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The Symmetry of Fish

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This debut collection is poignant, timely, and thoughtful. In my Poetry Month column for Ms. Magazine, I used three words to describe it: speaking, meaning, understanding.

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I had not read Cho's poetry before and thsi was good and challenging collection read. I look forward to other work

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A beautiful exploration of language, family, and storytelling, this collection of poems feels familiar the way the local diner in your hometown feels familiar, even when you haven't been home in years. Su Cho has a wonderful grasp on emotive language, it's true, but also an innate sense for when to break a line, how to space stanzas, all to make a maximum emotional impact on the reader, and without every feeling calculated. The poems flow and take you with them into the small world each one creates. It's hard to stop reading once you start.

If you're a fan of poetry, get this book. If you're new to poetry, get this book. Not one reader will walk away disappointed.

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Thank you to NetGalley and PENGUIN GROUP Penguin Books for my drc in exchange for my honest opinion.

Despite being an English major and having taken multiple creative writing classes, poetry has never been something I sought out, especially modern poetry. I have difficulty taking poets like Rupi Kaur and the like seriously. That said, Cho is not that kind of poet. At the heart of this poetry collection is the deep belief that language is a much more conscious and purposeful act than most people think. I can't say I have a favorite poem yet because I sped through this collection and I'm planning on rereading once more before I delete the drc from my kindle.

My first impression of this collection? If you love poetry, get it. If you don't love poetry, get it. I think Cho is an eloquent writer and their poems really touched something in me. Anyways, I'd definitely recommend this

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