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Library Girl is the story about how a girl became a librarian. It talks about following your interests and trying new things. She also shows not giving up. While it is a cute story, I am not sure it appeals to the younger audience.
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As a former elementary school librarian, when I saw a picture book biography of Nancy Pearl I had to get my hands on it! Nancy Pearl grew up in the stacks and that’s where she found her confidence and her calling. This is a lovely book that is an ode to libraries, librarians, and the importance they have in shaping children’s futures. The illustrations are beautiful and the word placement just right. This is a book that will be treasured by librarians and those who find themselves at home in the library.

Many thanks to Sasquatch Books and NetGalley for this digital ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Cute, sweet picture book about Nancy Pearl, the book lust book maven and how she found her self-confidence from books and reading. Beautifully illustrated.
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How did I not know Nancy Pearl was an OG horse girl? How cute! Also, WOW, giving a library talk at such a young age! Her elder librarians really clocked her!

My kid really liked this one! The illustrations are soft, the text goes fairly quick, and there's SO. MANY. HORSES. A huge draw. 

I also really approve of how the author showed that what made Nancy Pearl stand apart and be somewhat ostracized at school--her love of reading and her preference for the school library--lead to her lifelong passion AND became a source of respect among her peers. Knowing so much about horses and horse books is definitely something to get cred on the elementary schoolyard!

I'm sure this is going to be the go-to gift for librarians for quite some time. I'm glad I got an advanced copy for review!
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This is a Children's Book that I read to my kids. This is a book that shows how great books and Librarians are. I loved the main character in this book, and I loved how this book shows that books can come to live in your mind. This is a wonderful book for kids, and my kids really loved it. I have pre-ordered this book already. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (Little Bigfoot) or author (Karen Henry Clark) via NetGalley, so I can give an honest review about how I feel about this book. I want to send a big Thank you to them for that.
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I’m always delighted to find a new picture book biography to read with my children. I’ll have to admit that it’s not hard to find books that they enjoy, because they will enjoy almost anything I will read to them. I had a few minutes this morning, so I offered to read Library Girl to my seven-year-old. She was enthralled with the story, and if I had to pause for a minute she was rather impatient for me to get back to it.
When Nancy was a schoolgirl, she loved reading more than recess. Instead of playing games with the other children, she wanted to go to the library and read.  The other children couldn’t understand her and her love for books. She was very excited when the school librarian told her about the public library close to them. On Saturday, she jumped on her bicycle, which she pretended was a horse, and went to the library. After that, she spent all day on Saturday reading books in the library. Then one day, the librarian asked her to give a talk about books to other children. Nancy didn’t think she could do it.
Library Girl is a beautiful story of how a childhood passion turned into a life mission. Nancy Pearl, who was born in 1945 in Detroit, Michigan, became one of America’s most celebrated librarians. Her passion for books as a girl led to a career as a librarian, as well as other positions. I enjoyed the illustrations. The illustrator has done a great job of showing how mental images from the books Nancy read swirled through her head. 
I received a review copy of this book from NetGalley, and these are my honest thoughts about it.
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This was a cute story about Nancy (Linn) Pearl who with the help of two librarians honed in on her love of reading. It was also from these encounters at the library that Nancy was able to find and answer her calling to become a librarian. I think this is a nice story, but isn't a story that most children would pick up. This is the kind of story that a librarian would be good at putting into the hands of a child who adores reading.
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Absolutely the cutest book! From the story to the illustrations everything is wonderful!! Ok as a mom not super thrilled with the taking the ride with the milk man but it was based on a different time. Still a wonderful story!!
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5/5 stars

Thank you to Netgally, the publishers, and Karen Henry Clark for allowing me to read and review this book.

This is a cute story of a little girl who finds her people and confidence in the public library. It is a cute story that encourages reading and visiting your public libraries. 

This is a cute story that I would read to my nieces and nephews and one day my own kids.
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This picture book biography introduces Nancy Pearl, a famous librarian whose love for books and libraries started early. Quiet children who love books will relate to the details of her childhood here, and the illustrations are soft, colorful, and imaginative. The story is sweet, and I like the example it sets of how someone can overcome social anxiety by talking with others about something they're interested in.

However, the manufactured drama at the climax didn't appeal to me, and the book never delivers on the subtitle. There's nothing about how Nancy Pearl became America's most celebrated librarian, just about how much she loved books as a child. Even the note at the end fails to adequately introduce her and explain why she is so significant. I am familiar with her name because she brought some delightful Carol Ryrie Brink books back in print, but I didn't know anything else about her, and didn't learn much more from this. This book is nice for what it is, but the subtitle should better reflect the contents.
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'Library Girl: How Nancy Pearl Became America's Most Celebrated Librarian' by Karen Henry Clark with illustrations by Sheryl Murray is a picture book for young readers.

Nancy Pearl loved to read when she was young, but she got teased for it.  Still she loved her school library and the school librarian also told her about the public library in town.  Her love of books and libraries made her career choice easy at a young age.

This is a charming book about a young bibliophile.  I loved the story and the illustrations that show young Nancy's imagination and love of books.
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I absolutely love Library Girl by Karen Henry Clark!  Library Girl tells the story of Nancy Pearl—a famed librarian and author.   I could relate to Library Girl because of her love of books and the library (I love them too).  I believe that Library Girl is a fantastic read and would be perfect for any story time.  I highly recommend this book!  Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for the opportunity to read this book.  My review is also on Goodreads.
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BOOK REVIEW:  Library Girl: How Nancy Pearl Became America's Most Celebrated Librarian by Karen Henry Clark
2022 Publication Date:  September 27


T.I.M.E. Best Books By Genre | Children’s Books
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With every turn of the page, a book can connect you to your dream...

Nancy Pearl became one of the most celebrated librarians in the country... A renowned public speaker, reading consultant, host of Book Lust, and a regular contributor to NPR's Morning Edition.

And it all started when a public librarian made a commitment to introduce children to inspiring children's literature and took an interest in Nancy as a young girl, offering her encouragement to discover her dreams thru reading books... And to keep reading until she found it!

Nancy encapsulated her life in a challenge she accepted to write her story as a six-word memoir: "Girl discovers books, then discovers life."

Perfect for encouraging young readers to embrace what matters most to them... Once you find it, keep your eyes on the prize and run full speed ahead!...

I still remember and am grateful for the impact my elementary school librarian, Ms. Joy Pope, had on my life... Thank you forever, Ms. Pope... ♡

And a photo of my first public library in my hometown lives on my computer home screen... One glance is all it takes to pull me back to those first magical reading adventures every week in my hometown library.

Starting with picture books and graduating to chapter books in children's fiction... Digging deep to explore each famous children's book, like Charlotte's Web, and embracing both popular children's books and every classic story too... The library was a treasure chest filled with adventures. Taking early readers to a beautifully written magical world or providing a valuable lesson in a heartwarming tale that felt like it was written just for me.

And, as a parent, if you have a reluctant reader — whether a young girl or a young boy — make your librarian your new best friend... She (or he) is always ready and waiting to provide wonderful recommendations for younger readers with an adorable picture book, or a charming story, or to share audience insights to find the perfect match for your little readers.

Hoping you take the time to reconnect to whatever influenced you to discover your dream... Never forget the magic of that discovery...✨😎✨
Pages:  32 
Genre:  Children's Books
Sub-Genre:  Biographies    
Reading Age:  5 - 9 years

Book Series:  Inspirational Careers For Kids by Samantha Pillay and Harry Aveira
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Nancy Pearl is a girl who loved books and became inspired by her local librarian to become one of "America's Most Celebrated Librarians", promoting reading and believing that it allows people to find their dreams.

Library Girl is a heartfelt and inspiring story that will remind you of the transformative power of books and librarians in our lives. It is an important reminder of why we should all support our local libraries and a testament to the importance of reading for children.

If you are looking for a good read-aloud book for young kids that will also leave you feeling inspired, be sure to check out Library Girl.

•  The importance of books and reading in our lives
•  The impact that local librarians can have on our lives
•  The transformative power of books in our lives

"Girl discovers books, then discovers life." — Nancy Pearl


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♡ Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC. I voluntarily chose to review it and the opinions contained within are my own.
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Thank you to the author, Sasquatch Books and NetGalley, for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I was not familiar with the name Nancy Pearl, and still am not entirely clear on why she seems to be famous. However, having been a library girl myself, I loved this story of a lonely young girl who discovers the power of reading, and is encouraged by the love and care of the librarians to blossom.
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When she was a child, Nancy was teased about her love of reading. The school library was her favourite place and when she learned about the existence of the public library, entire worlds opened up to her. She devoured everything she could, starting with books about horses.

With some encouragement from the librarians, Nancy stepped outside of her comfort zone, giving a talk about horses at the library. This is how Nancy found both her confidence and her calling. 

“Once challenged to write a six-word memoir, Nancy wrote: “Girl discovers books, then discovers life.””

And what a life it’s been. Nancy has won awards and written books. She even has her very own action figure!

Nancy’s story speaks to the magic that exists in libraries and the superpowers librarians have to change lives.

More bookish superheroes need action figures.

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Little Bigfoot, an imprint of Sasquatch Books, for the opportunity to read this picture book.
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Nancy Pearl loved books more than anything else. As a child, her classmates teased her for spending so much time in the school library. She visited her local public library every Saturday, and an inspiring librarian recognised her potential. This gave her the confidence to become a librarian and help other children find their dreams through reading!

Read to promote discussions on a love of reading, librarians, following your dreams and inspiration.
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The magic of the story evolved in such a beautiful way making me want to share this book with kids right away! It is about living books, it’s about feeling different, and it’s about following your true vocation!
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This is an adorable book and shows the power of reading and libraries on people's lives. I think kids and parents will be touched by this heartwarming tale.
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A little girl, who is lonely and sad, finds books and finds she loves to read. Others, when they find out, are mean and cruel and call her names [PEOPLE make me...GRRRR], so she spends most of her time at the school library alone with her beloved books. When she laments not being able to be there on the weekends to the Librarian, the wonderful woman tells her about the public library and Nancy Pearl's life changes forever. 

This is a beautiful story of how a lonely girl finds her true love and then makes her life around that. It is a lovely story and filled with hope and love and caring from the adults in Nancy's life who see the potential she has. The illustrations are lovely and children of all ages [especially those who have their own love affair with books] will absolutely love this book. Well done!! 

Thank you to NetGalley, Karen Henry Clark, Sheryl Murry - Illustrator and Sasquatch Books/Little Bigfoot for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Library Girl is a picture book about young Nancy Pearl. I must confess I have no clue who she is, why she's so famous and revered by the library community, and even after reading this book, I still couldn't tell you. Library Girl is a cute story about a young girl who finds her way to the library and discovers all the worlds waiting for her between the covers. Perhaps the book would have meant more had I known who Nancy Pearl is. The illustrations are very cute.

Thank you NetGalley and Sasquatch Books, Little Bigfoot for the opportunity to read an advance reading copy.
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