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This book is a bit different than whatI would normally read but it is a different type of good.
This book has it all. It has your dark fantasy "fifity shades of grey" times, not moments. This is not for the faint of heart and trust me I learned this the hard way. There were times in which I needed to put down the book as it was triggereing at times but I wanted to read a good portion of it before I wrote this review. 

Once more we have Larken, and if you have read the first book, "Untethered," we have a sort of continuation with the Flynn's best friend. I'll admit, I did not like the fact that it felt like this was borderline to close to heart with the asshole moves of Larken. There there were times in which I wanted to hope into the book and just tell my girl Rox to just run, he is not worth it. 

After i got past the initial shock, around 20% in, I realized the book is not too bad. I was able to keep going. Rox (I am just using a nickname for her) is able to help Larken chill, ehich is what he needs. The scenes are good, they are definitely spicy. 

Overall I would not say that this is a great book, but I can say it is good. Not a book for me but I know that there are readers out there who would definitely enjoy this and continue on with the series should the authoor continue.
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Rating:🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️ | 🌶🌶🌶🌶
My thoughts:
Welcome back to St Jude’s! This story is about Larken. If you’ve read Book 1 Untethered you’ll know that he’s Flynn’s best friend. Do take a note, M. Jameson always put trigger warning on the front page as well as on the blurb. These stories are NOT for the weak heart. Brace yourself on the ride. When I read this book I feel like I’m cheating on Flynn. It was impossible to put down! I devoured it in one sitting because the story was so good! Packed emotions, fast paced and so spicy! I enjoy the ride and I was obsessed about not only these two, but also their friends. I love that we got to see Larken’s past. We also get to see Bella and Flynn from Untethered. I love their spark and chemistry. Maybe Kenzie story soon? I would love to know about her💞
❤️‍🔥 Possesive alpha
❤️‍🔥 Strong FMC
❤️‍🔥 Fake marriage
Check out this book and you won’t regret it!
Book provided through netgalley. Thanks to @netgalley @authormjameson
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Though there is a warning at the beginning of the book that this could get really dark, I still wasn't prepared.

Despite the author's best attempts to make us understand and sympathize with Larken, I couldn't. By the time I got to pg 400, all hope I held onto went out the window. Larken is twisted and way worse than the "monster" he keeps labeling himself as. That also was a thing that annoyed me with the character. He crusaded with others to take down bad guys, when he himself was just as bad. I saw another review where he was called a rapist, and I can't disagree with that statement. There is a clear difference between having weird and twisted kinks, but this went way beyond. That in turn makes me turn to Roxanne, his love interest.

To take somewhat a power woman (and I say somewhat because of her actions) and make her fold to the will of a horrible human being like Larken, just seemed so disheartening to me. Not only did this man destroy her job opportunity that she worked so hard for, in her past, he destroyed her family, nearly slept with her best friend, and that's only to name a few on the laundry list of things Larken has done. I found myself rolling my eyes in disgust when the FL learns of Larken's nasty side by talking to one of his victims. She doesn't run in the other direction, no. She finds it in her best interest to go against her values and sleep with him in public and in 50 Shades Of Gray style, let's him show her his world.

No surprise when he goes way to far, but guess what? More sex fixes that, right? Wrong,

It's obvious I didn't love these two characters together, I never even believed the two were in love. Lust is a hell of a drug, right? But that's not to say the author isn't good. The author is great with words and weaving a story together to quickly pull you through it. 
It's just the the storyline. It didn't click for me. I really wish I liked it more. I REALLY tried, but Larken was just the WORST.
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this author is such a suprise very dark romance vibes so if you have trigger warnings run away. i do not. i loved the entire story we had here which was both present and past flashes and it flowed well. It would be a very good audio book IMO. I did not read St. Jude rules 1 and it didnt impact how i felt.  I will warn you the first like 10% of the book you do want to put it down and call it a DNF which I did.. and then I felt guilty becuase i love other books by this author.. and so i picked it back up and boom was sucked right in.
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So, when I requested this I didn’t realize it was part of a series; luckily it reads like a standalone. Larken isn’t use to being told no so when ‘no’ is all Roxanne gives him he makes it his mission to make her say yes. There is secret society weirdness and bullying throughout, but there is a HEA though.
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Unworthy is a dark and steamy love story about two people who I don’t know how to love, Larken especially. Roxanne has distanced herself from the evil, yet drawn to Larken in a way it was difficult to understand why at times. 
Learning more about St. Jude’s, we see the depravity from the parents of the men and women and the new generation, although damaged themselves are determined to fix it.
Thinking back after I finished this book I put my emotions and judgment aside and realized that once again M Jameson has written a love story that I will not soon forget.
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Unworthy by M Jameson is book Two in the St. Jude Rules Series. This is the story of Larken and Roxanne. Larken is used to everything dark and seeks it out with his Secret Society. Roxanne is light to his darkness and she sort of understand his need but knows she isn't for him. This was a dark read that I did enjoy.
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*Note: I have not read book 1, but this read like a standalone! I was a liiiiittle lost when we're introduced to the secret society but quickly caught on and it was smooth sailing from there.

There's plenty of depravity and hints of taboo in here which may not be for everyone, please read the authors' content warning prior to diving in. 

We have alphahole sadist Larken and bodacious biracial Roxanne. These two have been infatuated with each other since they were young. Larken didn't pursue Roxanne because he didn't want to dirty her with the darkness of his life; Roxanne desired Larken but suppressed her feelings over the years because he's a womanizer. Due to circumstance, they enter an impromptu engagement and end up married; sexual tensions run high, feelings come to light, but of course there's misunderstandings and angst and it's all a fun time (for the reader). 

I absolutely LOVE dark romance; this delivered on the dark but I thought it was lacking in the romance department. I felt like this couple went from 0 to 100 real quick in terms of their emotional relationship. We're told they love each other, but other than mutual jealousy and possessiveness, I remain unconvinced of this affection they supposedly have. 

Larken, due to childhood trauma, is conditioned to default and thrive off sadism. Roxanne knows this, is curious, and decides to indulge in this need of his. She has a terrible time and swears off this side of him. Maybe I've read too many dark romances but I low-key hoped she'd be into the sadistic side of him. There were some instances when they were intimate and Roxanne is like "more, hurt me" not knowing exactly what she wanted so I THOUGHT that's where we were headed, but I was mistaken.

Then there's Roxanne's character. She's introduced as a very strong, smart, independent woman in the beginning of the book, but I felt that as the book went on, she lost those traits and was floating through the story without any strong characteristics and was a flat character. 

The plot separate from any romance was really intriguing; the set up for it was solid, from Larken and his friends tracking down Raymond by any means possible, to a high stakes hostage situation. However, I felt like it resolved really quick and abruptly, considering how long the set up was, the resolution was a little unsatisfying. 

Even with those reservations, I still enjoyed this read and I'm interested in reading the other book in this book universe!
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This is the second book in the series and can be read as a standalone and please do note the trigger warnings.  This read is about Larken and Roxanne, if you read the first book Larken is Flynn’s best friend.  Larken belongs to a secret society and it is ruled by darkness.  Roxanne may be the daughter of an enemy but he still plans on making her his.  Will he succeed?  Fast-paced dark read with loads of twists and turns, drama and suspense.  Sizzling scenes and great characters.  I loved it!
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Unworthy turned out to be one of those books that prove very difficult to rate. My problems started when I nearly DNF’d around the 15% mark before becoming so caught up in the story I read way past midnight. It was fast-paced, twisty and hot, the writing flowed well and it had a good supporting cast. Unfortunately, there were just too many things I had to try and overlook for me to be able to rate this any higher than 3 stars, even though it left me with a 5-star feeling.

Problem #1 – we never witness the couple fall in love. We were TOLD about it but not once were we SHOWN anything that remotely resembled it. They pretty much went from nothing to everything at the turn of a page.

Problem #2 – betraying body syndrome. I hate BBS at the best of times, but when someone has just destroyed your career hopes I find it very difficult to believe lust would win over the hurt, the pain, the betrayal.  Nor did I believe it on several other occasions either.

Problem #3 – despite repeatedly referring to himself and his sexual tastes as sadism, Larken is nothing more than an abusive rapist.  Someone needs to explain the concept of consent to that guy.

Problem #4 – the secret society was bizarre and seemed to be more about mass orgies and non-consensual sadomasochistic acts than anything else. How shagging anything that moved was meant to build wealth and power I’m still not quite able to understand.

Problem #5 – the rescue scene, I mean… really … a noise in the corridor and suddenly the bad guys are disarmed and captured?!

Problem #6 – Her mum and BFF -eww. And not once did he grovel for forgiveness.

Problem #7– how come every single one of them had evil, abusive, conniving parents who destroyed their childhoods? Was there a personality test you had to take before you could move into the town?

Problem #8- he constantly treated her like dirt and she constantly forgave him.

Problem #9 - he constantly treated her like dirt and she constantly forgave him.

Problem #10 – he constantly treated her like dirt and she constantly forgave him.

Yes, I have repeated that last bit but oh my god did he repeatedly pull crappy stunts. His golden cock was clearly so magical it didn’t matter that he deliberately destroyed the career that was so important to her, blackmailed her into marriage, and beat and raped her (telling her “anything goes after this point” doesn’t excuse his behaviour or make it consensual). Nor were these the actions of a man who had been obsessed with Roxanne for years and years. He cheated on her and then raped her again whilst she was asleep (you can’t give consent if you aren’t conscious) but I think we've already established that consent isn't in Larken's vocabulary.  Not once did he ever feel any genuine remorse. His main reason for all this was that “he always won”. Yeah, won the prize as the worst “hero” I’ve had the misfortune to read. This was just the tip of the iceberg of his craptastic behaviour.

Yet in the moments I forgot all his sins (ie when he wasn’t acting like the biggest f-wad in the history of the universe) he was such a wonderful, growly, sexy, alpha male that I couldn't help but adore him. Sadly his apology to Roxanne - who was completely undeserving of his ire - was way too little and far too late. At least he eventually sought help for his childhood abuse but that wasn't enough either. The author succeeded in making this dark, but I prefer my hero to be bad to everyone except the heroine. Given how I felt when I finished this I would still recommend it though - go figure!
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I could not put this book down.  The story was dark and painful at times, but beautifully written and heartbreakingly impactful.  The characters felt very real and emotionally charged with great depth.  The storyline was full of twists and darkness, but also triumphs and light.  The author writes a note at the beginning giving awareness to the story within - take those words seriously.  The disclaimer was very accurate, but I found the story captivating as I rooted for the characters to conquer their demons and find peace.
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After reading the first in the series that left me with some questions, this second book was everything I needed and wanted it to be. Despite not being about them, I appreciated knowing more about Flynn and Bella. There was also more focus on the trafficking ring plot within this book too which, again, was very welcome and I enjoyed reading that play out. 

As for Larken and Roxy, wow. You get enemies to lovers, fake marriage and a HEA. The development of their relationship was greatly paced and the spice was nice and spicy! Roxy is a strong FMC and Larken is the possessive alphahole we all love and want. I enjoyed Larken's character arc and learning more abouy his heartbreaking past as well as the relationships between him and the other St Jude leaders. I'm hoping there is going to be in the series so we can revisit the possibility of a mole within the Guild and learn more about the other leaders - I would especially love to read more about Kenzie.
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Very spicy, which I don’t read a lot of admittedly. However, I did enjoy reading Unworthy. This book needs to come with some trigger warnings, but it’s a story that progresses nicely and is full of characters you want to root for.
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I received this book as an ARC after it was released to the public. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it after the first chapter, but Roxanne and Larken’s story sucked me in fast. 
Between dark sexy scenes, mystery and thriller, and a hint of hate/love, this book is a must read. 
Pitfalls; it’s very jumpy. It can be hard to keep up with at times and there’s a lot of moving parts. 
I appreciate the read approval from NetGalley!
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Thank you to Netgalley and Victory Editing for this ARC in exchange of an honest review!

This is my first book by M Jameson but the blurb lured me in, despite this being the second book in a series (you can safely read this as a standalone!). Be aware that this book contains many triggers so please read the TW before diving in.

Unworthy is a dark book which is something I thoroughly enjoyed. It is a well written novel with a plot i enjoyed. I also liked the characters Larken and Roxanne. If you enjoy dark, twisted romances with secret societies and alphaholes, then this is perfect for you!

I will definitely look up more from M Jameson in the future.
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Many triggers in this book so be warned.
I won’t list them all, but read the blurb carefully.

This is a very dark and descriptive book, but if you can say that’s your thing you’ll see it’s also very good.
I loved it all, from the style of writing to the whole plot and execution of the story.
Just wonderful.
Some brilliant characters to come too.
Makes me look forward to future books .

I received an Arc copy of this book and chose to post this review 

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This book is not for everyone, but the writing is just perfect.
This is definitely a very dark romance.  Larken is hot as sin but he is part of a secret society with really dark tastes and practices and so many demons inside him. Roxanne is a badass girl who knows Larken is not for her, even though she desires him. But he is not taking no for an answer. He always wins. So they start this sick battle of wills full of aghast and violence. 
I enjoy the ride but it was a rough one. I couldn´t put this down, I was obsessed about not only these two, but also their friends. We get to see Bella and Flynn from Untethered and they are absolutely still my favorite couple. 
You should definitely take the warnings seriously because there are some really unpleasant moments with sensitive issues like rape and murder.
I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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I thought it was alright, but not out of this world good. I didn't really love the writing style, but that’s just me.
Give it a go, I think a ton of people will like this book!
I'd recommend it, but beware of triggering subjects that typically come with these sorts of books.
3 stars overall
Thank you to NetGalley for supplying me with this ARC!
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