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Thanks to the author,publisher and NetGalley for letting me review this book. I’ve read other Library of Doom books and noticed the artwork was different with this book. I feel like the pictures have a more blurred water color feel, which was an interesting change from the other books. The shopkeeper was definitely creepy looking. This was a quick read and I do wish it’d been a tad longer.
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The Oldest Trick is a short, mysterious middle-grade book that follows Dace as he unfolds the Oldest Trick in the book.

This was a short, but interesting read. I absolutely adored the art style. It's beautifully done and adds a great deal of character to the story. However, it felt like the art style was single-handedly bringing the whole book up. The writing style wasn't very captivating, which is sad because the concept of the story was very interesting. However, it's still enjoyable, and I like that there's a deeper meaning to the whole story. I would recommend it to kids getting started on graphic novels!
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Thank you #NetGalley and #StoneArchBooks for letting me read and review #TheOldestTrick by #SteveBrezenoff and #PatricioClarey

What a neat idea! This book would be perfect to put in an upper grade elementary or middle school library. The art is awesome and premise behind the story is enough to draw in anybody. 

If you know of a younger kid looking to try out some manga, give this one a try. Very quite to read, not a lot of story but it is enough to draw you into giving future editions a go.
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My oldest daughter has been obsessed with this series since we found it on MyOn last year. To be able to ARC read this was like a dream come true for her and she was NOT disappointed.

Unfortunately, she now wants me to get her a specimen jar and redo her diary cover to match the tome in the beginning of this story. I say unfortunately, but I love how much she took to the story. She's been writing and drawing the sigils/symbols from the tome all day. She was a huge fan of the Librarian character and compared him to a "Warehouse 13" meets "Nightwing" guy.

Very good, short read for any age.
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My eleven year old wanted to help review a book. She is a graphic novel fan so we picked out The Oldest Trick. The unique art style and creepy cover drew her to this volume. Unfortunately the story itself was not as creepy as the cover. We think the interest level would be better placed at 3-4 rather than 3-6. The story is very short, great for readers who get overwhelmed, however, a child on the upper elementary end will find it too short and simple. 

We would both like to see this concept be expanded to novel length as the premise is fantastic. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Capstone, Stone Arch Books for providing this ebook for review.
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Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC.

I love graphic novel because it is fun and full of massage that they want to deliver to the readers. The illustration is nice and the monster looks so real. This short story you can finish in one sit. Suitable for key stage 2 and above. However,  I felt that this story is too short. They should add on more chapters.

Don't be fooled by the illusion and always trust your heart.
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I received an advance copy from the publisher. #TheOldestTrick #NetGalley

While I enjoyed the art and the premise, the book feels like you've started reading a story in the middle. There is virtually no setup for the Librarian or the Library of Doom except for a little blurb at the beginning of the book, yet they both seem to play important roles in the story, especially the Librarian. I think it would be far better if the book were a little longer and spent a few pages establishing what and who the Library and Librarian are and their importance in this world. 

The story implies that there is something intriguing and interesting about the shop and shopkeeper, but then we learning nothing about them beyond providing a place that the mysterious book is found. 

I don't know what the constraints were for the book, but the story feels like it should be 20+ pages longer and it was cut down to make it shorter.  If that's the case, I think it really hurt the story. I love the concept and I could see an interesting series about the Librarian, but more needs to be done to establish his character to make anyone care.
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A very promising story that is filled with adventure and discoveries, however way too short it felt like the story was not developed well enough.
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The book is too short for my own liking, i knew it was short but it was too short for any development to happen. I cant even tell if i like the characters🫠😂..
The only good things is the artwork.
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The Oldest Trick is part of Brezenoff’s Library of Doom graphic novel series. Each installment can be read as a standalone. In this installment, illustrated by Patricio Clarey, Dace and his family enter an antique shop looking for a dresser.

Each installment has one line–life lesson, if you will–that sticks with the reader long after they close the book. In The Oldest Trick, this line is “You control the power [something] holds over you.” In Dace’s case, it was a book, the Oldest Trick. But, this advice can be applied to anything, which is pretty powerful in a book written for third graders.

The only complaint I have about this series is that each installment isn’t long enough to satisfy my curiosity, but it is just the right length for a young, possibly reluctant, reader. I cannot wait for the librarian’s next book to collect.
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Beautiful . I expected it to be bigger… But the story is cool and the art too. It would be interesting to have more volumes!
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The Oldest Trick is an interesting graphic novel about a very dangerous book that somehow finds its way outside of the Library of Doom. I was definitely interested in learning more about this dangerous book but found that the books tale was wrapped up rather quickly. While I know that this is volume 1 - I couldn't help but feel that it ended a little too soon. That said - I would love to read vol 2. The graphics were bold, crisp and really drew me in. I loved the use of colour and contrast and the search-and-find clues at the end of the book that has readers go back to take a closer look at the book. 

Thank you to the publisher, author and illustrators, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read a digital ARC.
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This graphic novel follows a young boy who finds a mysterious book in a dresser his family buys. The plot is short and sweet. I didn't think it moved too fast or too slow. 
The art style is easily to follow and the color palette makes sense for the theme of the book. I thought this book was an enjoyable short read.
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Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC. 

The concepts around the dangerous library and the librarian were really cool but felt totally under developed. Even for a children’s graphic novel this felt like 1 chapter rather than a completed story. 

Additionally, I think in its length is why it’s slotted for kids, and the fact that the protagonist is a kid but it doesn’t seem like a great fit. The hero is an adult and let’s be honest, is the coolest thing about this book. More importantly the illustration style is scary. It lacks the colorful rounded quality usually associated with kid’s comics and graphic novels so much so that at first I thought it was an adult graphic novel and that I’d read the categories incorrectly. 

I wish there had been time to have character development or real storytelling for the Librarian and background as to how he got his job/title and why he chooses to keep it. It would be interesting to see this rebranded as an adult graphic novel with multiple chapters like this each covering a different book or disaster along the way. 

Overall it was underwhelming because it doesn’t feel finished. But I’d like to see more. It has a lot of potential.
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Oh my goodness! I loved the art in this book. The setting was very interesting. The play on words was cute. The plot was a bit nonexistent, but that's because this was too short! I have a feeling that there is more to the story, in future installments.
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What a great short little comic that bares a nice little “moral of the story” at the end. This did not pull any punches in getting to the punchline at all.
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This is a short story, aimed at young audiences looking to start the path to horror literature.

Visually it is beautiful, even impressive. Both the illustration and the ink and choice of colors are great successes that add a lot to the final result.

Where I feel it could improve, however, is in the pacing of the narrative. Perhaps it is because of its short duration, or perhaps because of the age of its target audience, but it is impossible to avoid feeling it is more superficial than its visual proposal might indicate. If this title became part of a much larger story, maintaining fidelity to the wonderful graphic section, it would be a benchmark in this reading niche, I'm sure.

But the above is not a bad thing. It caters to a specific sector of readers, who I am sure will enjoy it and will be eager to explore the horror genre.
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The adventurous illustrations make this comic jump off the page. Thank you Stone Arch Books and NetGalley for the advanced digital review copy.
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2/5 stars.
This book had a lot of potential. I loved the idea that the librarian was the hero and protector of the books. The whole concept of ancient, evil books was extremely intriguing to me.  
However, this book did not live up to the synopsis. There was absolutely no character development, and the reader was not even given the opportunity to digest what was happening or understand the severity of the adventure, before something else happens and the whole thing is over. I understand that the book wasn't supposed to be this deep, complicated and thought provoking read, yet this book was way too short to be able to properly deliver an adventurous, exciting story for middle grade readers. The 33 pages, although entertaining, were not enough to make me attach to the plot and characters. I think the author, with the opportunity to create a longer comic, would be able to create a gripping story with memorable characters and an engaging plot, however, unfortunately, this was not that. 
Ona different note, I liked the art, especially with the "alternate universe" created through the curse, I thought that was delivered beautifully. The art style is fitting for the story, and was enjoyable to look through as the story unfolded.
Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a digital arc.
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I really enjoyed this story. It's very short only like 33 pages. The illustration was very good. It's in color and the story was quick and cute. I would recommend for a fast read or for children wanting a graphic novel.
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