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This is a complex book that will hit home with a lot of teenagers. The basis for the story is a young teen dealing with the ideal couple that she has a need to connect with. The more she wants the stronger her fixation grows.
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It was an okay book. I was confused sometimes. Not something I would listen to again. But, it was entertaining.
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Laney Villanueva and Nico Fiore are Holy Family’s golden couple, and Creep is the story of their love as told through the eyes of their stalker, Rafi.  Rafi steals moments from them where she can—taking pictures for the yearbook, babysitting Nico’s little sister, even hiding in their special spot.  Can Rafi help this couple stay together forever, or are they destined to repeat her parents’ mistakes?

This book was, in a word, *creepy*. It makes you feel like you are the interloper in Nico and Laney’s relationship, that you have snuck into Nico’s room or keep popping up in the strangest places where Laney happens to be.  It evokes the feelings of being back in high school where you might have felt all these obsessive feelings and what it might have felt like to actually act on them instead of just giggling about that cute boy in your history class with your friends.  You can feel Rafi’s obsessions wafting off the pages (or through your headphones for the audio), wondering what might have happened if you had done the things she did just for one more glimpse.
I listened to the audio, and the constant repetition of the couple’s name just hammered home how obsessed Rafi is, and you almost cringe with secondhand embarrassment.  I highly recommend this book if you like books that make you *feel* as you read, this one was a doozy!
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3.5 Stars rounded up to 4. I am basing this review on the content alone, since the audiobook was basically read by Siri. You really had to pay attention to stay focused on the story over the voice (and it will be read by a professional when it is published/released).

Rafi is a teen girl who becomes obsessed with the perfect high school couple, Laney and Nico. She does everything in her power to become part of their lives. Eventually, she does get into their inner circle, and does everything she can to stay there forever.
I normally do not read (or listen) to YA content because it does not have enough for me, but I am glad I received an ARC of this, because it was worth the read. It had a great creep factor and I felt like it was written exactly how an obsessed teen would respond. There were a few untied loose ends, but overall, it was a great YA read. I say YA because it is definitely fit for that age panel. Definitely not written for those younger, and anyone older than the YA age bracket will just assume it is a replica of the movie "Obsessed" or "Fatal Attraction" but with teens.
If you are just starting off on psychological thrillers, this is perfect without going too in-depth.
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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with an ARC.

Creep is told in a similar manner as You, except more targeted towards a teenage audience.  It follows the MC, Rafi, who has developed an obsession on a couple at her school.  I think that this book could have been pushed further with what it was trying to accomplish.  I never found it creepy, but the age group that it is intended for might.  I also wanted to see Rafi's character to be fleshed out more.  We only see her thoughts on what is going on with Laney and Nico, but never any real fleshing out of the past issues with a former teacher of hers or why she is no longer friends with another girl at her school.  The issue with the former teacher is more straight forward and developed more than the issue with her former friend.  However, I wanted to see more of the story fleshed out and a more concrete fleshing out of Rafi.
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One of my favorite methods of writing is utilizing the voice of an unreliable narrator, and the author did this very, very well. I was given the opportunity to listen to the audio book, which I think was an ideal medium with the contents of this book. It kept everything atmospheric, and it truly gave the creepy vibe as we explored the actions of Rafi, our MC.

Rafi was abandoned by both her parents - parents who were the it couple and conceived her in high school. Because she blamed herself for the reason her parents separated, her new goal is to ensure the success of this year's it couple. And in order to do that, she will do anything. 

The author did a great job of explaining Rafi's motivations while keeping her voice clear and within her wild reasoning. Fans of the show 'you' will love this book, but also, fans of books that don't really show the whole picture until the end. I wish we got a little more on the teacher subplot to truly tie the story together, but all in all, I really enjoyed this one. It kept me on my toes, and I just wanted to keep listening. 4 stars!
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A creepy tale that dabbles with the discussion of what is and what is not stalking. When a teen takes an interest in the local cute couple and starts doing things to be around them is it cute or too far. Where is the line. This was a disturbingly enjoyable read. I found myself saying someone please stop her, normal people don't do this, several times. Definitely a story that keeps you captivated. I would have liked to see more consequences and learning for her in the end of the story, instead I just see her continuing this behavior and twisting narratives in the future.
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My rating for this is specifically for the VoiceGalley and has nothing to do with the actual book. I requested this originally because I was interested in the idea of a computer/software generating an audiobook before a voice actor was cast. Maybe it's just me but that DOES NOT work in my opinion. I found the voice very distracting and I couldn't focus on the story. I will give this another try either when a person does the recording or when I can get it in print.

**I received an eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Big thanks to NetGalley and the publisher!
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CREEP lives up to the title of the book. It is an extremely unusual account of a teenager obsessed with the relationship of two others in her high school class. As she imposes herself into their lives, at first through an incident where they become "friends" to a very uncomfortable intrusion.

The storyline was intense at times making the reader even more distraught with anticipation. It reminds me of a teenage version of Fatal Attraction, the movie starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in 1987. There is no homicide in CREEP, but the tenacity of Rafi to embed her life into the dating life of Laney and Rico is alarming and disconcerting. 

CREEP is recommended for Teens and Young Adults. It would be enjoyed by readers who enjoy psychological thrillers.

The audio for this book was not produced with the final production voice(s), therefore I cannot comment on the quality of the narration.
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Laney and Nico are THE couple at Holy Family High School, everyone admires them, everyone wants to BE them. Rafi, in particular, is obsessed with the couple and slowly begins to worm her way into their lives; becoming a babysitter for Nico’s little sister, joining Laney’s club. At first Nico and Laney are taken by the friendly and helpful Rafi and they let her into their inner circle, giving her access to some of their deepest secrets. When tragedy threatens to tear the couple apart, Rafi will do anything, anything to keep them together. This audiobook was read using a synthesized voice, and while there were a few mispronounced words and miscues, it was still better than some of the human readers I’ve encountered on audio
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