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Although it's been a while since I've read Lord of the Flies, I had flashbacks to that story as soon as I started reading No Accident. This book is like a modern-day version, incorporating issues relevant to today. The characters in this story are older, so the issues are different, of course. This is the first book I've read by Laura Bates, but I will be reading more, for sure. I enjoyed her writing, wonderful characters, and deep sense of foreboding and intrigue. A definite page-turner that brings awareness to important issues (that I will keep to myself for fear of ruining the story)!
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Well, this was a really fun and well paced read! Perfect for any fans of YA fiction and thrillers. 

Do you think you would be able to survive after a plane crash leaves you stranded? Me, I probably would just want to nap and pretend it was all a nightmare. But for a group of seven teenagers they need to figure out a plan of survival. Supplies dwindling , and finding shelter aren’t there only fears though. Accidents are happening on the island. But are they really accidents? Or does one of the survivors have a vendetta against everyone else? We follow along to figure out what really is happening. Now who will survive?  

What I enjoyed:
- this was such a crazy, fast paced, and wild ride of a book! For a YA thriller this is done SO well.
- The discussion about sexual assault, rape, and consent was well done. I felt like it gave a great depth to the book. A very serious topic was handled in a very real way. 
- This was such a powerful book! I did not expect that going in reading this.
- The twists! They were unexpected and kept me on my toes.

I really enjoyed this book! This was a strong, and powerful YA thriller. The author did a fantastic job writing this one. I look forward to future reads by them. This book will leave you haunted,  and definitely will take you on an interesting ride. 4 stars out of 5!  Thank you to Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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**Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review**

This was a good read. I would've been able to finish it in one sitting if I'd had the time.

I enjoyed seeing the stereotypes (cheerleader, jock, nerd) unravel as their situation became more dangerous and social rules became useless. I also liked trying to work out the mystery behind the "accidents".

I wasn't expecting a really important and well handled discussion on consent and how society responds (encourages?) sexual assualt. It was powerfully written.

A solid 4/5 stars
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This book kept my attention the entire time. It had me guessing which character was behind the incidents that kept happening to the teens. The way the author revealed the sexual assault was very creative. I probably would not recommend this book to my middle school kiddos but most definitely would put it into the hands of high schoolers. The survival part of the book had me wondering if teenagers that I personally know would be able to stay alive after the plane crash. The only thing that I did not like about the book was the abrupt way that the rescue plane just showed up. I would have liked to have seen some of the emotions of the kids as they realized they were being recused.
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I loved the idea of this book. It sounded so exciting and intriguing. Unfortunately, that is where it all ends. It is reminiscent of LOST and The Wilds, that was really hard to get around. While there are lots of tough to tackle issues being represented in the read, those issues do take away from the story itself making it very hard to read. The characters are very cut and paste, one dimensional., very tricky to like or relate to in any way. There is an audience out there for the book, I just really believe that I am not that audience, and I genuinely don't have anyone I know that would be intended audience.
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I did enjoy this book quite a bit, especially once it picked up. It kept me glued to my seat and I really liked the storyline.
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No Accident starts off with a plane crash that leaves 7 teens stranded on a deserted island fighting for survival. Soon strange and terrifying events start happening that threaten their lives. Someone wants revent for something that happened at a party the night before. And they will not stop until they get revenge.  Not only are they teens trying to survive the island but, they also have to survive the truth about what happened. 

***TRIGGER WARNING: This book does talk about and mention themes of rape****

Wow this was an interesting book. I loved the whole idea of being trapped on an island and trying to survive. I enjoyed how everyone had a secret that they did not want to get out. However, I feel like the themes in this book were way too deep for YA readers ( this is a YA book). I think this book should be considered an adult book. I still enjoyed this book for the most part. I think I would have liked it better if it was just a book about survival. Was a really good setting for this book. I am not sure if I would suggest this book. Just due to the deep subject matter. Thank you so much NetGalley, Sourcebooks, and Laura Bates of the ARC of this book.
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Received an ARC from Netgalley for an honest opinion.
Really good story and message about how things can happen even when we don't want them to, and how we react to them. I really liked the characters, and how everything played out at the end. I will be recommending that our librararian buy this for our Junior high library.
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I'm not opposed to trigger warnings, but with it, I felt like it made the rest easy to guess. Over all, I liked the way it played out.
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I tore through this book in a sitting, the small page count making it a very quick afternoon read. I was engaged from the get-go by the survivors of a plane crash stranded on an island conflict, and when it became clear that someone on the island was intentionally causing harm to others, the mystery element of this thriller kicked in to high gear and pulled me through to the conclusion.

The conversations the characters have about rape and sexual assault were painfully real and relevant, which grounded the story built around pretty extreme circumstances (teens being in a plane crash and stranded on a island while someone among them is secretly out to harm them) in ways I wasn't expecting. It's the kind of book I would want to see discussed, particularly by teenagers, and look forward to getting it added to my library's collection.

I also very much appreciated the content warning at the beginning of the book. I know it's a small thing, but we still live in a world where I have to be grateful to be given the information I need to engage with stories that deal with rape and sexual assault up front in a content warning rather than going in blind and unprepared, so thank you for that.
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Laura Bates has created a powerful YA thriller that explores the aftermath of a plane crash. On the surface, the teens involved are your stereotypical jocks and cheerleaders but when their plane crashes on an island in the Gulf of Mexico on their way home, secrets and lies run rampant. 

I loved the twists and turns that No Accident provides. The story highlights the lies we too readily accept and challenges us to do better to dismantle the rape culture that runs rampant. While too mature for my middle school students, I''d highly recommend this book to any reader so long as the trigger warning at the beginning of the book remains in place.  

ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.
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A private plane carrying some high school basketball players and cheerleaders crashes on a tropical island. Unfortunately they are snotty obnoxious kids who at first don't seem to appreciate the problem facing them: they need food and water in order to survive. Think Lord of the Flies, which some of these characters mention. The longer they're on the island, bad things start happening. Which one of them is trying to hurt the others and why?
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I enjoyed this YA mystery/thriller. Placing the events unraveling the teens party against the setting of a desert island/plane crash was certainly a unique choice, but I think the author did a good job of setting it up. I did feel like the story could have been altered to make the antagonist's anger and actions more intentional, but the overwhelming message of gendered inequality and misogyny and violence against women came through quite well in this novel.
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This book touches on the very real effects of rape on an individuals mind. How it changes the way that that person sees the world. Mixed with the trauma of a plane crash and being stranded on an island with no hope of survival, this book will keep you in your toes.
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Modern day Agatha Christie on an island. A group of teens gets shipped wrecked and that’s when the intrigue begins.  Someone has it in for them.  I absolutely love this book and couldn’t wait to find out what happened!
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This YA read captured my attention as I love survival stories that include deserted islands. In this book The Trial by Laura Bates, a private plane carrying football players and cheerleaders and their coaches are on their way to a tournament when turbulence strikes and the plane ends up crashing on a desert island. Only a few of them end up surviving and the rest are dead. On the island survived is Football players - Brian, Jason, and Elliott and Cheerleaders - Shannon, Hayley, Jessa, and May. Can the survivors work together to survive the environment until they are rescued or when strange things start happening that threaten their survival, is someone on the island trying to kill them off one by one? Hayley who is the outsider and only joined the cheerleader team to pad up her college application knows something happened at the party the night before they crashed and with the accidents happening - she just knows it is connected. When Brian almost dies and everyone starts to turn on each other, Hayley decides the only way to settle things is to hold a trial and hear an account of everybody's stories about what happened at the party. During this latter part of the book when the trial happens, the book turns more from a YA survival story to a #MeToo tale as it turns out one of them was sexually assaulted at the party. The latter part of this story focuses on women being assaulted by athletes etc and not being able, to tell the truth, as the elites tend to be the ones believed rather than the females, or the guilty parties are not punished adequately for the crime like The Brock Turner case. The author of this book is also famous for her views on Feminism and Female Empowerment
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