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War and Peace in the Taiwan Strait

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This is a masterful analysis of every possible scenario about whether war is likely in the Taiwan Strait, although there needs to be an updated version, considering the invasion of Ukraine. Kastner studies the extremely close economic links between Taiwan and China, the history of the two countries, the importance that the Taiwanese place on freedom, and America's policy regarding Taiwan. He gives prime consideration to whether America will defend Taiwan. As he writes, the dangers of war are heating up because of China's changing views, increasing military power and the fear of an 'accident' or misinterpretation on either side.

This is a really scary book for the Taiwanese and for anyone in another country which is likely to be involved, such as Australia, but an important one. I would like to know how Kastner thinks the invasion of Ukraine will affect the CCP's thoughts about a war with Taiwan.

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Boy was this book a big disappointment! Part 1 was average while part 2 was simply awful. In general, the author cited way too many old references like a Rand study that was done in 2000. In addition, this book cuts off in about May 2021, and the political and military situation has changed dramatically since Mr. Putin invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022. This book desperately needs another chapter at the end of Part 1 to bring it up to date. Most importantly, Mr. Kastner missed what I believe are the two most important points. After Xi Jinping launches China's first missile on Taiwan the Quad will blockade (or quarantine if you prefer) the Strait of Malacca and thereby halt over 70% of China's oil imports this will totally shut down China's economy in 3 months and roughly 500 million Chinese will starve to death in about one year. This will result in the total collapse of the CCP.
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