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I honestly could not get into this book. Not because it is bad, I really didn't mesh with the writing style. That said, this is an extremely personal thing and I am sure many people will love it. I hope this book finds it's readers!
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This book was a punch in the gut for sure. It follows a group of teenagers stranded on a deserted island following a plane crash. And then something strange starts to happen, almost all of the boys and girls seem to live scary situations that have nothing to being stranded on an island.

This book follows very deeply the themes of misogyny and feminism and the double standards that happen between boys and girls, and it does so in a very original setting, being founding oneself stranded in a wild place with other people.

I think the pace of this book is really good, there's never a dull moment, even if of course the setting is the same all throughout the book. It was very interesting to read about this group of teenagers being very mature for their age (some of them at least) while navigating a very difficult and present situation, and at the same time dealing with very important and relevant topics.
Recently I kinda grew out of YA books, but this was very good, and I think its purpose was so very well written, and while I was of course not the right age target, I still enjoyed this very well-crafted novel of survival and feminism.
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I could not get into this one no matter how hard I tried. Dnf at 30%. I did not like the characters or the dialogue and the chapters were mega long.
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“The plot to me was very interesting and the twists and turns in this book really kept the reader on their toes. 

Definitely a book I will think about every now and then and that I will recommend to all sorts of readers.” - Sanna G.
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Spoilers ahead: 

I feel like this book started off really well and even brought in the concept of rape well, but then I think that that concept took over and spiraled, but not in the best way. I feel like the author justified a character’s choices because of what happened to her, which went out of control…almost resulting in death for 2 characters. In the end, after all of that, it isn’t even reported because of what it would do to her reputation AND an emotionally abusive boyfriend is going to be given no consequences. I understand not every story gets a happy ending, but this one just didn’t sit right with me, especially for a middle grade/ya audience who are becoming desensitized to violence, sexual assault, etc.
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Seven teens end up in a terrifying situation after their plane crashes on a deserted island. When the fear kicks in that they may not be saved, they must work together to survive. However, it might not be as simple as it seems when strange and dangerous things start to happen around their camp. Can they learn who is behind all these acts and what they want before it’s too late?

This novel touched on issues so much more serious than I expected. There were some repetitive points of the story line that slowed me down a bit. However, overall, the mystery woven behind the action and thrill kept me wanting more! I think the message could have been reached in different ways without the shallow character lines but I do understand the application to teens and how they respond to serious material needing to be addressed.
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The synopsis for this book sounded a lot better than what I ended up reading for the most part. 
It took too long for the story to flesh out and I found myself reading the same pages over and over again because I was zoning out from boredom.
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I went into this book with no idea who the author was or what this book would be about. Based on the synopsis I figured it would just be a fun, survival story with a thriller twist.

The story was very fun to read at first, but then I started to feel like it was getting too "preachy" for me. As I continued reading and did some research on the author I realized that educating young adults on the topics covered was the main focus of the story, and I could appreciate it for what it was. I think it's a good YA book for education on rape and consent. However, I think, being in my 30s, I was a bit out of range of the target audience.

That being said, I still liked the wilderness survival parts and wanted to know what would happen. There was a level of suspense trying to figure out who was responsible for all the problems on the island. The pacing was a little slow for me, so I skimmed some of the parts that dragged on.

I liked the writing style mostly but there were parts that confused me. Some of the scenes jumped around and changed so abruptly that if I didn't pay close attention I would be in an entirely different scene and was confused about what was happening. I also got confused on who was saying what at times because of the ambiguous dialogue tags.
Other than that I loved the colorful descriptions and the general flow of the writing.

Overall, I did like the book and would recommend it for others, It definitely contains important messages that I think everyone should know about.
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I enjoyed this so much for the unsettling nature of the surroundings as well as the commentary on rape and consent. 

When a group of teens get stranded on an island after their plane crashes, the seven of them have to learn how to survive… both the island and themselves, until help arrives. Although, when bad things start to happen, the group realizes the real danger may not be whether they get off the island, but who is actually out to get them on this island.

To get to the bottom of what’s really going on, they must look inward and they must also figure out exactly what happened at the party they attended the night before their plane crash.

I thought this was clever and the writing powerful. I enjoy Laura Bates and feminist voice she always brings out in her books. The topics broached in this book when you scratch that surface are incredibly important and her way of bringing them up was interesting.
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A private plane with seven teenagers, cheerleaders and basketball players, crashes on an island. The coach who was chaperoning them, and the pilot, are not found. The teens are immediately forced to think and plan their survival, locating water and food, building shelters. 
     But when bad things begin to happen to them, one by one, they begin to wonder if they are alone on the island after all, or is one of their own causing these “accidents.” Can they get to the bottom of it before things take an even darker turn? 
    This book examines the social issue of rape, which might be triggering to some. It is handled with honesty and compassion. I read this book in one day, and I know it is a fictional work of a very real issue that will stay with me.
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Seven teens wash up on an island when a private plane crashes on return from a game. A few male player and female cheerleaders have to decide how to get along and survive until help arrives. However a series of accidents occur that make the group wonder if someone is out to get them, and this makes them question whether they will ever even be rescued... This novel had a lot to say and the second part really was a surprise. I didn't disagree with the point of view, but it was a surprise and maybe not woven in as well to the whole story. If you like YA, survival stories, islands getaways gone bad, or just want a story with a bigger theme and purpose underneath, No Accident is for you!
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I was on cloud nine when my request for a review copy wad approved because, apparently, Laura Bates. The author of a powerful feminist work like Everyday Sexism.

The plot of the book, from the blurb, seems average. It isn't exactly a suspense thriller but I found it exciting at least. 

But that isn't what I thought about the book. It was just a casual read for me. I don't know if it isn't my genre but I just couldn't get to like it.

The theme of this book is sexual harassment in high school which is undoubtedly a big, big problem. Getting justice is a bigger one. There could be a really better way of talking about sexual harassment at college than this one.

Go for it if the summary interests you is all I can say.
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Disclaimer: Although the eARC states it, and I am assuming the actual final copy will as well, this novel contains triggers; including, but not limited to rape, bullying, and elitism.

With that being said, I’d like to first begin with this fact: I absolutely love a good survival story! Be it a movie, tv show, or book.  This novel presents as a survival story and is why I chose it. However, given that Laura Bates is one of our most active and outspoken Feminists, and who writes compelling works, such as “The Burning” and “Letters to the Future”, I knew there would be more to the story.  

We begin when a plane crashes and a group of teens, seven, to be exact, wash up on a deserted island. Of course, this is going to be a survival story right? Yes, and no. We see their supplies are starting to run out, and no rescue appears to be forthcoming, so reality of being lost forever starts to settle in. This lends itself to the popular kids, being not so popular, because all of them are trying to stay alive, and are fighting for survival. 

Then odd events and accidents start happening around the group, they begin to realize someone is actually targeting them? Someone on the plane? And before they all took off on this flight there was a party the night before and something happened? This is where we start to see the unravel and the tensions and the triggers. So this group not only is stranded, they are all having to face the truth about what happened at the party.

This story is very compelling, and the author does a really good job at intertwining the story of before and now.  Laura Bates also writes non-fiction so the elements of gender equality and sexism have a part in this story too.  I found that the best and brightest and strongest before, we’re not necessarily the same on the island.   It was a survival story, a deserted island, bad terrain, no shelter, supplies running out, and no rescue perhaps, which makes for the the type of story I love. Then, secrets start coming out, and the story became, in my opinion heavier.  For me, the dynamic changed and so did the feel of the story.

Thanks to NetGalley, the Publisher, and Laura Bates for an eARC. All opinions are my own.
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Engrossing and methodically written account of 7 teenage lives after a plane crash. When seven teens are stranded in an island after a horrific plane crash, their situation keeps getting worse and worse. As they battle the elements, their greatest fears, and each other, they find moments of connection and deep conversation that only seem to happen in absence of technology. 

When faced with impossible choices, No Accident  reminds us that any disaster can bring out the best—and the worst—in all of us.
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This is the story of seven teens surviving a plane crash on a deserted island. 
The premise of the book looks good and interesting, but how Bates put it on paper was not the way to do it. The character felt one-dimensional and lacked depth. I could not relate to any of them. 
The purpose of the text could have been exploited better. As an adult reader, I felt like the vocabulary used was childish, but I have to admit that this book was targeted towards a younger audience who would probably appreciate an easier language. 
I think that the author underestimates young readers and should try to write as if they don’t have to see an explanation to everything. I also think that the concept of a group of teens on a deserted island was used enough in the past. Bates should have had worked her story in a more imaginative way to have made it stand out.
Overall, I don’t think this book stands out enough from other texts to be chosen in a library.
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Thank you to Laura Bates, Sourcebooks Fire, and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for my review.

This book was a fast paced YA thriller that overall I was impressed by. I loved the location, and the fact that they survived a plane crash. When you're deserted on an island trying to survive it does not matter how popular or well liked you were in school, it makes for an interesting read. 
There are some parts that were a bit intense and hard to read. I thought I was just getting into another YA mystery, but there is a moral element to the book that somehow felt a bit off from what the plot was about. The other reason I took a star off was because I did not connect to any of the characters, and there were a few that just fell a bit flat.
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Thank you Sourcebook Fire and Netgalley for an  advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review. 
Trigger warning for sexual assault, I liked how they added a trigger warning at the start of the book. It’s an important step forward in the publishing industry. 
This is a very fast paced book and very easy to read. I finished it in one day I was really enjoyed the story. 
My two major issues with the book:
- the main character Hayley was not really necessary for the story. Her main purpose was to narrate the story and solve the mystery. I especially as someone who wasn’t even at the main catalyst of the story she was more of an observer. 
- the major mystery only happened about 50% of the way through the book. Especially because it’s so short I feel like things should have progressed a little faster and not have wrapped up so quickly. 
Overall this book deals with some important topics, such as what it’s like to live as a women and toxic masculinity.
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Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read this ARC. I really wanted to read this book because my students love fast-paced, twisty thrillers, and this looked like the perfect choice. Seven teens, survivors of a small plane crash, are stranded on an island and trying to stay alive, even as one of them is seeking revenge. Secrets will be revealed, but will justice be gained? I don't want to give anything away, but the book's first half really sets the scene for the reveals later on. I found this a little generic as part of the survival genre, but I know my students will really like it. I couldn't teach it in class due to some content, but I will definitely recommend it to students who enjoy dramatic survival stories.
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No Accident has a very important message and gives readers a lot to think about. That said, I did go into it expecting a much different book. Based on the description, I thought this would be a fast-paced thriller, when in reality the intention was much different. Misconceptions aside, the "mystery" part of the book didn't start until almost halfway through and wasn't as suspenseful as it could have been.
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I received a eARC from NetGalley and the publisher. 
This was a good book, but I cannot recommend it to my students because parts of it violate the Obscenity Clause of the Texas Penal Code.
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