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BIPOC horror stories are on the rise and I'm grateful. Vera has dreams that manifest into reality. The Hunter is the antagonist. This is a short book with lots of action and heart. Would make an excellent Peele collaboration film.
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2 stars and alot more questions than answers. Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

Dreamer tells the story of a family of Dream Travelers through the youngest descendant, Vera. She can manifest items from her dreams into reality. After watching a scary movie, the sinister being stalks her in her dreams. How will Vera cope with these dangers, or will she die in her sleep?

This novel is short and simple. The premise promises big things that were super watered down, almost glossed over, and doesn't deliver much on the main draw of the plot: manifesting dreams to reality. The story takes so long to set up, giving way too much detail into Vera's day to day life that holds no purpose to the plot. Once the dream ball gets rolling she spends so much time staying awake that the magic is completely gone.

I really wanted to like this novel, and given more time and editing I think it could have blossomed into something extremely cool. Sadly, this is a 2 star read for me. Recommended for those 12+ looking for a quick read to add to their yearly goal.
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Vera has what her family calls dream traveling, anything she dreams comes to life. She has them under control, until she doesn’t. 

Her dreams begin to be plagued by The Hunter. It’s a race against the clock to get The Hunter out of her head, because if she doesn’t she may never wake up again. 

This is a quick read that pulls you in and doesn’t let go. If you like SCI-Fi and Horror, go ahead and give this a chance. 

Thanks to Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and NetGalley for the ARC for my honest review
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I really loved the three main characters in this book; they were all kind and complex.  I wish the plot had been expanded on a bit more, but it was a fascinating concept and I'm excited to see what other work this author puts out.
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This was a completely fine book, but just fine. It did linger and bore with only two major locations in the real world, and the dream powers lack any defined rules so it all feels aimless and underdeveloped. I really like the concept and potential this novella had but how it handled the execution leaves a lot to be desired.
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Can we take a second to appreciate how gorgeous this cover is? It really fits the title and gave me a sense of what the story is going to be about. I went into this one blind and purely requested for this based off the cover!

This story follows Vera who has the ability to bring her dreams to life, an ability that has been passed down form her family and everything she dreamed about will follow her to real life. She has never had any issues with her ability until the Hunter, a dark figure enters her dreams and aims to take her life. She can no longer keep this a secret as her life is in danger. How can she defeat the Hunter and keep herself safe?

Since this is a novella, there are alot of details packed into this short story but even then I feel it is not enough. There isn’t any real backstory to Vera and how she learnt to control her abilities. I would loved to have read more about Vera’s family and how their abilities came about.

There was already such a great plot to the story but the ending was quite a let down. The part that let me down was how quickly Hunter was defeated considering how powerful he claimed to be. I also had some trouble with the pacing. The first part of the story felt draggy as there isn’t much going on with the plot. A big chunk consisted of Vera’s mundane life at the music store and nothing happens with her dreams until more than halfway through which is also the part I enjoyed the most.

I did enjoy reading some parts of this but I wished there were more. Thank you Netgalley and MultiMind Publishing for the arc.
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I really like the writing and I loved the main character however it was a little bland and I got a little bored but it wasn't terrible
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I really loved the writing style and most of the characters in this book. The main character and her boss were really fun to read about, and I really loved the way it was written so detailed, that it almost felt like a movie playing in my head. However, what led to me not enjoying it as much as I wanted to was the pacing. The first half seemed to go on forever, without really anything happening. There is a whole chunk of the book that’s only about Vera’s job at a music store before the antagonist is even mentioned. And it takes until about halfway through the book for the story to really start happening. After that, I thought it was really good, up until the very end. The ‘final fight’ between the main character and the Hunter took about two seconds and then it was done. Overall, the book almost felt like the first third of a way longer book, with the end, quickly tacked on and a whole chunk missing in the middle. 
I still had an enjoyable time though, and maybe I just went in with the wrong expectations, so I’d still recommend this book to people who are looking for a short, weird, and dark read and don’t mind long descriptions of the protagonist's daily life.
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Thank you netgalley for giving me an ARC from this and here is my honest review 
I loved the idea of the book so much just the thought of your dreams coming true is magnificent but I learned from this story that nothing always goes as you want. I loved the main character Vera and the author has a great writing style I loved her description but the book felt a little bland for me after like the half of it. I get that this is a short story and should just evolve on one subject but I thought maybe somethings could've been more interesting than it turned out also would've loved to know more about Vera's family and how the trait of dream travelling goes. I thought the story had a great potential and honestly the author kinda let it down by making it a short one. Overall it was a great experience these are the only comments I had I definitely enjoyed my time reading it and would most certainly read for multimind again!
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I was pleasantly surprised by this book! as someone who always used to wish my dreams would come true in a sense, this book definitely taught me to be careful what you wish for. I liked the main character Vera a lot, and i loved her relationship with her mom. The storytelling, plot and vivid descriptions the author provided in this book were really astonishing. The only thing i would change is the ending. i would of loved a more intense final battle between vera and the hunter.
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This review will be really short. I literally hated everything about this book. I recognize that this is a short story, so I wasn’t expecting the story to be that thorough. This story follows a woman who is gifted with the ability to dream travel meaning she’s living out her dreams, and the effects follow her into the 3D plane. That idea had me intrigued to read more, but it failed me. There were no rules or guidelines for her ability; there was no real backstory, and it felt kinda lost to even the characters. The bulk of the story happens either in her bed or at the music store that she worked at which didn’t leave much to her development. The book itself left me feeling bored, and I don’t think there was any real conclusion here. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Thank you NetGalley for this book.  Vera has a power that makes her dreams come to life. She has always been able to ‘Dream Travel’ .  One day, a menacing figure called The Hunter enters her dreams and now, her injuries follow her back into the real world. This book  was perfectly developed, with relatable and likeable characters. I would recommend this book
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1, Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to be part of MultiMinds ARC. I received this book free and my review is done voluntarily.

2. The Artwork on this Novella is absolutely exquisite!

Synopsis Review: Vera Florence dream travels, she works in an ultra cool music store, with an equally cool (dropped out of medical school) boss named  Derrick Ma.

Vera's family has a genetic mystery gene that allows them to dream travel. This gene has gone back in her family all the way to slavery times. During slavery times, Dream travelers would use it as a way to escape or find their way back to their families.

Enter Vera, who since she was a little girl would wake up drenced in sweat, have snow in her hair, or dirt on her pajamas.

But when she encounter the Hunter that's not what she expected to be bringing forth from her dreams.

MultiMind mixes music into her characters and a diverse culture.

I will say that I was a little suprised by the LGBT + Therapy Circle, because (unless I missed something, and I could have) I can't remember anywhere saying this book was listed as such.

However! Neither, here nor there. MultiMind made this book "PERFECT" for all "groups" of people..

The story was perfectly developed, with realatable and likeable characters. 

I can truly see this author going far.
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Thank you to Netgalley and MultiMind Publishing for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Vera has the ability to bring dreams to life, a power that has been passed down through the generations of her family. She's always been able to do it properly without any issues until a dark, menacing figure called The Hunter enters her dreams and now, her injuries follow her back into the real world. 

As you can imagine, the premise alone drew me. Thankfully, it was a short read and easy to get through. There was a strong, coherent narrative, and Vera's character hooked me. Not to mention, her relationship with her boss, Derrick Ma. The author was also very creative in how they described the dream landscapes. I also admired the shifting points of view, because I felt like it successfully showed how scary it could be when your power that has been with you all your life turns on you, and Vera's mother's fear at her daughter's danger was palpable. In terms of cons, I do feel like The Hunter could have been viewed as a more frightening figure. I also felt like the epilogue, set in a LGBTQ+ therapy circle, was inserting queer rep for the sake of having queer rep, when the topic hadn't come through at all during the rest of the story.
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The cover and synopsis of this book really caught my eye. I found the story to be too wordy.  I didn't need step by step details of Vera's daily routine.  I thought her job setting was unique and interesting but there wasn't anything that just held my attention and kept it.  Her dream ability was interesting but didn't quite go far enough to peak my interest.
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I love dream magic stories, I love characters that can influence reality in their dreams by their wish or involuntarily. I read the synopsis and had to give this one a try. Vera has a power, a hereditary power, that makes her dreams come to life. She has always been able to ‘Dream Travel’ and knows how to keep herself safe. Until her safety maneuvers fail to work and she finds herself trapped in dreams with a murderous character from a horror movie. The concept is intriguing and brought forth well, the small cast of characters are likeable and relatable, and the imagery is really well done. I adore the music shop, I know a store just like it and it is so well developed in this story. I also am super interested in more Viper content, I would read a book just about her. I think this was set up to be a series and I hope that comes through because I like what is going on here. There were a few things that were questionable though. 

The MC receives life-threateningly deep wounds and partially bleeds out and she gets saved by her coworker who dropped out of med school and some gauze from Walgreens, not stitches, antibiotics, or a blood transfusion. She then refuses to sleep and survives like this for about a week before she dreams herself healed. The dreaming herself healed is fine, that is within the mechanics of her dream power. Surviving a week with no real medical care for her slashed arteries and blood loss is not a mechanic normally found in the waking world. The other thing that I thought was odd was the epilogue being an LGBT+ therapy circle. It was mentioned as existing in a single line in the main text and then nothing more, but then it is the entire epilogue. I am queer, I understand the author is too, and this feels like some rep thrown in as an afterthought. It would have been better placed into the main text in my opinion, and then let the epilogue have more of a focus on the plot.
I think this book has a good foundation and could be something great moving forward, I would read more from this author.
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