident Nora Schumacher, they find themselves accidentally married. 

Nora doesn't necessarily want a husband but she needs one. The grandfather left the house and property to her but she won't be able to gain full control until her thirtieth birthday unless she gets married. Adam is perfect because he doesn't want marriage either but he refuses to sign the paperwork. If only she can convince him to go along. When she confesses her reasons for staying married to Adam, her friends decide to help steer him into her arms.

Thank you so much to the author, Entangled and NetGalley for this ARC to review.
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I received an advanced reader’s copy of The Gunslinger’s Guide to Avoiding Matrimony by Michelle McLean.

Nora Schumacher and Adam Brady are great characters. Their banter was fun and entertaining. But, there were also poignant moments where they opened up to each other. 

For a town of outlaws and those wishing to escape their pasts, it’s been heartwarming to see how they have banded together to create a community and protect each other. 

This is the second book in the Gunslinger series. It can be read as a standalone although I recommend reading the books in order to provide you more background about the other characters in the story.
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The follow up to Michelle MacLean’s Hitched to the Gunslinger, The Gunslinger’s Guide to Avoiding Matrimony is finally here and the citizens of Desolation are up to more shenanigans!

Running from the law retired gunslinger/gambler Adam Woodson stumbled upon the town of Desolation.

His timing is perfect and he walks right into the mess groom selection/ wedding ceremony for the town and ends up married to spinster Nora.

Nora hadn’t planned on picking a groom, but Adam will suit her purpose nicely- she only needs a husband long enough to inherit her property… too bad Adam has no intention of being that husband!

Now the rules of Desolation state a man must marry or find a job… so Adam starts trying his hand at all the jobs, while Nora attempts to woo him to sign the marriage papers.

In general this is a cute and funny premise, but Adam’s insistence that he can’t/won’t marry is too much. I felt for Nora and her insecurities as she tries to get Adam to accept their marriage. 

In the same vein, Nora is described as muscular, plain, not that feminine and preferring to wear trousers. The cover image totally distracted me with the exact opportunity depiction. I hate when that happens.

In the end, I really enjoyed going back to Desolation and seeing all my favourite characters again but I didn’t find this book as funny as the first.

The Gunslinger’s Guide to Avoiding Matrimony is available now.
Thanks to @entangled_publishing for my NetGalley review copy.

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I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.
I thoroughly enjoyed this fun Rom Com.  I read the first one and really liked it and the same goes for this one.  The story keep moving along and held my attention throughout.  This is a very quick fast and most entertaining read.
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LOVE LOVE LOVE! ANOTHER GREAT READ BY THIS AUTHOR. I couldn't put this book down it was just as good as the first one in the series but defiantly could be read without reading the first one. Can't wait to read another one of Michelle's laugh out loud books.

I received a ARC from Netgalley and this review is my own opinion.
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My blurb …
Adam Brady, 28, lives by two rules: never get married, never get caught. A town called Desolation provides people with a past and a place to live *if* they get married or have a job. Adam rides into town and without realizing it ends up married to a feisty, sassy woman named Nora. Can he get out of the marriage? Why does he keep getting fired from one job after another? Why does she want to be married but not really?

My review …
Loved the title of this book — it grabbed my interest right away. Eh … my review doesn’t match the four-five stars of those already posted. And a good chunk of the reason is language.

Allow me to explain.
No time period is given but lamps “splutter” and people use horses. The state of Colorado exists [Chapter Four]; Colorado was admitted to the Union on August 1, 1876. So–our time frame is circa 1880. And the language used by the men when women are present simply would not be done. Shoot, I’m a senior citizen, and even into the 1990s men *still* watched words around LADIES. And Nora is a lady. There were “hints” in the description provided by the publisher (or author) — it can be either one. Words/phrases like helluva, ‘a woman with legs as long as his wanted poster‘, and ‘the enticing, if damnably independent…’. So a heads up to readers … be ready for it. I guess I should have been but I wasn’t.

Classify this book as “hot”, or even “steamy” and no longer read either one. That is clearly stated in my Bio on NetGalley and Goodreads. So I skipped/skimmed through several scenes.

I had no idea it was “A Clever Western Romantic Comedy” until I had downloaded the e-ARC as the cover was not shown at the time I requested it. I admire anyone who can write comedy; it is not easy to do. And the author, Michelle McLean, has some great lines and scenes in this book two of the series, Gunslinger. The book is standalone.

My rating is 3 stars -- no warning of steamy scenes reduced the rating from 4 stars. And I believe the book would have still met the 4-5 star criteria of most reviewers. Readers like me that fit the no-steam category appreciate knowing BEFORE we download a book if such scenes are included. In this case, I would not have requested to review.

I received a complimentary e-ARC copy of The Gunslinger’s Guide to Avoiding Matrimony via NetGalley from the publisher, Entangled Publishing, LLC, Entangled: Amara. A positive review was not required; the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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Series	Gunslinger #2
Genre	Western Romance
Pub. Date	26 Jul 2022
Pages	311
Publisher	Entangled Publishing, LLC, Entangled: Amara
Cover	Does not match the lead female character.
Rating	3 stars
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A hilarious and original plot that kept me entertained and yet dealt with some serious esteem issues. Nora calling Adam all the wrong names was laugh out loud funny. This book takes you into the Old West to a town named Desolation. This is a town made for people on the run or with dangerous pasts, the only problem are the rules. One rule - you have to be employed or married within thirty days. Unfortunately for Adam, a diehard bachelor gunslinger, he managed to get married after being in town about five minutes in a mass ceremony. He doesn't realize it because he was in an argument with his new wife, Nora. Even when a young boy is trying to get them to sign the paperwork to make it legal, Adam can't comprehend what's happened and insists he doesn't want a wife and will find a job instead. Nora, who has terrible self-esteem issues, is crushed by a stranger rejecting her so quickly, never mind she needs a husband desperately. She had resigned herself to no one in town marrying her, but a complete stranger? What she doesn't know is Adam is hiding from a man who doesn't give up and would likely see him dead. He's also hiding from "Quick Shot" Woodson. Adam is the one who gave him the nickname, which caused issues for Woodson. To say Quick Shot would like to kill Adam for that alone is an understatement and now he's the sheriff of Desolation.

Nora has a number of friends in town and they conspire to make Adam's several jobs impossible for him to keep, add to that Adam is quite unskilled in almost everything. It's their hope he will sign the paper and legalize the marriage to help their friend.

This is my first Michelle McLean book, but now I have to go back and read book one.

Thank you to NetGalley and Entangled: Amara for providing a copy of this book for a fair and honest review.
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I must say that I really love the town of  Desolation and it’s inhabitants. I find it so refreshing to read about people that was found on wanted posters “criminals” finding a place where they can settle down and find peace of mind.

Unfortunately for Adam Brady he enters town when the town council has made new rules for outlaws if they want to stay in town. You either marry or you get and hold down a job. Since marriage is something he will never commit to it is a shame that he suddenly by mistake finds himself married to the only woman in town not spoken for, Nora Schumacher.
 Instead of acknowledging the marriage he tries to find employment where there is a need for it in town. Unfortunately he has never worked a hard job in his life and he is very unfortunate at everything he tries out so in the end there is only one choice to make. But will Nora ever forgive him for how he talked to her and left her embarrassed in front of everybody at the wedding.

I actually loved Adam Brady even though he in the beginning was a jerk to Nora. But he didn’t know her or anyone else in town and he had his valid reasons not wanting to get married. When you throughout the book get to know him he is a very lovable guy, who isn’t really a big outlaw but stumbled into it by chance just like the sheriff of the town Gray “Quick shot” Woodson (the main character in the first book in the the series).
He will do anything to keep those he loves safe even though it means sacrificing himself to save them. He is honorable, protective, self sacrificing, hard working, very sweet and hates hurting other people.
Nora is a great character too but she had her annoying moments. She is a very strong woman both on the inside and the outside but she has her insecurities when it comes to men and her appearance. And I found that sometimes she was very quick to jump to the wrong conclusions when someone tried to explain how they saw her or she just heard what she wanted to hear which was always in the bad direction.

I really liked this western historical romance and I can’t wait to read what happens next In Desolation.

I can definitely recommend this book.

I got this book from Entangled publishing and Netgalley and this is my honest opinion and voluntary review.
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The Gunslinger's Guide to Avoiding Matrimony by Michelle McLean, book two in The Bereford Adventures series is a fun and entertaining historical rom com. This historical romance takes place in the old west and is filled with adventure, suspense, an unexpected marriage between two stubborn people, and a town filled with quirky, adorable characters.

At the ripe old age of twenty-eight, desperate-to-retire gambler/gunslinger Adam Brady has exactly two rules; the first being to never, ever get married. On the run from a bounty hunter, he finds himself in the town of Desolation; the only town where notorious men like him can find a reprieve, but it comes with string attached. The town has a new rule: gunslingers welcome: but only if they get a job or marry within thirty days. Unbeknownst to him, Adam stumbles into a big town wedding, accidentally marrying Nora Schumacher, a sassy-mouthed mountain of a woman with legs as long as his wanted poster. Nora is desperate to keep her home, but is afraid that her drunk of a father will gamble it away before she inherits. Marrying Adam solves her problem, but Adam’s number one rule is to avoid marriage at all costs. Adam is determined to get himself unhitched and find a job. Any job. Adam seems to be the clumsiest and most unlucky gambler/gunslinger and the trouble he gets himself into at his numerous jobs throughout the story is hilarious. He keeps getting fired after one unusual circumstance after another; and he’s running out of options.

Adam and Nora tease, flirt and challenge each other creating amorous tension between them. The more time they spend together and the more they get to know each other, the more Nora and Adam are unable to resist their feelings. Their time together is filled with sizzling chemistry, enjoyable banter and a lot of humor. Their stubbornness might put these two at odds with each other, but it also drew them together. Unexpectedly this marriage, which neither really wants, begins to turns into something more; something they can both live with providing a long future together. I highly recommend The Gunslinger's Guide to Avoiding Matrimony to other readers. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
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Desolation is a safe town that rarely sees visitors. Its like a retirement community for gunslingers but now the town has new rules. Get a job or marry.
Shortly after arriving in Desolation Adam finds himself bantering with a woman then in the blink of an eye they are married. They didn't realize they were in the middle of a mating ceremony. To top it off his past had come back to haunt him. The Sheriff. A gunslinger who's his enemy.
Nora was surprised to find out she was married to this gunslinger but at least this could solve her problem. If only he'd agree to a temporary marriage.
Whether they're legally married is a question throughout the story. Adam has a choice to make. Thirty days to find a job, marry or leave town. Poor guy gets fired so many times due to his clumsiness. Some of which are due to the help of Nora's friends.
A western romantic comedy that will give you a breath of fresh air and many laughs.
Thank you Netgalley and the author for a digital copy. Read and reviewed voluntarily and the opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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The first book in this series was true love for me - this one fell a little short of my expectations - but it was still a really great read.  I think going in to it - I probably had unreasonably high expectations.  Adam Brady is a rather reluctant gunslinger.  He really doesn't want to live that life anymore - and just wants to get away from it all.  He ends up in Desolation by mistake- and immediately winds up married (on paper) to Nora.  Nora is holding her family farm together on her own while her father drinks his life away.  All she wants is to own her land out-right and not have to be beholden to the whims of very unreliable men.  Adam is the answer to that for her - a marriage with no expectations and one he'll hopefully abandon.  

There is a lot to unpack in this book.  Adam is a very layered character - I felt badly for him for most of the book as  he really did try to find his way.  You could see that given half a chance he would rise up and be a better person and live a better life.  Maybe not a perfect one - but a good one.  I also really felt for Nora.  She was in a terrible and unfair situation.  A product of the time and her family's making.  When Adam and Nora let themselves go a bit - they really were magic together.  

But here's the main thing that bothered me about this story - and truthfully this may just be a trigger for me - is that throughout the story almost everyone is conspiring to make Adam miserable enough to leave.  It is framed as sort of a joke, but it felt icky to me.  They are basically trying to purposefully make him miserable - ultimately - it just felt mean spirited.  I love the town of Desolation and the people who live there are fascinating - so I felt pretty disappointed by the way they treated him.  

Even with that - the book is a great read and I highly recommend it.

I received it via NetGalley as an ARC, but these opinions are all my own.
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Wow to consider yourself past your prime at twenty-eight though to be honest a gunslinger would have a shorter career life than a football player today. That is exactly the premise of The Gunslinger’s Guide to Avoiding Matrimony (Gunslinger #2) by Michelle McLean. Desolation s just the place that Adam Brady needs to live. Of course this town is a marvelous figment of the author’s imagination which I enjoy seeing how each desperate-to-retire gunslinger tries to circumvent the rules there. 

An accidental marriage a gunslinger attracted to his new wife but is determined not to have a wife, with an irresistible independent wife makes for one hilarious read. This is not your Daddy’s Wild West but one that is a lot more fun. Read today.

An ARC of the book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley which I voluntarily chose to read and reviewed. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This is the first time I'm reading this Author and I'll be reading more from her in the future. Nora is strong, witty but at the same time unsure of herself as a women (as most of us are). Adam is cocky, charming and a little unsure of his self from all the wrong decision he has made in the passed. It was fun to follow all the deferent jobs Adam had to work but all jobs led to Nora. This book held my attention from start to finish and let me check out of my busy reality for awhile.
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This book was so much fun to read! I loved the couple and all of their interactions plus the other characters actions throughout the story were hilarious. This is the second book in the series and even though I hadn't read the first book, I had no trouble following along and enjoying the storyline. I had not read a book before with this situation. It was so creative and I loved it. I am looking forward to reading book one then the rest of the series as they are released.
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Another fun, almost romantic comedy set in the town of Desolation.

He's running from a bounty hunter and wants to get out of the gun slinging business and stumbles into the town. What he does not want is a wife, but ends up with one anyway! Well sort of...

She needs a husband quick so she can claim her inheritance before her father drinks and gambles it away. She never expects to find him, but they are married before she knows it! Kind of..

Great adventure, characters from book one, and a town set on helping these two together!
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4.5⭐️ Really enjoyed this and thought it was even better than book 2. It is a stand-alone if you’re wondering. Likable characters with a fun storyline. Adam was adorable and I really liked Nora. The premise to get these two together was great and really worked for me. There wasn’t a lot of emotional stuff in this romance but a cute, fun overall enjoyable read. 
I’m hoping for a book 3 because I’d love to see another couple find their HEA❣️
Thanks Entangled Publishing via NetGalley.
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This was another fun entry for this series. I've got to be honest and say you've got to suspend a bit of plausibility here because one key point to this tale is very over-the-top. Still, if you can do that, this read is really quite entertaining. The chemistry sparks, the banter is witty, the setting charming and the laughs plentiful. This is just a great read for when you need to disengage, unwind and relax.
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The second book in this series was just as fun as the first book which I read and reviewed last year. Adam is the gunslinger with a sheriff after him, and comes upon Desolation a town far away from any other real community. Nora is the spinster in this historical romance.  The book opens with them accidentally getting married.  Adam doesn’t want to put her in danger so he won’t sign the legal document.  Nora needs him to sign it so she can get the deed to her property which her alcoholic father has.  Another entertaining easy read, and I still adore the town of Desolation.  Great secondary characters and a cute plot.
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This is book two of this series, but it can absolutely be read as a stand alone. Michelle McLean has a quick and breezy writing style that I enjoy immensely. 
A Gunslinger's Guide to Avoiding Matrimony features Adam and Nora who are mistakenly married during a mass wedding ceremony. What an endearing love story they shared! It was so cute and funny. I loved every minute of it and everything about the charming town of Desolation and its fine upstanding citizens. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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