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I was hooked to this book, I wanted to find out how things would unravel so badly. I found a lot of the twists predictable but they were still fun to read through. The writing was excellent and kept me intrigued until the end. Rating 3.5 because of the predictability, otherwise I enjoyed it! I didn't find any of the characters loveable but that added to the story.

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Compelling read! This book could definitely be made into a movie. The suspense starts off as a slow burn then it escalates, and the drama unfolds ultimately leading to an interesting twist in the end. An addictive read! Gripping page turner. I enjoyed it immensely. 

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“In the end, I have only myself to blame. I’m the one who let her in.”
3.5 stars
I never purposely seek out books by Fielding, but after reading this one I remembered how much I’ve enjoyed her books in the past as well. 

Although I found it slightly predictable, it was a decent psychological thriller. It was a quick read, and although I found parts of the story completely unbelievable, it was still enjoyable. 
I’d recommend this as one of those entertaining, mindless vacation reads. Still good, but not going to completely wow you. 

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Joy Fielding is a master of emotional rollercoaster rides. The Housekeeper kept me on my toes throughout.  The characters were easy to love but also hate and I wanted to both cry and pull out my hair. Amazing. 

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Another great novel by one of my fave authors. Housekeeper is an easy read that kept me interested from the beginning to the last page .
It revolves around an incredible dysfunctional family and the new housekeeper. Must read.
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This book was a 4 star for me, it was a quick captivating read and well written but was a bit predictable. That being said I did enjoy it and found it hard to put down. I don’t think I loved any of the characters except maybe the kids but even they were a tiny bit annoying lol which is a good thing with this type of domestic thriller. This was my first time reading a book by Joy Fielding and I really enjoyed this authors writing style so will be looking into reading some of her past books. This is a perfect book to bring on a vacation or weekend away. 

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I would recommend this book to friends and family and my book clubs
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What an awesome thriller/mystery that makes you feel.  Very intense read that does not disappoint ! 

I usually can guess the secrets and who did what in books but not this one. Even the Ending was a big surprise for me. 

The author made the story believable throughout.  Made you feel for the main character. It is one of those - there are good people who do bad things.  

Read it. You won’t regret it.
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The story was fast paced and interesting enough, but the characters… they are all terrible. Tracy is a spoiled brat of an adult who doesn’t work, lives off Daddy’s money, and has an unreal sense of entitlement. She redeems herself a bit in the end, but not by much. Their father is a controlling, egotistical, and distant man. Their mother, although she’s wracked with Parkinson’s now, seemed to also be distant and unaffectionate. Harrison, Jodi’s husband, seems like an absolute piece of garbage. He never has anything nice to say, acts like a martyr for looking after his children, and gaslights Jodi constantly. Jodi is nice enough, but I can’t stand female characters that let everyone walk all over them. I wanted to strangle her. Her internal dialogue consists of things like, “Surely he would see the error of his ways and apologize for his unjust accusations”, and as such she spends most of the time biting her tongue and trying to avoid conflict. It was pretty infuriating.

I spent most of the novel being angry. Bad thing after bad thing happens to Jodi and it’s honestly exhausting to read. Usually a book that makes you feel something is a good book, but I’m not sure if anger counts. The plot was predictable; the end was no surprise. The only redeeming part for me was that it’s set in Toronto (where I live) and I was obviously very familiar with the setting.

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5 glowing stars!!! Joy Fielding is amazing! I get so totally engrossed in her novels, and The Housekeeper had me hooked right from the beginning. The development of her characters and plot are fantastic, and she is a queen of suspense. I loved how the novel all tied in together beautifully at the end. Thank you NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you so much Penguin Random House Canada and NetGalley! 

I read this book in one sitting. Wow, great characters, very fun storyline.

A solid 5 Star read for me!
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This was a very enjoyable summer read.  Somewhat predictable was my first impression, but it had a nice twist at the end.
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I enjoyed reading this book. It had a good story to it. I liked the variety of characters in it. I have read other books by this author and liked them too.
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Jodi couldn’t seem to make anyone happy  - her husband, her parents, her sister. Searching for a housekeeper for her parents as her mother’s health was deteriorating, she finds the perfect candidate in Elyse.  Was she too good to be true - yep. Did Jodi figure it out too late - yep. 

The book was a great read that I zoomed through. I figured out most of it except the end was a shocker ! I liked Jodi finding her strength throughout the book considering most of the people around her treated her like crap.  

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Do we marry people like our parents? Jodi did. Her father was overbearing and critical and now her husband seems to blame her for everything. As her mother's health deteriorates she needs to hire someone to help her ageing parents, enter Elysse. Perfect resume and references, excellent with the elderly and ailing she seems to be the perfect answer. Uh oh maybe not so perfect after all. Suspense, drama and those all too familiar family relationships take us to a surprising end. I've read several books by Joy Fielding over the years and have enjoyed them immensely. She weaves a tale full of suspense and danger that keeps you on your seat's edge and "The Housekeeper" is no exception.
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This book was riveting from beginning to end!! Jodi’s Mom is ill with Parkinson’s and her elderly father can’t care for her on his own any longer. Jodi hires a housekeeper to lend a hand, soon that decision turns into serious trouble. I finished this book in less than a day, I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next! Thank you Net Galley for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review
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The Housekeeper was a good, but traditional read for the genre:  3.5 stars.  The traditional elements gave the plot away almost immediately, so there was no great suspense in the tale, but Fielding kept me reading, nonetheless.  The character development was weak, as I could not totally envision either Harrison nor Tracy - two main characters.  Perhaps, it was because Fielding told us how to interpret them, rather than allowing the reader to actually visualize them.  Likewise, I had no idea what Jodi looked like, but that wasn't as important, since her vision of herself seems to be at odds with the reality of her life.

Without creating a spoiler, I found I had a hard time believing Jodi's choices.  It seems to be a trend these days in this genre, taking an uncharacteristic risk in order to amp the narrator's internal conflict.  Didn't ring quite true the way it was written here.

The ending, though, was unexpected and a stroke of genius.  Very enjoyable, but I wish there had been more of that throughout the novel.

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This book did not work on my ereader - it froze the ereader and did not load. Therefore I was unable to read it. Please contact me if a new version of this book is released so I can read it.
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I forgot how much I love Joy Fielding. She writes such believable family dynamics, people who make terrible mistakes trying to do the right thing. Characters who often try to work through those bad decisions and wind up making worse decisions as a result.

Jodi seems to be making a good choice when she hires Elyse to help her aging father look after her bed-ridden mother. But it doesn't take long before cracks start to show. Cracks Jodi misses because her husband, Harrison, is being an insufferable ass taking time and attention that is needed elsewhere. Because the family dynamic for Jodi is set up so well, it is easy to understand that she makes decisions based on a "don't rock the boat" mentality. That those decisions are going to bite her in the end, but that it would be completely out of character for her to act a different way.

But watching Jodi grow is also completely in character. The things that push her to make those changes in herself are compelling and believable. And the ending was so very satisfying.
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Thank you NetGallery and Random House Publishing for giving me an advanced copy.  

Jodi Bishop has many things to juggle in life.  She is a real estate agent, mom, wife, daughter and sister.  Because of her mom's deteriorating health and her father no longer able to take care of her mom full time, she hired a live-in housekeeper, Elyse, so Jodi can spend more time with her family.    However, things did not go as planned.  Her mom passed away, Elyse married her father and her marriage felt apart..  

Although the story plot is predictable, I enjoy reading it.  Another great book by Joy Fielding.
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This is a great thriller to pick up and read. It is written in quick chapters which allowed me to read throught it quickly. I loved the premise of the story. I found that the begininng was a bit predictable but I was a little surprised by the ending. I found myself engaged and unable to to put it down. I loved the character development and the multiple story lines. I just wanted a little more from this book. I will definitely still be recommending this one!
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