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My Love Mix-Up!, Vol. 4

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This continues to be one of the cutest manga I've read in a long time. In this volume, Aoki keeps questioning if he and Ida are really dating, as it seems more platonic than he'd like. With the help of some friends, Ida realizes why Aoki is upset and finally understands his own feelings in the situation.
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This series is just the sweetest, cutest, most adorkable high school romance series I've come across in a while! I want to talk about EVERYTHING that happened in this volume, and at the same time, I don't wanna say anything because I don't wanna give anything away. So, in a nutshell, there's a breakup, a Christmas makeup, a New Year shrine visit with too many people around, misunderstandings, Aoki is melodramatic, Ida gets a few clues finally, romantic moments, swoon! All wrapped up in Aruko's beautiful, dreamy art *sigh*...  I hope volume 5 comes out soon!

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This volume was so cute! We get to see a little spat that the two main characters have and we also get Christmas time! I love Christmas time in manga, especially romance manga, it's just so cute. This was a great volume, I think the relationship between the two guys progressed nicely. Overall, I enjoyed it and I can't wait for volume 5!
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More please! I'm definitely rooting for Aoki and Ida.

For Libraries: Purchase where the rest of the series is popular.
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I don't always understand Aoki, but I can't deny that he is precious. I'm so interested in seeing where their relationship goes.
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As always, I love the light feel of this series. Even though I don't generally like the premise of a misunderstanding fueling the plot, all the characters here are pretty honest and likeable. I'm really enjoying the series as a whole.
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My Love Mix-Up! Volume 4 is published by Viz Media with story by Wataru Hinekure and art by Aruko with translation by Jan Cash, and lettering by Inori Fukuda Trant. This sweet manga continues the budding romance between teenagers Sota Aoki, and Kosuke Ida after a case of mistaken identity leads the pair to date. Warm-hearted with that first flush of young love, My Love Mix-Up! Volume 4 shows the awkwardness, immaturity, and confusion in early relationships with a beautiful story in time for Pride Month. 

Sweet Opposites Attract
Watching the pair interact is like watching opposites attract. Aoki is open about his feelings. He shows when he is angry, sad, confused, or embarrassed. Ida, on the other hand, is far more reserved though they are dating. Although Ida rarely even laughs or smiles, he does so when he teases Aoki. However, Ida is also more forthcoming about his relationship. To Aoki’s horror, he tells his teammates he and Aoki are dating, and Aoki breaks up with Ida right after. 

Breaking up may seem ridiculous, but young love is like that. Minor issues are more serious, and lack of communication leads to conflict. They should have discussed whether to tell others prior. Aoki’s response stems from his fear that people will shun Ida if they learn he is dating a guy. Ida does not care about that. Both have issues conveying how they feel. Aoki flies off the handle, and Ida is uncertain how he feels about Aoki and does not realize why he teases him. The authenticity of the characters brings nostalgia reading this and looking back at our school years. 

They Develop Side Characters Too

My Love Mix-Up Volume 4 cover art of Ida and Aoki
My Love Mix-Up! Volume 4 courtesy of Viz Media
It is not all Aoki and Ida. My Love Mix-Up! Volume 4 spends time with Hayato Aida and Mio Hashimoto too. Their dynamic is also adorable and reminds me of Lovely Complex with Hashimoto’s desire for Aida to see her as a girl. Hashimoto helps Aoki and Ida’s relationship and later gets help from Aoki to get Aida to notice her. People can always advise on other people’s relationships than they can on their own. Of course, the advice is comical and does not work, but still, there is a sweetness between these two. At times this pair’s interactions overshadowed the leads because of their personalities. 

The pacing feels slow at times. But since the story and characters are interesting occasional drag does not impact the enjoyment of the manga. I love readings stories that normalize love outside heterosexuality. People experience the same drama, stress, and heart pangs regardless of who they are and who they love. Stories that reflect different kinds of love are essential because people must see themselves reflected in books, shows, art, and movies. 

I am curious to see how their relationship progresses and if they decide to tell others they are a couple. I hope later volumes explore comedy because I love romantic comedies heavy on the laughs. My Love Mix-Up! Volume 4 is an excellent BL story about young love.
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I didn’t like this volume as much as the first two but it was an improvement over the third volume. There were some funny moments and some tender ones and I really liked the relationship progressions. Also, the volleyball team is so supportive and it’s the best.
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People do stupid things when they're uncomfortable. If there's a theme to this volume of <i>My Love Mix-Up!</i>, that would be it - that feeling awkward and on the spot can push people into doing some truly ill-advised things. Ida and Akkun are at the forefront of these behaviors, much to the distress of Hashimoto and Aoki, and while it doesn't <i>quite</i> come off as a marker of (im)maturity, it definitely paves the way for some monumental misunderstandings. 

Some of those are more nonsensical than others, of course. Should Akkun 100% have known that "Sumo Hashi" was a terrible nickname to give to a girl who's crushing on you? Yes, yes he should have. Should Ida have not told his friends that he's dating Aoki? That's much less clear, and it only becomes an issue because Ida doesn't entirely understand how Aoki's anxiety functions. Basically if anxiety was fuel, Aoki could power a vessel on two loops around the globe, and that's pretty foreign to Ida's easy-going mentality. But part of building any kind of relationship is learning how to get along with each other despite any quirks, and that's something that Ida is definitely learning in this volume. It's lovely to see, and the near-total absence of gorilla faces can only elevate this entry in what is proving to be a consistently good series.
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I'm impressed that this series has made it to volume four and it's still incredibly charming! The communication problems that form the basis of the plot make perfect sense for a high school couple who are still working out their own feelings for the first time. So far we're existing in a homophobia-free zone where everyone is supportive of our protagonists' relationship (although Aoki is concerned that Aida may be negatively impacted in the future by it). Overall a really cute story with adorable art and I definitely recommend it so far.
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This will be great in our LGBTQ+ section at the library. I’m glad there is a more PG queer manga to add, because the kids ask for ones that are definitely not suitable for them. This one was adorable and I’m excited to see how the relationship develops from here.
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Thank you Viz Media, for allowing me to read My Love Mix-Up! Vol 4 early.

What a wonderfull addition to one of my favorite series! I loved this cute and heartfelt story tremendously!
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Another great volume in one of my favourite ongoing series! I loved how we got some more development in Aoki and Ida's relationship, with a confession (finally!). As always the artstyle is great, especially with the panels that showcase the ever changing facial expressions of Aoki. I'm very curious to see what direction the story goes, and whether or not our main couple's relationship will continue to flourish!
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In volume 4, Aoki and Ida's relationship continues to progress. This time we get to look into Ida's thoughts on their relationship, which is nice. The hilarious hijinks continue, balanced out by good character development.
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My Love Mix-Up! Volume Four focuses on the awkwardness that has developed between Aoki and Ida now that they are officially dating.

My Love Mix-Up! Volume Four
Written by: Wataru Hinekure
Publisher: Shueisha Inc.
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: July 5, 2022

The volume opens with the characters returning to school after their trip to the ski lodge, and the reality of dating is starting to sink in for Aoki and Ida. Unfortunately, communication with each other still isn’t their strong point. After Aoki asks Ida not to tell anyone that they’re dating, he finds out that Ida already told the volleyball club, and the club comes over to celebrate the news. Aoki is embarrassed and frustrated, and he tells Ida that they’re through without really talking through with Ida why he’s upset. Communication issues between these two have always existed, and this incident just makes the problem worse.

Right after this is Christmas, and now that Aoki doesn’t have any plans, he’s roped into helping his sister and brother-in-law sell Christmas cakes at their bakery. Aida and Hashimoto, who bumped into each other, come up to Aoki at the bakery and find out what happened and that Aoki hasn’t heard anything from Ida since then. Hashimoto gets herself involved, and in the end, Ida comes to the bakers and ends up helping Aoki sell the cakes. But before Ida shows up, Aoki mediates a fight between a couple, and it seems to dawn on him that he’s been acting in a similar manner toward Ida. By the end of Christmas, though, Aoki and Ida seem to be back on speaking terms.

Afterward, Ida tells the other members of the volleyball team that he was joking about dating Aoki. However, his teammate Shun is a rather observant guy and picks up on the fact that Ida is lying but doesn’t say anything else to the rest of the team. In this volume, Shun becomes a friend that Ida can lean on when things get rough between him and Aoki. Which is a good thing, since Ida didn’t seem to have anyone to turn to while Aoki had both Hashimoto and Aida.

Ida spends a bit of Volume Four teasing Aoki to try to get him to act embarrassed more regularly. This upsets Aoki, of course, and it makes Aoki think that Ida isn’t taking their dating seriously and that Ida doesn’t think of him the same way that he thinks of Ida. Ida, however, figures things out after an encounter with two kids (a boy and a girl), where the boy is teasing the girl because he likes her. It’s this moment that brings Ida clarity and makes him realize how he really feels about Aoki. I was glad to see Ida finally get this wake-up call, and hopefully he and Aoki will realize that they really are on the same page and will start to work at developing a relationship.

Even though Aoki and Ida are the main focus in My Love Mix-Up! Volume Four, Hashimoto and Aida also get some focus. Aida makes it clear to Aoki that he’s not going to date Hashimoto just because she’s into him, and that he realizes that his version of liking someone is superficial. However, after Hashimoto and Aida leave Aoki at the bakery on Christmas, they have an awkward conversation, which leads to them trying to come up with nicknames for each other. The one Aida comes up with for Hashimoto makes her feel awkward, but it doesn’t dampen her interest in him. She wants Aida to see her as a girl, and Aoki tries to find ways to make her look cute and vulnerable to Aida. But after an incident that involves Aida, she admits to him what she was doing. Things are still awkward between them after this, but it seems like they’re slowly starting to get closer, even if they don’t realize it.

As My Love Mix-Up! has progressed, I find myself truly rooting for Ida and Aoki to get together. Not only that, but I find that I hope to see Hashimoto and Aida end up together as well. And with the way the story has progressed in Volume Four, it seems like the pairings could very well be headed that way. As the story progresses, I find that the awkwardness of the relationships are realistically portrayed, especially for Aoki and Ida. Romantic relationships in high school are already awkward enough, but relationships that don’t stick with what is considered to “normal” are even messier to deal with during adolescence. While the few peers who know about Ida and Aoki dating seem to be OK with it, there’s the possibility that if peers outside of their friend group find out that they might have to deal with harassment or prejudice. Unless Hinekure can figure out other internal obstacles for Aoki and Ida to deal with when it comes to their relationship, broadening it out to external obstacles would seem to be the next logical step.

I feel confident in saying that readers who have read and enjoyed the previous three volumes of My Love Mix-Up!  will also enjoy reading Volume Four.
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As of Volume 3, Aoki and Ida are going to try dating. While neither knew they liked guys until Aoki started falling for Ida (after a mix-up, see last few reviews), they have slowly starting getting to know each other and finding things they both really like about the other. 

These books are so sweet and wholesome. I end up smiling the entire time I’m reading and can’t stop long after I’ve finished.

This book focused on the two of them dating, but not telling anyone but their closest friends. Aoki is afraid of backlash from being in a Boy/Boy relationship and doesn’t want Ida affected by it.

I look forward to every new volume and can’t wait to know what happens next!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩
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Once again, this series continues to be one of the cutest, most heartfelt stories out there. I love every volume, and I can't wait to see how the relationships progress in each one. I HIGHLY recommend this series for anyone that loves romance, comedy, or just wants to have a good time!
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Ida and Aoki are SO adorable! I love the premise of this series, about how a lie gets out of hand and becomes real. Strong supporting characters and a believable pacing for a high school setting.
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Volume 4 of My Love Mix-Up! and I think it's the best one yet. Aoki and Ida are still a bit clumsy and fumbling with their relationship, but it's making progress!

I truly love how Aoki and Ida and their friends are so focused on helping and being there for one another, that the focus of the story isn't just Aoki and Ida getting together, but also their friendships and friend group. Even the more "minor" friend characters are so supportive and eager to see Ida and Aoki happy. It's very heartwarming and feels so genuine. 

Thank you to NetGalley and VIZ Media LLC for making this title available in exchange for an honest review!
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Was a nice follow-up and did a good job at exploring the emotions of both people in the relationship. Considering the circumstances of their relationship, I felt this plot to be natural rather than being there for drama (unlike a lot of other romance stories). The characters were loveable as always and the art was consistent and well-drawn.
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