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My Love Mix-Up!, Vol. 4

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Was a nice follow-up and did a good job at exploring the emotions of both people in the relationship. Considering the circumstances of their relationship, I felt this plot to be natural rather than being there for drama (unlike a lot of other romance stories). The characters were loveable as always and the art was consistent and well-drawn.
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher I was able to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
The 4th volume of My Love Mix-Up! finds Aoki and Ida taking their relationship slow as Ida tries to see if he feels the same way about Aoki. Emotional (and a bit strange) Aoki struggles with deciphering Ida’s cooler demeanor and what it means for them and causes some problems because Aoki is like king of the drama llamas and overreacts to like everything. (I love him and his weirdness.) Ida also struggles with trying to understand his own feelings and putting words to them.
Another great volume, there was some growth between the two boys and maybe Hashimoto and Aida have become a bit closer as well. Hashimoto still remains the biggest shipper of Ida and Aoki.
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I honestly thought it was cute how Ida just casually told his friends and teammates about he and Aoki dating and they all celebrated but it wasn’t quite heartwarming for Aoki. 

I did get where Aoki was coming from with things being difficult for Ida if people knew, but it’s a little bit of drama that’s quite quickly resolved with both sides talking it out and apologising, which is one of the things I appreciate about this series! 

While there’s drama for Aoki and Ida, there’s also a bit of drama for Hashimoto and Aida as they work to get closer but it was more amusing than anything and quite light hearted, not like the more serious undertones to Aoki’s worries. I did love getting to see Aida and Hashimoto spending some together and growing a little bit closer! 

I will also forever love how protective Hashimoto is of Aoki and how she always has his back! 

While this volume is just as sweet and cute as the others, it does take a bit of a serious turn as one of Ida’s friends questions his motivations for dating Aoki, which leads Ida to doing some serious thinking about his feelings and coming to his own conclusions! 
The pace doesn’t let up with more relationship and plot progression within the volume moving things along and it ends on a bit of an ominous note warning of more drama ahead!
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There's some lovely progress and development with the characters this time, and a great set up for the next chapters. Another wonderful volume of this series!
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Ahhh they are finally dating! But 4it looks like our main characters are still extremely awkward around each other. And then to suddenly more problems due to differences in communication (sounds like real life territory). 
Overall, I really enjoyed the the 4th installment of this series. Watching the all of the characters grow is nice and to see the weird situations they get into is funny. It reminds me watching friends in high school get into really weird situation. 
I honestly think that the author is trying to tap into the reminiscent stage, to make their readers remember all the weird things and make them laugh about it. They do a great job at bringing this out. I have yet to have a point in the manga where I am not shaking my head or laughing. But at the same time, I hope the series touches upon the more serious note of being a teenager in high school in later volumes. The hilarity is great and all but to bring about the serious aspects of it, may rope more readers into the manga series. The small serious moments that we have now are few and it makes me pay attention to how the story is progressing, if that makes sense. 
But seeing how bad of a liar Kousuke is, oh its just horrible in a good way. 
I hope the author continues the series and I look forward to reading more!
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My love Mix up vol. 4 is another volume of back and forth between these two boys. Are they dating? Did they break up? Are they back together? Do they actually like each other? Who knows!

My only grievance is that it is pretty much another volume of the same. They don't move forward in their relationship. It's still Ida questioning if he really likes Aoki. I mean, they did take turns flopping back and forth on this point, but we're back to Ida, briefly, this volume, questioning his own feelings. In that regard I feel like the story is becoming a little stagnant.

I also don't really enjoy the idea of "oh he's teasing you because he likes you" being presented in this book as a perfectly acceptable behavior for young children and possibly young adults, for that matter, but that's beside the point. It's just a little blip in the book.

We do get a little update on Hashi and Aida and how things are going on that front. I do hope we get to see more development there as Ida and Aoki settle into couple-hood and hopefully have some shenanigans' together there. It would be nice if they aren't the ones experiencing all the drama.

But, as always, the comedic under tones were completely on point for this volume. The extreme facial expressions that randomly pop up when a character (this time background characters mostly) is experiencing a strong emotion is still absolutely hilarious to me. Makes me chuckle every time I see it on the page. Absolutely love it! Even if it makes strangers give me puzzled looks as they go by.

4/5 stars. I can't wait until the next volume!!!!
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This has been an absolute joy to read! The main characters navigate their new relationship, how to communicate, and so many sweet moments that put a huge smile on my face. Looking forward to the next volume!
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A lot of back and forth in this book. Are they dating? Are they not dating? Do they like each other? Do they not like each other?  Like I get it, I just wish more would happen than the same thing over and over. 

Hopefully now that there was some development (small as it was) things will start picking up in the romance direction. It does seem more dramatic things will be happening tho with that small cliffhanger. 

The comedic direction however? Amazing. Loved. It. The author and artist are so funny in their asides and facial expressions. And the little scenes are hilarious, cute and make me want more of the story than the romance portion did. I don’t usually show emotions when reading, but I found myself smiling and laughing out loud - yes I real-lifed lol’d - throughout this entire book. 

It was also nice seeing some development in the side characters. Sumo-hashi is life. 

It was a little weird reading the Christmas story, but the original Japanese version did come out around November 2020 so whatever. 

Very excited to continue reading this series.
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I received an eARC of this title through NetGalley in return for an honest review. 

I liked this volume. It still has the cute vibes and problems with relationships. I actually forgot Ida had not yet told Aoki he also liked him. 

This series continues to be cute, fun, and giving you all the feels. It might just have been a while since I read the 3rd volume, but I felt the art style was slightly different. Not in a bad way, just different. 
I also like how this series does not focus on other students making fun of Aoki and Ida for dating, even though Aoki worries people will. Most of the students just accept them as dating and not only that, the friends of both Aoki and Ida tend to just congratulate them. 

I think the break from some of the heavy topics that sometimes happens for the LGBTQ+ community is nice. I still recommend this series even thought this volume was not necessarily my favorite. It was cute and heartwarming and worth the read.
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Just like the last 3, I loved volume 4 so much. This story is just so sweet and wholesome and funny with all of the couples and friends that are involved. I can't wait until volume 5 comes out!
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Hashimoto is my favorite I adore her!! This was super cute just like all the other volumes! My only qualm is that I don’t love the narrative that boys tease the people they like, no matter how lighthearted. It’s a pet peeve of mine but I think it can get questionable fast. But so glad ****spoiler**** Ida was able to understand his feelings (‘:
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This continues to be a sweet, silly series that shows it's important to communicate feelings clearly.  I like the that mix-ups have become less about who likes who and more about navigating the new relationships between the four players. The expressions, as always, are a highlight for me. This is always a fun read.
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4.5 stars. This book is an excellent continuation of the sweet love story. This volume deals with miscommunication and the characters figuring out their true feelings. Like previous volumes, the art and characters are completely charming. Nothing really progresses in the plot besides a character realizing their emotions may be true. This book felt a bit more filler-y than previous entries. It was still an adorable book and a fun, easy read. The art is good as always, though I would like to see more shading to have the characters stand out a bit more and less sketchy. Overall, I will keep enjoying this series and see where it ends up.
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This volume continues building on Aoki and Ida's relationship, as well as Hashimoto and Aida's.  There was some nice progress in Ida and Aoki's relationship in this volume. I honestly can't get enough of this series. If you like heartstoppers you would like this.
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This series is so good!
I absolutely love love love these characters ! Both main characters are just so fun adorable lovable and surprising. I can't stand how cute it is ! It's becoming one of my favorite manga series for sure.
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The fourth volume of My Love Mix-Up! continues the blossoming relationship between Aoki and Ida. Throughout this volume they learn how to communicate clearly with each other as well as how to navigate their new relationship while at school. I will definitely be purchasing this title for my library. This is a must read for fans of the series.
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Oh my heart! What an adorable installment of this delightful manga. It's so fun getting to see their relationship develop.
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This volume continues building on Aoki and Ida's relationship, as well as Hashimoto and Aida's, though we don't really see much of them here. The focus is on miscommunication and hurt feelings, as Aoki, who thinks Ida isn't taking things seriously, butts heads with Ida, who's still thinking things through, on how to approach their relationship. While this is definitely a series that focuses on a slow burn, new relationship type plot, it has felt like the story has stagnated. I was happy to see, then, that we got more from Ida's direct pov, which clarifies some of his actions, as well as provides a better foil for Aoki's antics. Hopefully we continue to get more balanced perspectives, as having everything from Aoki's pov won't work to really further the plot. I still love this series, I still think it's a very important series to have out there, and i'm excited to see where things go next.
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This series continues to be absurdly cute. I get the same "I wanna smoosh their faces" feel that I get when I read "Heartstopper," which is about as high a compliment as I can give.
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Another pleasant installment in this sweet series. Aoki and Ida's relationship is slowly getting closer as the story progresses, but not without bumps along the way. I'm not too fond of how Aoki handles when there's miscommunication between the two of them, but it doesn't hinder me from enjoying the story as a whole. (It is pretty annoying, though.)
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