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I enjoyed the fantasy aspects of this book. It didn’t pull me in as much as other fantasy books have but overall I enjoyed it!
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If you love 
Then this book is for you. It was such a fun read. I was looking for a fantasy book and I’m really happy I found this one.
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There are sometimes when I find myself obsessed with a cover of a book or a title and then find myself seriously let down...this was not one of those instances. I think from start to finish this book was everything that I wanted it to be. It was gritty it was dark it was everything my fantasy loving heart desired and more. I absolutely adored reading this book and must get myself a physical copy.
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This story held me in a chokehold. I absolutely love a good fated mates story, especially one about the fae! The chemistry between the characters is chefs kiss and the steam is perfection, though I definitely wish there was some real spice. The plot was fast paced and pulled me right in! I absolutely loved this book!
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NetGalley ARC Educator 550974

Fans of Merry Gentry will love this romance between Thea and Devin. The author gives us romcom in fairy land. There's so many stories that can be told with the secondary characters. A good one sitting read.
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I truly enjoyed Dirty Lying Faeries for the weird wonderful adventure that it was. I came to this book at a strange time in my reading journey, not looking for or interested in any books in particular, but when I picked this one up, I DEVOURED it. Dirty Lying Faeries was exactly the paranormal romance with tropey fated mates and classic four seasonal courts of the fae that I wanted it to be. I loved Thea as our main character and her relationship with Devin, the handsome art gallery owner was swoon-worthy. If you want a light, quick romp through fae territory this one is for you. I rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.
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I remember reading this on Wattpad years ago and i loved it. To see that it's published makes me happy because it was a great book. I'm a huge fan of Fae. The biggest thing that really gets me immersed is the connection, i love Thea and Devin moments. As their chemistry builds sparks fly.
Theirs two point of views, which i love because i feel like we know more from each party. This did give me A court of thrones a roses vibes.
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Dear Dirty, Lying Faeries,
I have to admit, even though you lacked some depth and meaning, I really enjoyed you. You were a great balance between heavy and light, with wonderful writing. I enjoyed getting to know Thea and Devin, and even though the concept of mated bonds and fate makes my eyes roll every single time, it didn't detract from your story for me. You were interesting and had a great world. I wasn't a huge fan of the way there were exceptions for the rules of magic in the world, but it wasn't a huge deal breaker for me. I couldn't help but think how the Fae world would explain away all of the damage that they had caused all over the city, but no one seemed to worried about that at all. You were the kind of book that left me knowing that everything was going to turn out ok, even when things looked bleak.
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<b> <I> Thank you so much to Wattpad Books and the author for providing me with a free copy of “Dirty Lying Faeries” by Sabrina Blackburry in exchange for an honest review. All of the following opinions are formulated on my own. Any quotes in this review should be cross-referenced with the final copy for any possible edits.</I> </b>

<i> Did you like... This is for you! </i>
- Elfin by Quinn Loftis
- Switched by Amanda Hocking
- Any of those other fairy books published around 2010?!

<b> Overall rating: </b> 3.5 out of 5 stars

<b> My favorite elements: </b> First, we all know that cover and title lured me in like a bug to a light. I read too many fairy books, we all know it. If it's a fairy book, I will be reading it. End of story. With that, this is a very basic fairy book therefore I am pleased. We see adult changelings which is an element often not incldued in fairy books anymore. It's a good read if you are looking for something mindless.

<b> My criticisms: </b> This book is published by Wattpad wish earns an automatic warning flag for it's reputation. The plot was predictable. I felt like I'd read the story a hundred times before. There are even a few books I am thinking of from when I was younger to compare this book to. The writing was juvenile for the adult content... As expected from Wattpad.

<b> Will I finish the series? </b> I'm not sure if I will remember this book well enough to notice when the second book comes out. Time will tell!

<b> Important Elements </b>
- Mysterious Love Interest
- Journey to Fairy
- Court Politics and Intrigue
- Forced Proximity
- Humans vs. Fae
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The vast amount of differing storylines that come with writing about the fae never ceases to both amaze and entertain me. Dirty Lying Faeries was an exceptional example of when it is done right. I loved the plot line in this novel. I was immediately drawn to Thea and her life. I found her to be extremely relatable and enjoyed her development throughout the story. Devin was the perfect tall dark and broody to her sunshine. Fated mates is always such a great hook and I really enjoyed the way that Devin handled it on his end. Heather was a peach and I loved her friendship with Thea and the way she had her back at every turn. I thought the pacing on this was solidly paced and I didn’t find myself loosing interest at any point. The world building was lovely, I love the idea of these slices of magic existing right under our noses. I especially likes the magic system. I always thoroughly enjoy magic systems that align with nature.   I would absolutely recommend if you are a fan of Grump Sunshine, Fated Mates, or Chosen Ones. i might be secretly hoping that there is more to this story yet to come!
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This Fae romance had an interesting beginning. Unfortunately it felt like not very much was going on for the second half of the book and that sluggish pacing was a problem for me... this was almost a DNF a few times over. Nonetheless, I persevered and in the end it was just... Meh... with a capital M! The writing was a touch sophomoric. I was exasperated by how often the heat of their bond was mentioned and how childish our FMC, Thea, was especially towards her man. The characters were likeable but not loveable or remarkable. The characters were pretty bland to be honest and the romance was lacking depth and believability. The Sexytime bits were tempid (at best)... not a deal breaker per se but something of note. The premise of adult changelings was new, which was nice, but there were questions posed (especially in the beginning) that were left, completely forgotten, by the second half of the book. Then there was the dirty business of things coming too easily for our characters. Thea needs to learn how to glamor (and do it quickly)? POOF, she learns it within minutes of trying. Thea wants to learn of her special magical powers? POOF, she learns what it is with no trouble at all. When the characters get things easily with no effort at all they are robbed of the experience of working hard to achieve their goals and we are robbed of the experience of believing that they deserve those things and therefore robbed of the joy of each moment AND  ultimately, by extension, the book. 

This had promise and due to some clunky parts, sluggish pacing and bland characters this was extremely underwhelming. It had potential but ultimately failed to deliver. The fated mates is a common trope that is easy to botch and sadly this was one of those times. There was almost no romantic/sexual buildup, or tension... it was too insta lovey for my tastes... another strike. This story was more of a teller than a shower... another strike... and the end battle was the worst I have ever read in a loooong while.... another strike. Ultimately it left a slew of questions unanswered. A cliffhanger is not necessarily a horrible thing but here it irked and niggled. All of these things added up to me losing interest in the story so I will not be on the lookout for book #2.

~ Sorry 

***  I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. ***
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I picked this book up on a whim unsure what I was getting myself into as I had never read the author before.  And I can't say I was disappointed.  While I feel like the love and story was rushed quite a bit, I did enjoy Devin and Thea as the main characters and eventual couple.  

It reminded me a lot of YA books where the characters have instant chemistry and it's just a matter of when they have a free moment to fall in love.  If you go in accepting that, you get a great story out of this.  This book has a play on the Fae that I haven't seen before which was really interesting, and the struggle and strife worked well for the book.  Not my favorite read, but definitely interesting and something I'd recommend to the right audience.

My opinion is my own and freely given.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my E-ARC. (Apologies for the delay I had a bereavement in the family)

A fast paced read about Fae and a spin on the Fae I have not read before. This is a standalone book, which I am so very grateful for as well. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the twists and turns along the way, some I didn't see coming, which is always nice.

Things you will see: one bedish trope, fated mates, Fae courts, faerie magic, faerie food, mystery, secrets, betrayal.

I wouldn't say it was the best writing for descriptions, if you like long winded descriptions and inner monologues. But it was great on the dialogue, which I honestly love.
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A fun fantasy read but felt a little rushed to me. I believe this is a stand alone which is unfortunate because I really did want more from this world. I would have liked a bit more romance but other than that if you’re a fan of the fae and a good fantasy romance this one is for you.
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DO IT...

If there's ever a time when you're wondering if you should give a book a chance. THIS MY FRIEND IS YOUR SIGN.

I wasn't 100% sure whether I would have enjoyed this book but after seeing it on my booktok and reading the description I couldn't wait to dive right in. And that's what I did, both feet, whole body dive.

This is the story of two people who are bound to wind up together. Devin and Thea are drawn together, from the very beginning the two of them orbit around each other like the sun around the moon. It's beautiful to watch, this almost tinged with forbidden and turmoil filled love.

Just as the world is changing, just as everything Thea has ever known is being slowly and surely ripped from between her fingers the world shifts. There's turmoil and love and war and friendships. It's not only the makings of a beautiful love story but a beautiful world; one filled with not only wonder and joy but every real thing this world has to offer. 

If a love story that tests the bonds of two people and gives you a little bit of hope back is right up your alley. This is definitely the book for you.
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I remember reading this on Wattpad years ago and i loved it. To see that it's published makes me happy because it was a great book. I'm a huge fan of Fae. The biggest thing that really gets me immersed is the connection, i love Thea and Devin moments. As their chemistry builds sparks fly.

Theirs two point of views, which i love because i feel like we know more from each party. This did give me A court of thrones a roses vibes.
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Unfortunately, this book was not for me. I almost DNF'd it but kept going. 

I am not a fan of insta-love stories, they don't seem "real" enough (I know, fiction, right?) to me. 
Or maybe I like the building of a relationship? 

It was a quick fantasy read and it might be a good book for someone just dipping their toes into the fantasy water. 

Thank you to NetGalley and WattPad Books for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Really enjoyed this Fae story. Feel like this had a great adult twist on changelings which I enjoyed and I liked all the characters.
Not often does a standalone really hook me early usually I find they are very slow to start and then feel rushed at the end, whereas this did not feel rushed and I was interested in the story from the very start.
The mystery/twist was done well and the plot was driving forward and was interesting the whole time.
Almost feel like this could have been longer and expanded more and would have liked a bit more romance, the romance was the only part that I felt seemed rush/skipped over a bit and for an adult book feel like could have been more descriptive etc. 

Overall really enjoyed 4 stars.
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Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to read an ARC of Dirty Lying Fairies by Sabrina Blackburry in exchange for an honest review. 

This book was okay for me. I just feel like I’ve already read it before in other books
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Thank you Netgalley and Wattpad for a free e-arc of this book in return for an honest review!

Genre: YA/Fantasy/Mystery																																															
Recommendation: BUY IT																										
Would you read another book by this author? 100% YES																											
Who might enjoy this book? Fans of The Prison Healer, ACOTAR, These Hollow Vows																											
How could anyone go past this cover and title? Without spoilers this IS what the story is mainly revolved around. 
Thea Kanelo is our main girl and she meets art gala owner Devin Grayson (que sexy fae God-but still glamoured at this point). He's gorgeous & mysterious - all the characteristics we love right?! Not long after their first meeting, she starts seeing people with strange....accessories? Horns/wings/different colour skin. What is even going on?? She gets a note from 'C" telling her not to trust anyone and																																															from that point Thea is thrown into a world that was completely unknown to her. Fae/fated mates/four courts/danger/deceit/mystery/love/fae politics
Written in dual POV, the story was easy to read and hard to put down! I was completely hooked from the first chapter and ready to sell my soul for the rest of the book. Everything flowed seemlessly and left me wanting more. Thea is funny and very likeable, she's caring but she's also not someone to mess with. I love her growth throughout the book. but i do think she adapted a little too easily to fast paced changed to and around her. Devin is a puppy dog when it comes to Thea, he's charming and sweet and I loved their banter/chemistry and relationship growth.											
Blackburry's writing has so much potential, I love the 'normal' and casual way Thea and Candice would interact, even Thea and Alan. The story was realty fast paced and there SO MUCH mystery! I LOVED the battle, it was really descriptive and a great way to end the story as most of the book is the lead up for the big twist. 																											
I really do think this could have been a duology, I was left wanting more world building though as it was hard to picture at times. I would've been happy for the relationship between Thea and Devin to have dragged a little longer also as it felts slightly rushed at times.		
There were some amazing characters: Caroline, mysterious fae who we don't even know whether to trust or not for most of the book. Heather - LOVE LOVE Heather! Thea's most loyal friend. Alan - 'floor sign' IYKYK 
Devin - could do no wrong in my eyes

Overall, I really enjoyed it and wouldn't hesitate to buy another of Blackburry's books. this is her debut and i am so excited to see what she will release next!
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