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Kuga is a struggling manga artist who is also juggling being the sole caregiver for his younger siblings after his parents passed. A new assistance, Goshiki, is hired to help him. Everything she does is amazing.. almost perfect. And that's where the story takes an odd turn.
Goshiki is Princess of the Star People, which is never really explained or the addition to her autonomy that has them suddenly engaged to be married.

Putting the oddness aside, it's a cute story, but I felt rushed the idea of "love" based on Goshiki's desire for new emotions and Kuga's kindness and actually having to focus on himself about something.... not a best conditions for romance.
But to each their own I suppose.

**Thank you to Kodansha Comics and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.**

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This was a beautiful story of a young Manga Artist struggling to make a living for himself n his sisters.

The character development of Kuga is really commendable & adding to the surrounding build-up just made the perfect sense to me. I also enjoyed the parts where he had to hide his true identity, and just focus on work but given the circumstances, that's likely not to happen. However, Shiori Goshiki's behaviour went a little on & off for me. Not exactly how expected it to be.

Overall the story was lite, often hilarious and sweet. Will recommend it for an easy-going read.

P.S the little sisters are really cute!!

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Mangas are always my favorite. It was an amazing read for me and I enjoyed it a lot. Plot was also smooth. Great work.

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Kuga-san is a struggling manga artist juggling the care of his little sisters. He hires Goshiki-san as an emergency assistant and it seems too good to be true - she's good at EVERYTHING she does and the manga process is going swiftly. After staying up all night to meet Kuga's deadline, the duo accidentally get engaged... by touching Goshiki's stinger! (This is the part that made me say, wait, what....??? ).

Goshiki-san is the self proclaimed Princess of the Star People, and a fan of manga. She set out from her remote island to explore the world after her grandmother's death. By touching her stinger, Kuga and Goshiki have made a blood pact. If they get too far apart, Kuga gets ill. Obviously, the only way to resolve the situation and annul the pact, but who says it'll be that easy?

This is a cute, crazy manga, full of the heartwarming feelings Amagakure-sensei is known for. And the art is pretty.

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This manga was SO cute. It made me so happy and I cannot wait to get my hands on the next volume. I loved the fantasy element, of Goshiki being a princess of the stars, and accidentally becoming engaged to Kuga. The build of their attraction to each other was so cute, and I love Kuga’s relationship with his younger siblings. This was just overall a really great time!

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This is such a cute manga, the princess alien falling in love with the manga artist is so cute. the interactions are so authentic and cute, the little kids are so funny!! I love the art on this one, it has the simple moments but then has the full amazing drawing of a face falling in love. I will strongly recommend this one

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Many thanks to Netgalley and Kodansha for providing me with ane-arc in exchange for an honest review.

This was a fun, cute, slice of life story about an uprising manga artist and his newbie assistant whom may or may not be a different entity from human that came from Moon Village. I found the story cute because of the main character, the male lead was a normal looking guy who worked as a manga artist to support both of his young siblings ever since they lost their parents. It was nice to see the story build up the romance between the two leads and does not push them to be together quickly. The female lead was naive and clueless about love, so she learned a lot from the shojo manga the male lead wrote, however, she isnt so dense to not know how to navigate her life away from her hometown.

For me, this was such a cute romance read and i like it despite how slow paced it was.

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[Thanks to Netgalley and Kodansha Comics for the Arc of this manga in exchange for a honest review.]

Very beautiful drawings, for a very funny story.
A princess from a distant galaxy arrives on earth because she falls in love with manga and starts working for Ichiro, a promising mangana who tries to support his young siblings after the death of their father.

From here will begin their particular and interesting relationship, with some adorable moments and funny ones. I'm so curious to see how their relationship will evolve.

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In this lovely manga, a princess from ‘a galaxy far, far away’ arrives on earth because she wants to work for Ichiro Kuga who is a promising young mangaka. Kuga is struggling to bring up his younger siblings now that his father has died. He is relieved when the princess (Shiori) is competent and hardworking, albeit a little odd. He finds out how odd she really is when he accidentally touches her tail and finds out that he is now engaged to an alien being.

The two of them decide to find a way to annul their accidental relationship but as they get to know each other love may surprise both of them. This is a lovely story about finding love and family in unexpected places and in unexpected ways. It has humour, care, compassion all wrapped up in family and fun. It is a really good start to a new series and I really enjoyed it.

Copy provided by Kodansha Comics via Netgalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

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Very sweet with a dash of weird. Goshiki is a princess from another planet who came to earth because she adores manga. She winds up as kuga's assistant. Things get weird from there. I won't spoil it but it's really interesting and cute. I will definitely read the next volume.

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This was a fun read. As usual, I did not read the blurb beforehand, I just looked at the cover, so I was not expecting Goshiki.
I liked the characters, they were both really nice and helpful to each other. There is a fun dynamic between the two of them which is sometimes quite funny. I wonder how their relationship is going to evolve. Also, the kids are adorable. The art is very nice, totally my style.
I recommend to people enjoying a bit of science-fiction

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A beautiful star princess getting caught up with a struggling but determined manga artist raising his two younger siblings. It's definitely a very unique story and the art is stunning!

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Ichiro has been taking care of his younger siblings ever since their parents passed away. He's barely making ends meet as a manga artist, but the deadlines are overwhelming for just one person. As luck would have it, Ichiro's editor finds an assistant to send his way. Enter the beautiful and very competent Shiori Goshiki, more than capable in everything she endeavors to try. However, Shiori is much more than she seems, and before Ichiro knows it, he's falling in love with his mysterious assistant.

A sweet slow-moving romance where our characters are just beginning to understand their own complicated emotions for each other. Well done artwork. While story is starting out slow, I'm looking forward to watching their relationship progress.

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I found this manga to be a little boring in the beginning, but once Kuga gets stung by Goshiki, things start getting interesting. After that part, it was nice to see his relationship with Goshiki progress and also how their friendship slowly started growing into something more. The story ends with a cliffhanger and there’s some feelings that get revealed, so I want to read the next volume to see how that gets resolved. I thought the characters were sweet, especially Kuga’s younger siblings Machi and Fumio. Those three had such a heartwarming and supportive family dynamic. Overall, it’s a fun manga with a neat side storyline about making manga.

3.5/5 Stars

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oooh, i'm ready for volume two now!!

ichiro dropped out of high school after the death of his parents in order to work full time to support his two younger siblings. in comes goshiki, our out of world princess, who helps ichiro complete his panels before the deadline and save the day. she is amazingly talented and reminds me of mary poppins (especially the dress) although she comes across as a bit emotionless.

the story follows the two as they suddenly becomes betrothed and explores the romantic feelings that develop between our lovely couple. it's such a wholesome read and the characters are so likeable, especially the younger siblings, machi and fumio!

the art is really good and the plot is enjoyable to read, i'll be impatiently waiting for the arc for volume two!!

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This was very cute and a little weird. I liked how this rom-com poked at some of the typical tropes of romance mangas and I really loved the art style. I also enjoyed that the main character was a manga artist.

However, the plot fell flat for me. I think I expected the plot to lean more into the sci-fi side of sci-fi rom-com but it was much heavier on the romance.

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Thank you to Netgalley and Kodansha Comics for sending me an ARC!!

This manga tells us the story of Ichiro Kuga, a mangaka who has been taking care of his two younger siblings after his parents death; and Shiori Goshiki, who is the princess of a community found in a lost star. She has escaped and found herself being the assistant of Kuga, and through a magical bond, they start to develop more than friendships feelings for each other.

I really liked the way the story came along at the ending of the first volume. Both characters are a bit awkward around each other, which makes them very cute and relatable. The little brother and sister are definitely the best characters i found them so endearing and genuinely amusing. Even if the story plot is not my favourite (and at the beginning i felt like it was going a bit too fast for my liking), i understand that is how manga are written and once you get used to the pace of the story it is very easy to get into it.

I can’t wait to see what happens next with these sweet and loveable characters!!

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This manga was actually so cute. I can’t wait to be able to read vol 2!! I really enjoy the art style and overall plot. The manga was overall so cute and fluffy.

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Thank you very much to NetGalley and Kodansha Comics for this ARC! This review is written voluntarily for me.

In general, this story is an easy and warm read for me. I would say that this novel falls under the familial fantasy romance genre, something like that. The relationship between Ichiro and Shiori is heartwarming (and a little bit slow burn I guess) even though they are suddenly set to marry due to an incident. I also love the relationship between Ichiro and his younger siblings, it is so comfortable (plus his little brother is so cute!). For the plot, the pace is just nice and because this is the first volume, it is understandable how their back stories are not fully explained yet. The drawing is just nice for me and I hope to read more about their story in the future. Lastly, I suggest this story for anyone that really likes a familial and sweet romance manga.

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This is a fun, fresh, and super cute introduction for this new manga series. And it will definitely be one that I keep an eye out for going forward.

This series follows Ichiro Kuga who is a manga artist supporting his younger siblings after his father passed away. He has a fast approaching deadline that makes finding an assistant even more urgent.

Enter sweetheart and incredible artist in their own right, Shiori Goshiki. Who ends up being more than what meets the eye.

The art work is amazing, the story so nice and refreshing. And I just can not wait for the second volume to come.

Thank you to the NetGalley and Kondansha for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.

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