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Fairly fast paced. I listened to it at 1.5 speed. Nice twist toward the end. All about an overprotective mother. What will she do to get what she wants.

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Book review: Make me disappear by Jessica Payne


I listened to this as an audiobook. I’m impressed that this is the authors first novel, it isn’t perfect but it was good.

The story is told from the perspective of Noelle and her narcissistic boyfriend Daniel. It’s narrated by two people and they both do a really good job. There are a few twists, I did guess the “big” twist but it was still well written. I felt it was a bit longer than necessary as the story did seem to get a bit lost in the middle before it picked up again towards the end of the book. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.

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I loved this twisted psychological thriller! While I was able to guess the culprit fairly early on, the reason behind it was definitely a surprise. There were plenty of twists and turns through the whole story, and that definitely made up for being able to predict the person responsible. This was very well written and kept me engaged until the very last page. A solid 4.5 stars rounding up to 5! I listened to this as an audiobook and was pleased with the narrators. Josh Wichard was excellent and while I thought that Amelia Sciandra was a little monotonous at times in the beginning, she greatly improved as the story went on.

A great big thank you to NetGalley, Bookouture, and Jessica Payne for providing me with this gifted copy in exchange for my honest review.

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This mystery crime thriller is a good page turner. It had twists and turns everywhere! I loved the main character and just how amazing she was. I could not put this book down. Noelle is in a relationship with a man, Dr Daniel Ashcroft, that firstly appears to be perfect and she cannot believe her luck. But as time goes on, she realises he is more than just protective and she feels trapped. She knows she needs to escape her sociopathic, narcissistic boyfriend, so she arranges her own kidnapping. And the fun begins. The story line seemed unique and what really drew my interest into picking this book up. Will definitely pick up more from this author

Thank you Net Galley, the author and bookouture.

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Thank you Net Galley for an audio ARC of Make Me Disappear by Jessica Payne. Wow! I loved this audiobook so much. Once I started this Thriller I could not stop. Pick this one up when it comes out, you won't regret it!

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This audiobook was sent to me for review from Netgalley. Intrigue…mystery…the story goes slowly and the characters are not really likable. The author is talented in weaving a story of mystery though. Enjoy

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From my blog: Always With a Book

Psychological thrillers are my favorite types of reads – there is just something so fun, if you will, about spending time with some sociopaths for a few hours and that was totally the case here. This book was totally a binge-worthy type of read and the fact that I had the audio version made it even better – I was able to put my headphones on and get all my chores done for the day and not even mind!

This book was quite the wild ride…I literally had no idea where it was heading and every time I thought I did, some new twist would pop up to shake everything up. The characters here are not very likeable and yet I could not put the book down. I was rooting for Noelle the entire time, though I will say I did not always agree with her decisions.

This is the type of book where you will probably have to suspend belief a few times, but just go with it. The characters more than make up for it. They are the epitome of diabolical craziness and I love those kinds. Mind games, gaslighting and kidnapping – both planned and unplanned – this book has it all and the twists and turns it takes will make your head spin. This really becomes a game of cat and mouse unlike any other with players you didn’t even know were involved.

For a debut novel, Jessica Payne hit it out of the park with this one and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for whatever comes next from her. If you enjoy twisty, fast-paced, addicting reads, definitely don’t miss this one when it comes out May 16th!

This one was so fun to listen to, partly because of the story and partly because it is narrated by two really good narrators – Josh Wichard and Amelia Sciandra. I loved that there were two narrators for this book, a male narrator and a female narrator as I think this just enhanced the story. And his narration totally gave off some really strong Joe Goldberg from You vibes, which just added to the overall feel of the book.

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This is a GREAT fast paced thriller with lots of twists to keep you on the edge of your seat - I pretty much finished it in one sitting needing to know what would happen next - I was completely invested in Noelle, who is a strong feisty character and there is a great revenge thread which had me hooked - I'm not sure the story is completely plausible, but nonetheless, it is wholly entertaining. I loved the dual PoV and dual Narrators (told in the first person) of the deluded Daniel and the determined Noelle; the Narrators really bringing the story to life - a story which has you spending most of the book hating Daniel and in the end feeling desperately sorry for him!

As soon as I finished this book, I looked what else this Author had written and am amazed to see it's a debut novel - I'll most certainly be getting anything further she writes. Many thanks to NetGallery and Bookouture Audio for allowing me to get a copy of this exceptional book - I really hope it does well when it is out on May 16th 2022.

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for the opportunity to listen to this audio book in return for an honest review.
By the time I realized the truth about Daniel it was too late. But the truth about me? He never saw that coming…

Dr Daniel Ashcroft was perfect: handsome, romantic, protective. I thought I was so lucky.

But then I heard the rumors about his previous girlfriend, that she had vanished without a trace. That’s when I found the cameras in my apartment.

I was trapped. Daniel made it clear I couldn’t leave him, not without risking everyone I loved. I had to disappear, so I arranged my own kidnapping.

I should have known Daniel would never let me get away that easily. But he could never have predicted what I’d do next…

It came as a surprise to realise that this was a debut, which honestly is the reason I bumped it up to 3 stars. As a huge fan of a psychological thriller I was really looking forward to something a bit different, it was certainly that. A bit off the wall, not hugely plausible but I don’t necessarily think it always needs to be, it is fiction after all. Overall an enjoyable read/listen well narrated from both perspective’s.

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So dang creepy!! I loved it!! The creep factor reminded me of the tv show “You,” which is a huge compliment. It captured my interest from the very beginning and I couldn’t wait to see what happened. Highly recommend!

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I really enjoyed this book! It was crazy in a good way, and had me glued to my seat the entire time.

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3.5 ⭐

A hard to put down debut!

Nurse Noelle is dating dreamy Dr. Daniel Ashcroft, a brilliant, rich, and handsome anesthetist. Everything seems to be perfect but is he too much of a control freak? When Noelle has to stage her own kidnapping to get away, I'd say yes!

I like that "Make Me Disappear" is told in the first person from two POVs between Noelle and Daniel. It makes for a very exciting and suspenseful cat and mouse.

I do have one question why Noelle? The "perfect" doctor most likely can date any girl he wants. I may have missed that part. The plot is a little too far-fetched and has a predictable ending, but I was entertained and enjoyed this crazy ride. This is the book I keep picking back up while reading multiple books at once. Both Josh Wichard and Amelia Sciandra did a great job narrating each character.

Thank you Bookouture Audio and Netgalley for this DRC.

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Noelle's relationship with Daniel is a complicated one. He see's hearts and stars and Noelle is looking for a way out. Daniel is quiet the control freak and a bit too obsessive over his girlfriend, with a fixation on pleasing his mother.

A really fast paced debut novel with a few twists along the way. The character building was really well developed and the storyline kept you invested. The ending was great, although not shocking enough to my liking.

Still a great listen and worth it to keep an eye on any upcoming books from this Author!

Thank you Netgalley and Bookouture Audio for this audiobook ARC.

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Noelle Thomas is a nurse and her boyfriend Dr Daniel Ashcroft is an anaesthetist and they both work in the same hospital in Seattle
Daniel is handsome wealthy and romantic and protective and Noelle hears rumours about his ex girlfriend that she vanished without a trace and Noelle finds cameras in her apartment and her dream boyfriend turns into a controlling narcissist and she plans her escape because she has to be careful as there is a chance he played a part in her aunt’s death and she worried about her pregnant cousin kari
Noelle heard about kidnap for hire which will free her of Daniel once and for all but she can’t help but feel bad about leaving kari definitely as she’s about to give birth and will Daniel find her
I read this in one sitting it was really good and I loved the characters and all the twists I totally recommend
Thank You NetGalley and Bookouture Audio
I just reviewed Make Me Disappear by Jessica Payne. #MakeMeDisappear #NetGalley

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This was a solid debut thriller from Jessica Payne. It definitely reminded me of "Gone Girl" and the TV show/book series "You." The audiobook waas well done, with narrators for both Noelle and Daniel's perspectives. It turns out my suspicions as to where the story was going were true; however, there were other twists that I hadn't really figure out. I did find that there was a bit of a lull in the middle, where I felt like the plot was caught in a bit of a loop, but overall I really enjoyed this one!

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This was the best book that I have read in a long time! I only had two (major) issues with it though… The fact that the two faced cousin was given a “pass“ at the end of the book for all of her backstabbing behavior. Drunk or not, I wouldn’t have forgiven that easily. The other one is that the other guy got away without punishment. Other than that this book was phenomenal, although I would not recommend the audio version, mostly for the female narration.

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**Listened via audio book**

I just couldn't get on with this book. I found the narrator very annoying and mono-tone - something that didn't help to get me into the story.
I just found the overall plot to be very slow, and at times incredibly over the top.
I just couldn't get on with this.
Found it very disappointing and dull.

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This was one of the most engaging (and interesting plots) I've read in this genre... until the end. Easily could been 4-stars, but the ending/reveal really brought the entire book down. Pity.

For me, the plot starts to stretch a wee too bit much when one of the kidnappers turns out to be the brother of Daniel's previous girlfriend (Sarah). I also found the entire business with the mother eye rolling. As a woman who struggled with infertility, I find it fairly offensive (and gross) how often infertility is used as the driving force or justification/explanation of horrendous behavior.

Initially I didn't like the Daniel chapters--he is so unlikeable! However, later I found it deeply satisfying to watch him unravel and break when Noelle gets her "revenge."

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Noel is planning her escape. She has been in a controlling relationship for far too long. She is ready to leave her life behind, including her sister who is about to have a baby. She must leave to save her sanity and start anew.
Daniel is controlling in all areas of his life. He is a doctor and everyone loves Noel, including his mother who is ready for them to marry and have children. He tracks her every move and questions her about everything. He claims to love her and he wants her to realize he can provide a wonderful life.
Noel realizes a girlfriend in his past has come up missing. Next she discovers hidden cameras, and knows things are not as they appear. This is when she plans her escape. Noel has tried to leave in the past, but Daniel made it impossible.
What she plans, shocked me, but I thought it was ingenious. As much as he tracks her, can he find her?
I enjoy how this novel went back and forth with Noel’s POV and Daniel’s. Daniel is very delusional, and feels entitled and is the character you despise. This is an amazing debut! This novel is due out May 16, 2022.

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Make Me Disappear is a strong debut novel by Jessica Payne. The book tells the story of Noelle, a nurse, who is looking to escape the clutches of her narcissistic, anaesthetist boyfriend, Daniel. Noelle is so desperate to get away from Daniel, that she plans and books her own kidnapping. However, something goes wrong and Noelle finds herself kidnapped for real.

I know that fiction books are often pretty unrealistic, but this one seems to take it to another level. That said, I still very much enjoyed reading it! The narration switches between Noelle and Daniel and I found it fascinating to have an insight into both of their thoughts.

Overall, this was a well written debut and I look forward to reading more by this author.

My thanks to NetGalley and the Publishers for sending me an ARC in return for an honest review.

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