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"When in Rome" by Sarah Adams is a captivating romantic comedy that whisks readers away to the enchanting streets of Italy's capital. Adams crafts a story brimming with humor, heart, and a dash of adventure. The chemistry between the protagonists sizzles from the start, as they navigate the complexities of love amidst the backdrop of ancient ruins and bustling piazzas. With witty banter and vivid descriptions, Adams creates a vibrant world where romance blooms in unexpected ways. "When in Rome" is a delightful escape that will leave readers longing for their own Roman holiday, filled with laughter, love, and gelato.

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DNF @ 16%

While the concept of this is cute, I quickly realized this one isn't going to be for me and decided to cut my losses. There's an overemphasis on attraction and bodily descriptors on from both the male/female narrators that feels unwarranted and verging on insta-love, which is a trope that is just not for me, and after reading more about it, I saw this is slow burn, which is also not my favorite. Combined with the fact that I did this on audio and found the male narrator's accent grating, I am going to move on. I know that this is a fan favorite. If you like Hallmark-esque reads, I think you might like this!

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“ I agree that sometimes opposites are terrible together - like pickles on brownies. But I think sometimes… I think they can make each other better, like maple syrup and bacon.”🥧

This was hilarious, and it feels like I’m part of the community book with a grumpy, mysterious, but kind-hearted MMC, Noah. The FMC Rae, although lost, was simple, down to earth, and a ray of sunshine in her own way despite being a superstar on the brink of burnout. Noah’s community was just hilarious. They are a little gossipy but look out for each other. They were more than a community. They were a family, especially Noah’s sisters. The romance was predictable, but I love how the author had the right recipe with hesitancy and tension. The conflict was not overly dramatic. I suggest having your favorite snack or baked goods close by because reading about pies and pancakes made me hungry. This is my first book by the author and will not be my last, especially now that Amelia (my favorite sister) has her own book and love story.

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Consider me a @authorsarahadams fan!! I was so OBSESSED with this book! Imagine the vibes of someone like Taylor Swift hiding away in a small town (giving Stars Hollow vibes) with a grumpy but lovable baker!

I want to live in the little world of Rome forever and ever!

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This was such a funny book up until the near the ending because I wanted to SOB because I love them so much.

Amelia and Noah’s dynamic was so fun and interesting. He would roll his eyes with affection at her antics and in return she would annoy him even more.

Noah is just sooo HOT. Like literally died dead. It’s always the quiet, introverted, nerdy, grumpy men with a secret flower obsession that just does it for me. He was so awkward and the way he’d get embarrassed sometimes was literally ADORABLE. I love him.

Amelia became a character I relate to so much. She didn’t really have any friends and she felt lonely most of the time but then she came to Rome, Kentucky and the way the people there welcomed here with open arms and friendship was so heartwarming.

Noah and Amelia are my awkward babies. This was a slow burn with lotsss of mutual pining and the way this story played out was just perfect. I’ll admit I was a little bored at times but I still love this book s much and would absolutely recommend it!

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There’s a lot to love about this grumpy/sunshine, small town romance!

I loved the Audrey Hepburn inspo and of course all the funny and intrusive townsfolk.

I struggled with the pace - it dragged in some parts, then super sped up in others.

A solid closed door romance with lots of personality.

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I'm absolutely loving the books by Sarah Adams and I'm beating myself up for not reading them sooner. I'm pretty sure she's been at some of the book signings i've been at before as well. I can't wait to read more of her books. I'm a sucker for a cheesy romance with lots of banter.

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this cute was ABSOLUTELY sweet as pie!!!!

Sarah Adams has such a way of writing super relatable characters with the BEST inner dialogue!

i was SO damn giddy throughout this entire masterpiece!

The banter and chemistry was through the roof!!!!

Noah is beyond SWOONY! gimme a grumpy baker anyway, please&thankyou!! Those biceps…I DIEEEE

I loveeeee that he has a home library and loves flowers…MY KIND OF MAN!!!

Amelia was so down to earth! I love how much she loves Audrey Hepburn and all the little references to Roman Holiday!

While Practice Makes Perfect remains my fave - I absolutely adored this cutie book!

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forced proximity
dual pov
opposites attract
small town

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This was a super quick romantic read! I liked Rae Rose as a character but wished she had more substance. This book gave off Nashville tv show vibes and I was sat for it! Noah was wickedly sweet and funny and kind. I wish this would have had a little more spice but it was a somewhat clean read from what I remember. I’d read more of Adams work! Definitely a good one if you want to read in one sitting!

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Sarah Adams never disappoints. The the banter, small town vibes, the supporting cast of friends and townspeople, I loved it all.

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This was my first read by Sarah Adams and I LOVED everything about it! The characters, the small town setting, the romance ❤️❤️❤️ This was one of my favorite books of the year and I can't wait to read more by this author!

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Suuch a cute novel of boy meets presumed snobby actor, actor meets cute small-town boy and watch the magic unfold. This book really surprised me in the end & I really enjoyed it.
It brings me much joy to see this book on romance shelves all around my favorite bookstores -- pick yourself up a copy!

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Sarah Adams is an automatic buy for me. I love her books and they seem to get better and better. Her talents as an author have grown and I love her stories because they're not so bogged down with miscommunication or completely toxic relationships. I am from Kentucky and appreciated the quaint, lovely, but realistic small-town representation in fictional Rome.

The love story was precious and romantic and Sarah does swoon and tension SO WELL. I can't wait to read what she comes out with next.

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Sarah Adams never disappoints. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and although it reminded me of many Hallmark movies out there, I couldn't help but fall in love with this sweet story.

Thank you NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

Cheers 🥂

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I wanted to like this book but unfortunately I didn't. I found the characters to be flat and not interesting. Not much happens in the story.

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I absolutely loved this book! Popstar Amelia Rose is on a break, hiding from the spotlight, when her car breaks down...right in front of Noah's house. While she waits for her car to be repaired in this small town, she gets to know the man who allows her to stay in his home (with some help from the other towns people). This was a quick read, absolutely delightful!

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Luke and Lorelai, stars hollow vibes - need I say more??! Sarah Freaking Adams you are always 5 ⭐️ for me! Please tell me what you put in your books because a girl needs sleep 😭 I’m so obsessed with the banter, small town vibes, the relationship with the sisters, and Audrey Hepburn love 💗 I know that if I’m reading one of your books, I’m in for a winner - you never fail me!

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5/5 stars
Think Hallmark movie but better.
This was such a cute read. I had so much reading this.
It has a lot of re-readability.

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I loved every second of this book! It had me laughing out loud at a i loved the love story and cant wait for the second one

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I love that Ms. Adams didn't rely on any of the usual miscommunication / unhad conversations tropes and showed two characters building a true relationship. This book was really enjoyable!

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