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This was a great mix of slice of life, with a person who writes (and loves) manga, and a fantasy/paranormal romance.

While the romance is not a big part yet, I am curious as to see how it is going to progress in later volumes!

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing the E-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Not gonna lie, I pretty much requested this manga on NetGalley because of the beautiful cover and the title. Like yeah, the description was interesting too, but I just had this feeling when looking at the cover. I am so happy that Kodansha allowed m,e early access to this manga because I absolutely loved it. Warning: there are mild spoilers.

Shiori is a bit neutral in her expressions and wardrobe when she is first introduced. She starts getting more animated and talkative once she gets more comfortable with Ichiro and his family once she gets to know them more. I especially love how animated she gets when she talks about her favorite manga or becoming a better artist. Shiori is an alien from an island and she sets off into the world to experience new things, manga being a particular passion of hers. She looks relatively human except she has a stinger that pops out once which causes her and Ichiro to be tied together in a stronger bond.

Ichiro is a very kind person who bears a strong send of responsibility towards his family. He is doing a job he loves but overworks himself to make sure that his family is provided for. I like how encouraging he is to Shiori, especially when he learns she's only been drawing manga for a year. He also is very nice when he gets stung by her stinger and learns the unfortunate consequences of it. I found his character to be overall refreshing as I feel normally with the personality Shiori has, the ML would be a grumpy negative Nancy who can be rude to the FL but does sweet things sparingly. I like Ichiro and Shiori's dynamic a lot more and look forward to seeing how they work together in the next volume.

The only thing I will say is I do wish Ichiro could have found out Sjiori was an alien another way. I'm not a huge fan of him being "magically" tied to her because of an accident. I would have liked to have seen them grow closer a bit more naturally. Otherwise, I thought they were really cute together.

Overall, if you're looking for a sweet encouraging manga with romance and a hint of sci-fi, then I definitely recommend this manga. It's so adorable, the characters are all likable, and there's just that hint of wonderment that makes this manga special. I'll definitely be reading the next volume when it comes out.

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Sweet and gentle romance between and over-worked older brother trying to keep his small family together and the alien next door assistant he gets romantically entangled with.

The artwork is stunning and the storyline is cute. Definitely one I would recommend to those who enjoy adult romance manga that is sweet and not spicy.

4, I would like to continue the series and recommend it, stars.

My thanks to NetGalley and Kodansha Comics for an eARC copy of this to read and review.

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I did not particularly vibe with this first volume. I didn’t really care for any of the characters and the overall story was really boring to me.

I also didn’t feel a spark between the two main characters so that budding relationship wasn’t satisfying nor surprising. Overall, this just wasn’t the manga for me!


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The colour pages are so pretty and really draw you in, then again the art style in general is quite pretty.

I really lover the behind the scenes look at the manga drawing/creation process within this volume and liked that it still had a focus throughout instead of fading out once the romance element was introduced.

Speaking of, this did take a turn I wasn’t expecting from the synopsis i’d seen and I thought it was cute and original! Especially the story of her people!

All in all this is quite a sweet volume, the romance between the two is slowly budding and there’s so many heart warming moments with he and his siblings and how he wants to support them and the budding camaraderie between he and Goshiki!

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This was a cute and some what weird manga novel. I loved the art style used on the manga and loved that it is a romance sci fi story. Having said that I am fairly new to manga and unfortunately I did not enjoy this as much as I thought I would. I found it easy to read and the story flowed well however, for me, I found that I wasn’t excited about the story and it just wasn’t for me. I think I wanted to be able to connect with the characters more and see more of their back stories. One thing I do love about books etc though is that what might not be for me, might be amazing for someone else so I hope everyone enjoys this!

A massive thank you to the publishers and Net Galley for sending me and e-book arc of this in exchange for my honest review.

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A Galaxy Next Door is a charming rom-com manga featuring a manga artist struggling to meet deadlines and a Princess?!

I reaaaaally enjoyed this manga. It was cute, fun, quirky and the storyline was original (at least to me).

The art was excellent! I love Gido’s style. And the asides usually add to the story when in some mangas they’re just fillers.

The character design was also amazing. I love Goshiki-san. Talk about gorgeous. And I especially loved Ichiro’s siblings. Machi is for sure my favourite character.

I just thought the plot and character development was really sweet and simple and yet it still gave me butterflies.

Very looking forward to continue reading this series.

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A sort of alternative selkie story combined with found family, this manga has many sweet fluffy feelings.moments. Even with my years of odd manga and anime plots, the method of connecting the two main characters was still odd and a wtf moment for me. But all the characters are so well rounded and likeable.

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There's a few font changes and colors that make some text hard to read, but about the plot...
Honestly, not what I was expecting. The plot seems to at first be a basic slice of life romance between a mangaka and his new assistant, but then puts a scifi twist on it. His assistant is also an alien, and due to unfortunate events, the mangaka has accidentally stung himself with her alien 'stinger', bonding them as soul mates. A lot of the comedy after this twist has moreso to due with the health effects after being bonded to her, like losing energy when she's too far away or getting nose bleeds when he scares her, ect. I like the manga slice of life stuff and I'm not even against the alien soul-bonded plot, but the two really have little to nothing to do with each other. The two plots don't weave into each other very naturally and it makes me wonder if these concepts would've worked better as two different books. Regardless, it's not bad. And I should *in theory* like this, so I'll give the first book 3/5 and reserve my judgement till reading further in.

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ARC Copy...I admit girl being an alien meets normal boy who is a manga artist is interesting mix on the rom-com formula and the two little kids are so cute. Although I admit the idea of the alien stinger choosing is creepy + on forced side.

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I really didn't know what to expect when I started this manga. It had a cute premise but I was scared it was going to be predictable.

It was very nice and I was very intrigued to see how they would work out the awkward situation. I really can not wait o see this relationship blossom. I know they will definitely end up together, but I was scared for a second. will definitely read volume 2.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks to Kodansha Comics and NetGalley for the ARC.

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This manga follows a stressed manga artist who is trying to provide for his siblings. He gets a new assistant - but there is much more to her than meets the eye. She’s actually an alien, and by mistake they become engaged.

This was a fun manga, and I enjoyed the main characters as well as the sibling side characters. I also liked the
art, and the cover is what drew me into the manga. The romance did develop a little fast - I'm a big fan of a slow burn - but I still enjoyed it!

I’m looking forward to seeing how the storyline progresses in future volumes!

rating: 4/5

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A Galaxy Next Door is based on a unique premise of a half alien princess falling for a human, but that plot line fell flat for me. I was drawn to this manga because with was about a manga artist. I loved the fact that Ichiro was the struggling breadwinner and father figure of the family. I melted to see how he was sacrificing for his little siblings (who were adorable & precocious kids). If only the manga focused more on their family and less on a romance that felt forced. Exploring their world and relationships would have been a fresh, new take in the manga world.

Maybe the series improves in subsequent volumes, and this one should be given more leniency because it’s just trying to “set the stage” for the series. But AGND 1 isn’t on my purchase list. I think if the romance angle was abandoned, and focused on family dynamics with an alien assistant/tenant, this series could be a comedic hit.

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3 star! I felt like I needed more detail from this book but overall the storyline was great!!!!! What are some of your favorite manga?

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So, I really liked how it's a manga about a manga artist, however the romance just felt very stilted and I just couldn't really feel a connection between them and there was a lot of other part that also felt very unnatural, it just wasn't really for me

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Sweet story. A little sci-fi but not overly so and tons of fun! I love how all of the characters are so concerned about each other and take care of each other. Can't wait for volume 2!

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I didn't expect to get butterflies when reading this volume but this couple is so adorable. The plot of this series can seem weird at first with a girl from a star coming to earth and becoming a manga artist but I think the author subverts it well. The male lead is not stereotypical and doesn't adjust his goals when the female lead shows up. From this volume, I can expect the found family trope to come to the forefront as well as romance as the cast of characters add to the overarching story. Overall, I would recommend this series to people who like a slice-of-life manga with romance as an added element. I will definitely be checking out volume two when it comes out.

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Since his father’s death, Ichiro Kuga has had the responsibility to raise his younger brother and sister. With a small job as a mangaka, he struggles with keeping up the deadlines and earning enough money to support himself and his family. When his publisher proposes to hire him an assistant, Ichiro is overjoyed as he will be finally able to finish all the work in time. Shiori Goshiki is very competent, she is gorgeous and she doesn’t ask for a big salary. Is the dream too beautiful to be true ? Yes, maybe.

A Galaxy Next Door is a sweet romantic comedy about a princess, not totally human, who wishes to discover what a normal life looks like. As she has never left her island before, she has no idea what a commun life is, which generates many fun misunderstandings. Shiori is a naive and cute character, and I really enjoyed the dynamic with the other main protagonist, Ichiro Kuga.

I quite enjoyed this first book of the series. It is a light read with appealing characters and an interesting story.

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Thank you to Netgalley for the chance to read this manga ahead of publication! This was a wonderfully sweet manga that I thoroughly enjoyed - the premise felt fun and original, and I really liked the dynamic that Gido Amagakure has created between the characters. We're given the plot right away, which was both great and a bit of a shame, as I would have liked a bit longer to wonder what was going on - and we could have been given some amazing comedic scenes to do with her 'alien'-ness. It was nice though, to just know from the first volume what we're dealing with, and I find myself really wanting to read more.

The Princess was a fun character, but I admit I'm a little tired of these quiet, oblivious, perfect love interests in manga; so I hope there's some growth from her moving forwards.

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Thank you to Kodansha and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of this manga to review!

In this manga we are following a struggling mangaka, who must now look after his orphaned siblings, and a strange being in the shape of a beautiful young woman who becomes his assistant as they struggle to meet deadlines and navigate their feelings for one another.

This manga is competently drawn with well paced plot. It has charcters that at first glance have all the appearance of the romance mediocre: A bland man with no redeeming features and an overly pretty vaguely foreign fashioned Yamato Nadeshiko wannabe. Honestly, this is basically a romantic comedy with an unnecessary sci-fi element! It really could have been the exact same without the weird star supernatural element added. I don't know who this manga is aimed at? It feels extremely self-indulgent on the mangaka's part!

Fumio is a side character and the youngest of the siblings and a fantastically cute addition. Give this a go, if just for Fumio!

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