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A very solid option for those wanting an undemanding read, perhaps lying poolside or on a beach or on a long flight or train journey. Police Chief Karol Novak is a lead character who is well drawn, with fine detail and some depth, and this makes him easy to like and respect. The depiction of Pittsburgh with its economic, political and racial tensions has a contemporary ring of truth to it and the story of the murder investigation is compelling with a very pleasing twist in the tail. Recommended.
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A plot involving three seemingly independent cases for a small local police unit, which in its day to day operations are facing the entire pallet of issues related to racial problems, budget issues, local politics and high ego’s. while trying to solve several serious cases simultaneously. 
The plot is great with a meanngful relation to the local Pittsburg society., definitely a learning experience for many. Also in the context of the actual situation vis a vis racial issues with police work. 

Easily read without too many trivial parts that usually are omitted when reading this genre. The descriptions of ambiance and locations are good, not to detailed and unnecessary long.
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This book was a little different for me?! It wasn't one of my all time favorite but it was a decent read! It had light suspense, intrigue, and great police work! I would recommend reading it, it was worth reading just not one of my favorites! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!
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The ending of this book blew me away. I liked the insights into Pittsburgh:.  The story was engaging and held my interest. It reminded me in parts of an American Bernie Gunther (I don’t use that compatison lightly. You don’t need to have read previous books to enjoy this, but you would get more out of the book. I would be interested to see where the author goes with this chatacter next.
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