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Surprisingly enjoyable. I'm not usually a fan of this genre, but I decided to try this one since it was written by Katherine Center.  The plot was predictable, but pleasantly so. The characters had more depth than I was expecting, and the story was charming and fun. Such a nice surprise !
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This book was so fun! i thought it was a cute, quirky and funny rom-com. I enjoyed that the female lead was the bodyguard as opposed to the male lead. The banter was incredible and this story takes the fake dating trope with a nice spin. I enjoyed the family aspect of the book and how we see them interact with the leads..and specifically how we see Hannah also fall in love with Jack’s family. i've never read/listened to a Katherine Center book, but this definitely won’t be my last!  I enjoyed how the narrator brought the story to life and made every character so distinct from each other.

Thanks to Macmillan Audio and NetGalley Audio for the gifted copy. All thoughts are my own.
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Hannah doesn't look like your typical bodyguard, but she is good at what she does. In the midst of a personal crisis, she is put on a new job for a high profile client. Jack Stapleton is a world-famous actor who needs protection and Hannah has been assigned as his primary Executive Protection Agent. The job requires for her to pretend to be his girlfriend and to spend time with Jack and his family. Hannah has always prided herself on her professionalism - never get close to the principal, don't reveal anything personal about yourself, and definitely don't fall for them. Protecting Jack will tear down Hannah's high walls that she has built around herself in ways she could never imagine.

I called it pretty early with this book. I knew from the second chapter that it was going to be a 5 star read for me. And then I met Jack and I was a COMPLETE GONER for this book! I usually take notes about reactions to books and things I love about them as I read and my notes for this book ended up being about four times as long as they usually are. I loved it so much!

The character development in this book was superb. From Hannah, to Jack, to Hannah's team that she worked with, and to Jack's family - Katherine Center breathed life into each and every one of these characters. They had depth and complexity to the point where I found myself even liking Glenn, a character who I think was meant to be disliked. Not only were they great characters, but the dynamics between all of them were fun and complicated just like relationships in real life.

The dialogue in this book was insanely sharp and witty! The banter bouncing back and forth between Hannah and Jack was easy, natural, but also uniquely amusing. I found myself laughing out loud at every turn in their conversations.

I loved Jack and Hannah's connection and what they meant to each other. Hannah was constantly making Jack laugh (most of the time unintentionally) and it was awesome that she could do that for him considering the difficult time he was having. They each were in different places in journeys of grief and they were able to connect over their lost loved ones. Jack gave Hannah the confidence that she was missing, but he also made her slink into a puddle of awkwardness all the time because of his swoon worthiness. It was great to see a strong character like Hannah not be as professional and put together as she thought she was because the flaws made her feel more real.

This book is about love, but not necessarily in the way you think. Yes, there is a love story where two people find love with each other. It's also about finding a way to love yourself despite your flaws and the bad things you've done and allowing people to love you. It's about putting your love out in the world so you get love back.

Pick up this book for a fake-dating/celebrity/badass woman story with lots of romance and a bit of suspense. This is a 2022 MUST-READ and you won't regret it!  I really enjoyed the audiobook - the narrator does an awesome job!

Steam level: 🔥½
⚠️: death of a loved one, grief, alcoholism, fatal car accident, drowning, driving under the influence, cancer, stalking, mention of domestic violence
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Oh how I adored this book! There’s just something about Katherine Center’s writing and the characters she creates that I love! I was completely sucked into this story. A female bodyguard, a lovable and super attractive male celebrity that she’s protecting. These are not elements I’ve read before but they just worked for me. Things are not going well for Hannah when she’s assigned to Jack’s protection, but she can’t help but be drawn to him. He was such a delightful character. I adored the narration and it really seemed perfect for this book. I was afraid for a minute Center was going to break my heart, but I’m thrilled that she didn’t. I only wish the book didn’t have to end.
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What a quirky and fun romcom!  The Bodyguard by Katherine Center had me chuckling many times throughout the book!  I loved the main character, Hannah, who is a bodyguard.  Her agency is hired to provide protection for a handsome movie star.  I will let your imaginations take it from there!  Although the plot is a bit unrealistic, the writing keeps you cheering Hannah on!  It is such a great read!

I read this book before listening to it.  The narrator does such a fabulous job reading this book!  Her inflection is perfect.  There were so many scenes that I read and interpreted differently than the narrator, and I loved hearing the book from her view. 

Thank you, NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press, for the digital ARC in exchange for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed above are my own.
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I am officially a Katherine Center Fan. I had only read Things We Save in the Fire and loved it. But, I haven’t had the chance to read any of her other books. Until I was approved for this copy of The Bodyguard. Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for this ALC in exchange for an honest review. 

Publication Date: July 19, 2022

Even though Hannah Brooks looks like a teacher she is really a bodyguard. With years of experience, she is ready for anything. Except when her coworker and boyfriend breaks up with her. Then Hannah is thrown for a loop. Until a new assignment comes in, one that involves heart-throb movie star, Jack Stapleton.  

But as their world’s collide, Hannah must do everything to keep her client safe, secure and happy even if it means fake dating. 

Mixed with family secrets and trauma, The Bodyguard is a rom-com with so much depth. Something that I now expect and love in Katherine Center books. 

4.5 stars rounded to 5 because of the fantastic narration by Patti Murin. I loved loved loved this one!
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This audiobook was so much fun! This romcom had tons of humor in it to go along with the romance. In my opinion, the romance was second to the humor. From the second Hannah meets drop dead gorgeous Jack to be his bodyguard, things are awkward and funny (at least from the outside). I knew I was in for a treat from the second Jack opened his door to her and then made her prove to him that she could actually protect him (hand him an ice pack, please).

Even before things turn the least bit romantic between them, their relationship has a sweetness to it. They are both trying to be professional, but there's a glitch when Jack has to return to his family and doesn't want to let them know that he needs a bodyguard. Hannah pretending to be his girlfriend is priceless. Again...the sweetness between them! Their communication isn't always spot on, but they are so perfect together. Hannah finds herself falling for his whole family. And Jack.

Things get really bumpy and there are some surprises along the way. You really don't want to miss this audiobook narrated wonderfully by Patti Murin! Fantastic!

Thanks to Macmillan Audio and NetGalley Audio for the gifted copy. All thoughts are my own.
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Did you ever listen to a book that is exactly as you predicted, a typical rom/com, beach read that's just fun? This was that story for me. Yes, it was very formulaic, girl breaks up with guy, is broken hearted, vows never to fall for another guy again, but of course, she does but fights it, then stuff happens and they are not together but don't worry, there's that happily ever after ending, the perfect book for summertime, especially if you are reading it with sand between your toes. I just couldn't help liking Hannah, Jack, and his family. I have to say this is my favorite of Katherine Center's books and I've read/listened to them all. The narrator did a great job as well.
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Short synopsis: Hannah is put as the main bodyguard for Jack Stapleton a movie star celebrity when he comes out of hiding to be with his mom during her cancer surgery. 

My thoughts: This one had such great banter that had me giggling out loud. I loved that Hannah was a strong bodyguard, but was terrified of the farm animals. I enjoyed the “celebrities are just like us” with Jack being a regular guy on the farm. The side characters really added to the story, I especially liked Jack’s parents in their honesty and what they brought to the story. His mom especially pulling the “mom guilting you into doing what you don’t want to” card was amazing. 

This one has a bit of everything with the celebrity/forced proximity/fake dating situations. I especially enjoyed the real celebrity name drops, totally made it feel more real. The epilogue is everything in this! 

I listened to the audio for this one and would highly recommend. The author did such a great job with the flow of telling the story, along with differentiating between each of the characters. 

Read is you’re a sucker for: 
* Fake dating/Forced Proximity Troupe
* Strong female bodyguard 
* Celebrity crushes
* Farm life
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This was a super fun book. 

The main character Hannah is a bodyguard for movie star Jack. I enjoy their relationship a lot together and how it forms over the course of the book. Jack is a freaking sweet heart.


Small things did bug me like how Hannah (who is a total badass by the way) is scared of cows and horses. She also put herself in dumb situations that I felt she should have known not to like almost drowning. 

Overall the book was cute and fun. Somewhat Hallmarky but with more intense drama.
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The Bodyguard by Katherine Center 

Hannah is an Executive Protection Agent, though she looks nothing like one. That is what makes her so great at fading into the background. But when she gets hired to protect Jack Stapleton she must step into the spotlight and pretend to be his girlfriend. 

Hannah’s got a lot going on, her mom just died, her ex is a major jerk, and she has some unresolved trauma that keeps popping up. Work has always helped her to run away from it all but now she might be falling for Jack’s act. How is she suppose to protect her heart and continue to do her job? 

My favorite Katherine Center book yet! Think Miss Congeniality, but the romance is wayyy better. I love that murder hornets made it in 🤣

Did I cry happy tears at the epilogue? Yes, yes I did. And I loved listening to the audio. It was very well done. 

Content Warning: explicit language, suicide attempt, childhood trauma, drinking and driving.
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Gah. I just love Katherine Center. I’m not really one to say an author “can do no wrong” because I feel like that is setting myself up for disappointment…but this puts me pretty close to that statement.

I could NOT put it down. I listened to it in a day and a half. Me! If you know me, then you’ll know that is practically impossible with my lifestyle. And it is better than I even expected it to me. So cute. Such a perfect little book. Every character was perfectly portrayed. Every little twist was *insert your favorite synonym for perfect here*. 

I loved that Hannah was the bodyguard. I loved her spunky personality. I LOOOOOOOVED Jack. And I loved that he wasn’t a jerk that changed because of her. That’s been so overdone.  He was cool and smooth and down-to-earth from the beginning. I loved their chemistry. I loved their banter. I loved how realistic her uncertainty of him was (because most of the time I find it completely ridiculous in these kinds of books but Hannah’s made sense). And I L-O-V-E-D Jack’s family and his emotional backstory. Ugh. Rip my heart out, why don’t you. 

And for me that is a very difficult thing to do in audio. Chemistry is often lost in narration for me. But not this time. The narrator did a fabulous job connecting me to Jack. I even teared up when he would touch on his backstory with Drew. And almost never happens for me in audios. Bravo. 

Okay, I won’t risk overusing the word loved or perfect any more. I’ll just say this:
I  don't know if it's my favorite of hers.....but at the moment it is!
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If you are looking for a fun read this summer, I highly recommend The Bodyguard.  The story begins with the main character, Hannah, who has been hired as an Executive Protection Agent for Hollywood A-lister, Jack Stapleton.  The problem is that Jack doesn't think he needs protection: his only stalker knits sweaters with his face on them and raises corgis. 
This fun, fast-paced romance has a heroine who doesn't want to be seen as weak, a charming leading man with a secret, and a creative group of side characters that genuinely made me laugh.  I think this book would be perfect for fans of Stephanie Plum or anyone looking to escape into a novel.
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Welcome back, Katherine Center!

You nailed "The Bodyguard"!

TRUE CONFESSION: After being disappointed with Katherine Center's last two releases, my expectations were "guarded" when I requested this ARC to review.

No need to worry: this rom-com soared, sizzled, and "captured" my heart. 

The characters were multi-dimensional, endearing, and relatable. 

The book was fast-paced with over-the-top witty banter.

What I especially loved about this book, however, was its fresh dialogue. 

Never before had I read a book about a petite "Plain Jane" Executive Protection Agent (bodyguard).

The bodyguard's assignment? To protect a swoon-worthy male client from crazy stalkers and the paparazzi.  And to pretend to be his girlfriend, too.

I listened to the audiobook and narrator Patti Murin did an outstanding job with the narration. 
Special thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

"The Bodyguard" is scheduled to debut in July 2022 and it's the perfect beach read for the summer.

I have always been a Katherine Center fan and I look forward to listening to this talented author's future titles.
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Hannah Brooks is an Executive Protection Agent. What is that? Oh, just a professional bodyguard. When she is given the assignment of protecting movie star Jack Stapleton, it couldn't have come at a worse time. Her mother just died and then the night of her funeral, her boyfriend breaks up with her. Guarding Jack Stapleton should be an easy job, maybe just what she needs. But Jack doesn't want his family to know he needs a bodyguard, so she needs to pretend to be his girlfriend. What could go wrong?

This is a fun, quick, funny book, with plenty of action and "will they won't they" to keep you going. It's pretty clean too, so don't worry if you're listening to it on audio in your car with the windows down (like I did.)  Hannah is bold but still insecure and somehow it worked. Jack is obliviously handsome and loves his family. Swoon. There's of course a secret and a conflict, and it all tied together so well. Don't miss this!

The narrator was really good! Great pacing, and the voices were just different enough without being comical. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for providing me an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Available July 19. 2022.
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Thank you for the publisher for an advanced audio.
It was a cute and fun read.
Alot of sub-plots going on! 
The heroine is a body guard and the hero a famous movie star. 
Cute and fun read.
The narrator: Patti Murin was fantastic! She definitely made the story easy and fun to follow.
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I got this book as an audiobook arc from NetGalley and Macmillan Audio. I loved this story! I think it's brilliant to make the girl the protector and the bodyguard in the story. I'm a sucker for the famous/ordinary person trope and the fake dating trope. I thought this was so cute and well done. The narrator, Patti Murin, is so great. The Bodyguard was a fun listen with great characters and a loveable storyline!
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The newest Katherine Center does NOT disappoint !  I'm always a huge fan of Ms. Center's books and she quickly made her way to the always pre-order list - I don't even need to know what the book is about anymore!  
Hannah is a total baddie and is used to doing things her way, unfortunately - she's in a super vulnerable position - her mom dies, her crappy unworthy boyfriend does crappy unworthy boyfriend things and her bff - isn't so B (as in best, but certaily earns the B in other words...).  Against her will, she's "forced" to take lead on a job for a super hot, super popular (damaged in his own way) Jack.  I loved this laugh out loud book - and appreciated the slow build to a happily ever after ending.  It was narrated by Patti Murin - one of my favorite voice artists!  I was given an audio copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion from Netgally.
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Thank you Netgalley and MacMillan Audio for this advance listener copy in exchange for my honest review.

Possible mild spoilers:

I liked this book way more than I thought I would. I don't normally read rom-coms because they are predictable and often quite cliché. However, I am having some issues in my personal life and wanted to veer from the thriller genre I normally read and read something light hearted. I'm so glad I gave this book a chance. While this book did have the typical rom-com tropes, I found the characters to be loveable (except Robbie) and realistic (including Robbie). I loved Hannah. I loved her non-conventional job as a body guard. I loved the movie star character Jack. I loved that he had normal people struggles like family issues and grief. He wasn't portrayed as the larger than life celebrity, which made him relatable. I loved the deceitful friend and what happens to her. I just loved the story in general. It was predictable, but that goes with the territory. It wasn't, however, too predictable that I lost interest in the story. Rom-coms tend to follow a certain outline and this one did not stray from that, but it had enough of it's own unique energy to hook me. This is the first book by Katherine Center that I've read, but it won't be my last.

As for the audio, it was good. Not fantastic, but not bad either. The narrator sounded like what I pictured Hannah to sound like. But what I really want to know is, how many other people pictured Chris Hemsworth when reading about Jack Stapleton? ;) Four solid stars for this one!
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I got an ARC of the audiobook and just devoured it on my commutes to and from work. Fans of "Miss Congeniality," "The Proposal", and Whitney Houston's "The Bodyguard" will love this. I thought it was a fun concept and loved this fake dating troupe. Hannah and Jack had great banter and chemistry. Patti Murin narrated the audiobook and did a fantastic job. She gave each character a voice and personality. Highly recommend for contemporary romance lovers!
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