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Katherine Center writes very comforting, sweet, squeaky clean romances with a lot of heart. I was thrilled to get this advanced reader copy from St. Martin' Press because she is a wonderful cozy romance writer and that is exactly what I got. Set on an idyllic farm in Texas, a Type-A female body guard and her reclusive ex-actor client enter a fake relationshipto hide the existence of a overzealous fan from his family. Their relationship unfold painfully slowly but it was also very sweet. The perfect summer read for your bookclub
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A feel good Romcom book

code word: ladybug

- swoon worthy romcom
- fake dating
- force proximity
- family matters

hannah is an Executive Protection Agent aka bodyguard, however her life is not going so well, her mom recently passed away & she just got broken up with, along with the fact that her ex is also her co worker so she still has to see his face yikes! she feels like her life is going down the drain, she is not getting the bodyguard jobs she wants that has assignments in different countries that would be people's dream vacations. she is never the type to ever go on a vacation as she is a workaholic & with everything she is going through currently she is ready to finally go on one. That is until her boss tells her that she is going to be the lead bodyguard to a high profile movie star, jack stapleton. Jack's mom is sick so he comes home to Texas to take care of her & texas happens to also be where his current crazy stalker lives. so Hannah is tasked with being his bodyguard but not only his bodyguard but also his fake girlfriend as well. what could possibly go wrong?

hannah is described as looking more like a kindergarten teacher than a bodyguard's so a lot of people underestimate her, which is one of the reason why she was also chosen as the lead bodyguard.

trigger warnings - cheating, death of a love one

hello netflix.. hulu, i need this book made into a Romcom movie. this book is cute, the main female character hannah is not the typical star stuck, ditsy female characters that you may get in some books. she is sarcastic, serious & loyal to her job, a bad ass. there are scenes in the book that people underestimate her because of her looks/size but she shows them how bad ass she is.

i received this arc & this is my voluntary review and i am so happy i was approved as the synopsis caught my attention.

yes the book can be cliché & predictable but this is a feel good Romcom type of book, it has sarcastic funny elements from both Hannah & Jack, along with romance, and also serious heart to heart talks due to a traumatizing event that happened in the past.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for the ARC of The Bodyguard in exchange for my honest review.

A cute, but albeit predictable romcom. I felt that the swapping of gender roles was interesting (having the FMC be the bodyguard) and I liked the pretend romance that turned into more. I like how Hannah and Jack complimented one another while also helping the other to heal from their previous/current issues. 

I will say this is extremely sweet, very sugary. It felt like it was written to be turned into a Netflix movie - which I will say is a common theme for a lot of new release romcoms. I still liked it, even if it felt a bit cliche in places. It took a while to get to the heat of the romance, but it was still a fun read!

3.5 stars
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This is my second Katherine Center book in a week or so and let me just say, she has a fan for life. 

The way that she writes lovable (and hateable) characters, multi-layered plot lines, laugh out loud funny jokes and heartfelt moments that make me tear up is unmatched by any other author of this genre.

What genre would I call this? Comfort reading? A big hug in book form? Romance? Comedy?

Make sure to add this one to your pre-orders! This would be the perfect summer beach read and will be available July 19th.

Thank you so much Macmillan Audii for a chance to listen and review this audiobook prior to release.
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I wish I liked this more then I did. It had potential, but I felt like the pacing was off. Something about the timeline didn't sit right with me.
I also really can't stand the MC's ex, and every time he appeared I wanted to just stop listening.
I did enjoy the conflict at the end, though, and watching the MC access the situation while also trying to not overthink was very interesting.
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Y'all, this book was. so dang fun to listen to. I fell in love with these characters and their relationships. All of the classic romance tropes were given a fun twist. 

The narrator was fantastic and really nailed both characters' voices. Just a pure joy to listen to! 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for letting me read this early!
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