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I requested this one because it might be an upcoming title I would like to review on my Youtube Channel. However, after reading the first several chapters I have determined that this book does not suit my tastes. So I decided to DNF this one.

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Make Me Disappear is the debut novel by Jessica Payne.

In this book, we follow Noelle, a nurse who seems to have struck gold when she starts dating Daniel, an anesthesiologist at the hospital that she works at. But over the next year, she discovers that Daniel isn’t exactly who she thought he was and instead of being her perfect match, he is her jailer. He has hidden cameras in her home, a tracker on her phone, and expects Noelle to drop everything, including her shifts at work, if he needs her. And those are just the things that Noelle can prove. After her aunt dies under strange circumstances and Noelle learns that Daniel’s previous girlfriends have seemingly vanished into thin air, Noelle knows she needs to escape. She needs a way to disappear without it looking like she ran away. Noelle learns about a paid kidnapping service that allows people to have their friends kidnapped as a joke. But to Noelle, it seems like the perfect opportunity to escape. Maybe the only way to escape her prison is to have herself kidnapped.

This is a book that you cannot go into if you are someone who over analyzes books. There were a lot of over the top, unbelievable aspects of this book. You have to pick this up to just enjoy the ride. This book is a super fast read, with short chapters and a writing style that is very easily accessible. The chapters from Daniel’s point of view were the highlight of the book. He gives of Joe Goldberg from you, but make him more pretentious. I also really loved the Seattle setting.

As far as cons go, I thought the big twist at the end was pretty predictable. There were also just a lot of things that didn’t really make sense. It was almost like there were too many moving pieces to give each one the attention it deserved.

I do think this was a solid debut, if a little over the top. I look forward to reading whatever this author puts out next.

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Rating: 3/5 stars

Make Me Disappear is the story of a cat-and-mouse game where a woman is trying to escape her extremely controlling and abusive boyfriend by arranging her own kidnapping and disappearance.

My thoughts on the book:

This book was not bad, but not the best. It was just… okay.

I listened to the audio version of it, and it was narrated by different narrators for the different parts which made it easier to follow the story as it shifted between the two point of views.

The pacing of the story was done well, and the narrative was quite easy to follow. Going through the story was quick and it took me just two days to finish the book.

However, there were a few things that didn’t let me enjoy this book as much as I hoped to:

1- The characters were alright, I guess.

Daniel, the controlling boyfriend, was kind of a less intelligent version of Joe Goldberg from “You” by Caroline Kepnes. He was too full of himself for being smart, rich and handsome, but he kept making dumb decision after another and it was very laughable. There were also instances where Daniel had some werewolfy moments and he was “growling” and “howling” when he was angry and it was just so ???

And Noelle, the girlfriend who was trying to escape him, was so stupid and it made me go crazy. Like I admire her determination to get back at her boyfriend, but why on earth would someone who was faking their kidnapping go back to open their social media accounts or check their freaking emails like??!!!

2- I was able to predict the events as well as the ending. I could tell right from the start who was the mastermind behind the fucked-up shit that was happening. There were also some very over-the-top actions that were committed by a specific character and it was somewhat unrealistic to me. That eventually made the ending, although quite shocking, very unbelievable.

Overall, this book was an easy quick read with a lot of twists and turns to keep the reader interested. But to me, the characters were quite frustrating, and since I’ve read similar books, I was also able to predict where the story was going and that lessened my enjoyment of it a lot; hence the three stars rating.

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I really liked the back and forth of this book between the two main characters. I do wish there had been more flashbacks of a few months ago to really get the feel for the interaction between the characters. There was a nice plot twist at the end, and overall this was a fun, twisty read! I received a free copy of this book from netgalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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This was a very enjoyable debut thriller. So many twists and turns that kept my attention. Look forward to reading more by this author

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I really enjoyed listening to this book. There were two different narrators taking the male and female parts which I liked because it helped keep track of whose version of the story was being told. There was good pace and I was easily able to follow the story. The only time I had to be really attentive was when Noelle was moving between two timelines so that I understood when the action took place, but this was significantly lessened as the book progressed.

The story is about about a female called Noelle who has, what appears to be the perfect boyfriend, Daniel, until she realises just how controlling he becomes. It is very evident to the reader just how despicable Daniel really is from his version of events and it is of no surprise that Noelle decides to fake her own disappearance to escape from him. But, nothing is quite as it seems and this book is cleverly plotted to keep you guessing.

Daniel has the stereotypical creepy relationship with his mother and at times I did feel sorry for him. However, some of Noelle's early relationships (prior to Daniel) were also abusive and controlling and I did feel that there were a few improbable ingredients to this novel. By the time Jack was introduced, I really found it hard to be convinced that one female would have such bad luck with men!

The relationship between Noelle and Carrie (her cousin) was another which intrigued me and I thought Noelle was incredibly forgiving and understanding for some of Carrie's actions and decisions.

All in all, it was a fun read which really kept me on my toes. Intricate plotting but with a few stereotyped characters - none of whom can be entirely trusted!

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Noelle’s boyfriend, Daniel, is perfect on paper but what nobody sees is his controlling demeanor. Daniel would never accept being broken up with so Noelle decides to fake her own kidnapping to get away from him for good.

This was the wrong book at the wrong time for me.

Apparently I am comfortable reading about murder and dismemberment but I draw the line at jealousy and control. I want to barf when women are treated as possessions and this was the third book in the too-recent past with a suffocating and controlling character.

Noelle drove me bonkers. If she wanted to disappear, she should have done just that and disappeared without a trace. I am not an expert at faking my own disappearance however I would think that logging on to your social media, answering your phone and waiting outside your family's workplace would be a big fat no-no.

Sadly, I saw right through this story and I wasn't surprised by the ending. While the ending provided a sufficient explanation, it didn't justify The end didn't justify what transpired throughout the story

I may have taken this story more seriously had I read a physical copy and not listened to the audio version. The voice of Daniel was narrated in an over-the-top bad guy voice and it was just so cheesy.

While this book was just ok for me personally, I know that this psychological thriller will appeal to many!

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Both narrators were articulate and expressive and did a great job voicing characters of all ages and genders. The pacing was right on point - not too fast or slow, so I didn’t need to change the speed of the narrative.

As for the novel itself, I think newcomers to the thriller genre will enjoy it better than seasoned vets. It was a bit tame for my taste and personally I’m over the “rich, handsome, controlling, yet untouchable doctor” trope. I also didn’t feel a real connection in any of the characters’ relationships, something I need to feel to truly care about the characters’ well being. Noelle particularly left me feeling detached and I just didn’t buy in to her journey.

Overall, I think this is a better read for thriller newbies who don’t want anything too sinister but enjoy a little tension and twist. The narrators are quite talented so this is a great one to listen to!

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture Audio for the advance audiobook in exchange for an honest review.

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This story was too far fetched for me to believe it, and in turn I was not as invested in the story like I normally would be. You could feel something wasn't right halfway through the story, and I think it was to make the ending fit. That whole ending was over the top! And the last chapter just didn't do it for me. I am giving this two stars.

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Oh. My. God. I loved this book. I loved every single thing about it. It gave me creepy Norman Bates set in Seattle vibes. Look, I wish I could say more, but I can’t without giving it away. Just get your hands on this, to quote Michael Scott, asap as possible.

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🎧📖: Make Me Disappear
✍🏼: Jennifer Payne
💁🏻‍♀️: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️// 5
🗓: May 16, 2022

🤔💭: First off, thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture Audio for providing this audiobook and I am voluntarily leaving my review! This one definitely kept me intrigued and I really enjoyed the narration of these two characters in the book. For those who have watched You, the male narration and premise of his parts definitely reminded me of that. Noelle is dating Dr. Daniel Ashcroft, who from the outside seems like perfect boyfriend material—handsome, charming, protective, great career—but not everything is perfect as it seems. Noelle heard rumors about his prior relationship and how his girlfriend pretty much vanished without a trace. Once Noelle found the cameras in her apartment and other events started to unfold, she knew she was trapped and that Daniel was not going to allow her to leave him. She needed to disappear and she arranged for her own kidnapping, but Daniel couldn’t let her get away that easily could he?! I really enjoyed the dual POVs in this book which really made for a very suspenseful game of cat and mouse.

✅: Definitely would recommend checking this out 👌🏼

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What an amazing debut novel!
This story is told from two perspectives, Noelle a nurse and her boyfriend, Dr. Daniel Ashcroft. After realizing that Daniel's previous fiancé disappeared under suspicious circumstances, and that he is now tracking and controlling her every move, Noelle decides to disappear. Learning about a service that "kidnaps" people as a prank she thinks she found the perfect way to disappear. But not all is at it appears and the layers of this story continue to unravel.

I listened to this book in one day, I just had to know what was happening. The best stories are the ones where you didn't see the twists coming - but once revealed realize that the clues were there the whole time. Well done, highly recommend this book.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture Audio for this audiobook.
Release Date scheduled for May 16, 2022.

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I listened to this book as an audio book and found myself instantly transported to Seattle, where fictional character Noelle works as a nurse at a busy hospital. She is delighted to meet a successful, interesting man at her place of work in the shape of anaesthetist Dr Daniel Ashcroft and appreciates his many caring gestures. But at what point do charm and charisma cross over into coercive control? And what is Noelle to make of the news, gradually emerging, that Ashcroft’s previous girlfriend is missing without trace?
This story is unique because it is narrated both from Noelle’s and from Daniel’s point of views – with the reader (or in my case listener) increasingly unsure of who, or what they can actually believe. This is one of those works that will no doubt be described as ‘fast-paced and twisty’ and is highly recommended for fans of contemporary thrillers. Thank you to NetGalley and to the publishers for the free audiobook I received that allowed me to produce this honest review.

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So good! Really enjoyed the plot and characters and kept me guessing throughout the story. Definitely recommend to any thriller lover! Thank you NetGalley for this ARC

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A gripping cat and mouse chase book!

I loved this, the narrators were amazing, I loved that Noelle’s narrator sounded just like Sarah Paulson - had me hooked from page 1.

Noelle is a nurse who meets her current partner, Dr Ashcroft, at work. At first instance, everything seems to good to be true, he is the perfect gentleman, everything she could ever wish for…

Until she starts to notice the cracks in their relationship and finds cameras he has set up in her apartment. He won’t let her get away that easy though …

A plan to escape Daniel, goes wrong is so many ways and when she finds herself in danger, who will she turn to?

A fabulous book! I did guess the twist at the end which is why this is a 3.5 star read for me but I genuinely did enjoy this! Couldn’t stop listening.

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IT ENDS WITH US but with kidnapping

I really enjoyed this psychological thriller. It reminded me of IT ENDS WITH US, but I knew murder or kidnapping or something awful was impending. There are secrets and misdirection and are-they-a-good-guy-or-perhaps-an-assassin vibes. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys thriller, romance, and books that showcase mental health.

I listened on audiobook, and it was fabulous. All the stars.

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📚Publication date: 05/16/22📚
“But I was there. Saved you. Now nothing will tear us apart.” Noelle thought she had the perfect relationship. Daniel wanted them to get married. Then she realized things aren’t always as they seem and she had to get out. She devised a plan to escape once and for all. How it played out, was a different story. One even she never anticipated.
Thank you Netgalley, Jessica Payne and Bookouture Audio for the opportunity to read and review this book. I received the audiobook version for this arc. There were two narrators for this book and I think they did an amazing job. From the second I started listening to this book, I was completely hooked! This book had so many twists in it, none of which I saw coming, right up to the very end! I loved how well this book flowed and held my attention. This is a debut novel and I think she definitely made her mark with this one! I will definitely be looking for more work by her in the future. Definitely a must read for those thriller lovers out there! I highly recommend this one! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

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Noelle makes a perfect plan to get away from a controlling boyfriend.... but her plan is thwarted when someone intervenes. This fast-paced thriller will hook you from the start and hold your attention to the very end

I really enjoyed listening to this book. I loved the writing, the narrator was awesome, the main female character was easy to sympathize with, and the twist at the end was surprising! The only criticism I have at all is that the main character seems to be a smart, well-educated, adult woman..... and yet she does things like essentially taunt someone via e-mail and phone and be naive enough to think no one can trace that.

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Make Me Disappear was a twisty, fun thriller that had me captivated from the beginning. The story unfolded very quickly, and while the plot had some over the top elements I thought that it was a great, quick read. I loved the two narrators in the audiobook representing both Noelle and Daniel, and thought it added a lot to the story to get to hear Daniel's perspective in his own voice.

You will enjoy this book if you like thrillers with unreliable narrators, have enjoyed books by Greer Hendricks/Sarah Pekkanen or Paula Hawkins, or are looking for a new author to check out! Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture audio for the audio ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Noelle, a nurse is dating Dr Daniel Ashcroft, an anaesthetist at the same hospital. He was the perfect boyfriend after a violent previous relationship. However, the true Daniel starts to reveal himself, he is controlling and Noelle discovered cameras in her apartment and doesn’t want her seeing friends or family. Noelle fears her only escape if to fake her own kidnapping. She should have known Daniel wouldn’t let her go so easily as she is kidnapped for real.. Noelle will do anything to escape from Daniel forever.
A fast paced psychological thriller with a great twist. An enjoyable debut from Jessica Payne.

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