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Botany for Gardeners, Fourth Edition

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I've been a fan of this book since I first started teaching sustainable horticulture at my college.  The author has a writing style that seamlessly simplifies the technical aspects of botany and makes it meaningful to the gardener.  Lots of my students began the course by wondering why they needed to know the science, and this book does a great job of connecting those two things.  The book is nicely illustrated with a combination of drawings and photographs.  The photographs, in particular, are especially clear and focused on the correct item being discussed without a lot of unnecessary background images.  And, finally, the book is comprehensive, covering all aspects of botany that pertain to horticulture.  I'd recommend this book for any gardener, and it's also a great reference book for the beginning botany student!
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This is an excellent reference book! As a student in herbalism I have turned to this book many times.
The book is includes illustrations and text that is straight forward. 
I also appreciate that this edition includes changes in nomenclature and taxonomy. 
I would recommend this book to anyone interested in plants, whether in a formal learning environment or as a hobbyist!
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Botany for Gardeners by Brian Capon is a beautiful and interesting introduction to plants. I love gardening and this book offered me the opportunity to learn more about the plants and flowers I work with every single day. It is a very scientific book, presents lots of facts, and reminds me of a science textbook. The artwork is so bold and colorful, which really helped keep me engaged. It was an interesting and informative book that anyone can learn from, and it was just as enjoyable for adults as for the kids. Would definitely recommend it to other parents trying to teach little ones about gardening, or for anyone who wants to know more about the garden and plants and how they work!
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One of the best and more complete botanical guide I've ever seen. There's plenty of information, illustrations, and it's a fascinating and informative book.
Highly recommended.
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This is an incredibly comprehensive guide to botany that will help gardeners understand everything about their garden plants. It's well illustrated and packed with information. It's the sort of book you'd expect in a college level course and really gives the reader a thorough understanding of everything from root systems to pollination to plant families. Well recommended.

I read a temporary digital ARC of this book for review.
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If you want to learn more than mere cultivation of the plants you grow, this book will clue you in on how they are constructed, and how they develop, survive and reproduce, Ultimately, Botany for Gardeners gives you a better appreciation for plants.

This fourth edition brings Botany for Gardeners bang up to date.

Concise and accessible, with clear illustrations and full colour photographs, and a glossary of terms.

Suitable for the layperson, as well as students in further and higher education.
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This non-fiction guide to botany is a fascinating, accessible resource for plant enthusiasts. It could be very dense, but it is actually an informative and engaging guide to basic garden biology. It examines plants all the way from the cellular level up to the concept of natural and human selection throughout earth’s history. This book also includes a multitude of photos and descriptive diagrams to explain the basic concepts. I found the diagrams to be very helpful in describing the processes happening both above and below ground as a plant grows. As an avid propagator of houseplants, I thought the information about adventitious roots to be particularly interesting. There are many concepts described that I recognize in my everyday tending, but never knew the correct terminology or reason behind the action. Overall, this is a great resource for gardeners who are keen to learn more about the processes behind their growing plants.

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Thank you to the publisher, author, and Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for honest feedback. This book is absolutely excellent. It would be a great accompanying text for a college level course. I think it balanced visuals & text perfectly, provided straightforward information even to someone like me who just has an amateur interest in the subject, etc. There is a lot of information that I found very useful for someone like me who is just a layperson in the subject matter. To add to that, there is more specialized information alongside this, and that would be helpful for others as well. All around, greatly executed.
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For the information, illustrations and diagrams, the colourful pictures you can just go for this book. The book delivers exactly what it promises.

I would definitely get this book for school and college. I love how informative the content is  with all the relevant details including the microscopic views. A must keep if you need a good up-to-date textbook on plants.

Thank you, Timber Press, for the advance review copy.
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