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Everything Taylor Jenkins Reid writes is perfect and Carrie Soto is Back is no different. It had all of the aspect of TJR’s writing that I love. I’ve already gifted this book twice. It’s a must read.
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So so good! The tension that builds, the social commentary on female sport and character development is fantastic. I couldn’t stop listening. Carrie isn’t always likeable but you can’t help routing for her. And in the end you love her for all her flaws.
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Taylor Jenkins Reid has quickly become one of my favourite authors and she certainly didn't disappoint with Carrie Soto Is Back. I'm convinced she can write about anything!
This novel is a character study on what it takes to be at the top of your sport in the world of tennis.
Yet this story is about so much more than tennis and the author's powerful storytelling had me completely absorbed.

Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Random House Canada Doubleday Canada for an arc of this novel in exchange for my honest review.
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This book was a match in point! Diving into the world of Carrie Soto was such an interesting read. Carrie Soto is a world-renowned tennis player, and this is the story of her journey to the big game. I myself have never played tennis before, so reading how much practice and training went into Carrie’s tennis career was eye-opening for me. I really enjoyed seeing the different layers of the book and characters, especially seeing the relationship with her dad change over the years from father to supporter to coach. I love reading books with a strong female lead and this book was all about feminine power!
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Taylor Jenkins Reid is a talented writer, and even though I don’t particularly care about tennis, I kept flipping the pages because she made it so easy to digest. 
Carrie Soto is a tennis machine. This book is basically about nothing else. I know that’s kind of the point, this character lives and breathes tennis. Her whole life, every relationship, every decision, revolves around tennis. Considering we spend the whole book in Carrie’s perspective, and all consumed by tennis, I did find it wore me down at times. I kind of feel that this book could have benefited from the POVs of other characters, such as Javier, Bowe or Nicki Chan, to help break it up and give us other perspectives and views of Carrie. 
I did enjoy the father - daughter relationship and the sports casting segments to give a bit of outside/media perspective. 
Thank you Penguin Random House Canada, Doubleday Canada, for the digital copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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LOVED, loved this! This is probably the quickest I've read a book in a long, long time. It was excellent from the start, the pace is lovely, but it's also got some killer character development and intense Tennis scenes that will be perfect when this book is adapted for TV (which it will be).
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Carrie Soto is Back and so is TJR with another 5-star book from her celebrity universe. As someone who loves tennis, I was very captivated by the sports aspect of the book, but the tennis was just the surface. 

Starting with Carrie, she is set-up to be an unlikeable character, yet I found myself rooting for her throughout the entire story. Compared to your average protagonist, Carrie is a breath of fresh air through her flaws and her unwavering ambition. I think that everyone will be able to find a part of themselves in Carrie, so even though you may not also like her, you can’t help but love her. Another standout character is her father, Javier. This is the first book I’ve read in which TJR has featured a parental dynamic at the heart of the story, and it added a whole other layer of depth and emotion. 

There is no denying that TJR can write complex characters, but her prose was also a standout in this novel, and you can see how it has progressed from her earlier works. Her use of language is so clever to the point where she’s using it to bridge the rules of tennis with human emotion. My only complaint (which isn’t even a complaint) is that I truly believe that this could have been split into 2 books; one for Carrie’s original career, and one for her comeback. Regardless, this book won my heart in straight sets.
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I was soooo nervous to dive into this one because I have such a rocky book relationship with TJR. I absolutely loved Evelyn Hugo, found Malibu Rising mediocre and then despised Daisy Jones 😂. Also I have no interest whatsoever in tennis… but, WOW! This is why we should never judge a book by its cover or description before reading it because this book truly blew me away, I absolutely LOVED it! Carry Soto herself is the definition of a savage, badass, unstoppable yet such a remarkable and inspiring, courageous and strong woman! Carrie Soto is definitely one of my favourite fictional characters to date! I can’t believe how intrigued and excited I was while reading this! The ending was soooo perfect, couldn’t have been done better. 😭
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I picked up this book because I’ve heard so many good things about this author and I was not disappointed. I don’t know much about tennis but Carrie Soto and Javier taught me all about it. This story of a tennis phenom and her family was exciting and I found myself wishing for Carrie to win while feeling the odds were not in favour.I enjoyed the news excerpts and the way the book was set up with dates. 
My favourite part of this book though was the ending and how Carrie transformed her life into something happy and satisfying. What a great book!
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This book was absolutely a phenomenal read. It has all of the elements that create a perfect read in my opinion. The slow-burn story creates anticipation about the relationship between Carrie and her father as well as Carrie's personal growth journey and her career. The story features a strong female lead which I always enjoy, and as a sports fan, it has all the elements that kept me turning the page to see what happens next. 

In particular, the father/daughter portion of the book tugged on all of my heartstrings. I absolutely loved Taylor's crossover mentions (the Rivas and Daisy) and finally, her descriptive language and ability to create such a setting that literally makes me feel like I am living in the novel. So. Good. 

This was a quick read simply because it was unputdownable. I can't say enough good things about it!
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This book proves yet again that Taylor Jenkins Reid can write characters to fall in love with.

I don't really like Tennis. I have never played it and don't really know any of the rules, but that didn't stop me from loving this book. Carrie Soto is not always a likable character, but she was someone I was rooting for the entire book. Her drive and passion were unmatched and I loved seeing her through the years.

One of the best things about this book was the pace. I found myself enthralled by the entire book and racing through it because I didn't want to wait a single second before finding out information and with the fast paced nature of Tennis this worked really well as I felt like the book was one long Tennis match. 

I really liked this book and was enraptured the entire time.
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Carrie Soto Is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid
📖 / 🎧
Another win for me from TJR! A fantastic book on audio! I thought TJR writing in this book was great! As someone who is not very interested in sports I could NOT put this down! I loved how this was about fierce women, with a side story of love romantically and within family. Carries dad 🥹🥹 favorite book dad.
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Reading Malibu Rising I quite disliked Carrie Soto character and then this book was announced I was like - why a whole book about literally the most annoying character in her books? 

But Taylor Jenkins Reid is such a great writer and her books are an absolute auto-buy. She made a great story about an unlikable person and tennis. So much tennis but even having zero interest in tennis you keep reading that. 

It is not my favourite but still really-really good 👍🏻
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so carrie soto was one of my most anticipated reads of the year. thus far, aside from forever interrupted, taylor jenkins reid has stayed a tried and true favourite of mine, especially her audiobooks. i just love the way she completely immerses readers in not only the aesthetic of the time period she is writing about, but how just so quickly, the characters become treasured in your hearts, their strife is your strife, their happiness is your happiness. and while i cried when i was meant to cry and laughed where i was meant to laugh and truly loved carrie as a character, so tough and headstrong and stubborn to the core, i did feel this one lacked a bit of heart. the tennis bits at the beginning, while helpful to keep track of the rest of the book, felt a bit drawn out. as much as i loved carrie, she sometimes seemed a bit unreachable, even beyond her characterization. and i wish we got more of a backstory or just more in general of javier, he was just lovely. and even more so, while the slow burn between bowe and carrie was muy bien, i felt like i didn't get their relationship. while our characters don't have to realize or show their feelings, we as readers should feel it coming off the page and usually, tjr is SO good at doing that. idk, i really did like this one and i cant say it was bad at all, or i wouldn't reread it or anything like that. it was super inspirational and had a lot of good things to say about ageism in sports, the treatment of women in sports in general, etc but the emotional tie i usually have with these books was just not fully formed in this one. sad but tru
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Although I have enjoyed Taylor Jenkins Reids' books in the past, unfortunately this book did not entertain me.  I had a lot of trouble connecting with the main character.  I liked and understood that she was meant to be a strong, driven character, but beyond those characteristics I found her flat and underdeveloped.  Admittedly I am not a tennis fan, so I also had trouble following a large portion of the book (I did not understand what was happening in the tennis scenes).  This book was not a favourite of mine, but for those who do enjoy tennis the reading experience may have been different.
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First off I want to thank @netgalley, @penguinrandomhousecanada, @taylorjenkinsreid for my free ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. 

DNF at 15%, I just couldn't do this one. I love TJR and her writing I will read anything she writes but this one left me feeling bored. The storyline I did not enjoy and was repetitive and the main character I felt no attachment too. I knew it was about tennis, but didn't think it was ONLY that. This just wasn't the book for me.
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Bit disappointed. Evelyn Hugo and Daisy Jones are some of my favourite books, but Malibu Rising was a weaker entry in this Taylor Jenkins Reid multiverse, and I even felt more disappointed with Carrie Soto. Maybe a large part of it is because I don't care about sports, but I don't know. Something about the book just felt like it was missing that charm of EH and DJ. Maybe its because it takes place in a closer time period, but I'm just not sure.
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Carrie Soto was a minor character in Taylor Jenkins Reid’s novel MALIBU RISING.
In the book Carrie was a professional tennis player at the beginning of her successful career who was known for her ruthlessness and confidence.
Carrie has long held the record for the most Grand Slams wins. Now another young player by the name of Nikki Chan is getting dangerously close to overtaking that record.
At thirty-seven years old Carrie makes a momentous decision to come out of retirement to try and save her record. Her father Javier coached Carrie when she was a young player starting out but they parted ways when Carrie felt she needed more from a coach. Now unable to hire her former coach Javier agrees to take on the job as her coach and trainer. Javier loves his daughter and would doing anything for her.
CARRIE SOTO IS BACK is a good book. I have liked all of the books I have read by Taylor Jenkins Reid and this is not an exception. She tells an interesting story with strong characters. While this is not one of my favourites of hers I still enjoyed the story.
Thank you to Penguin Random House Canada and NetGalley for allowing me to read an advanced ebook edition of this book.
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Taylor Jenkins Reid did it again! I can't help but fall in love with all of her characters. Carrie Soto might be my favourite in the TJR universe.. I loved how unapologetic she is. She knows she is the best and she won't let anyone get in her way. I don't want to spoil her character but AHHHH. I saw myself so much in her.
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Taylor Jenkins Reid never disappoints! When I heard her newest novel was about Carrie Soto, well, I was a little disappointed. From Malibu Rising, Carrie Soto was not a character I wanted to know more about. But, in true TJR fashion, she knocked this one out of the park. Carrie Soto is a badass female and the world needs more of her.
I loved learning about her past, ups, downs, and how she thinks and views the world. 
Another fantastic book from TJR. One of the things I love most about the author are the little easter eggs she leaves in each book - they all have ties together which I think is so fun!
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