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This book was perfectly written! Going into it you’re just expecting a wicked family history with many many secrets ~ then it takes a twist, Ava has found out information that TRULY brings you in. I could not put this book down, finished it in less than two days!
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Atmospheric creepy novels are a favorite. Ava returns to her childhood home, (a haunted mansion) hoping to unravel the mystery of her mother's death.  It was listed as natural causes, but Ava has never believed that.  As the book progresses, we aren't sure if it's the people around Ava, or is it Ava herself that is the danger?

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This book was fantastic! I really enjoyed it and it kept me guessing throughout, which is difficult for most books to do. I felt like I connected with the characters and really enjoyed the plot!
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This was not for me. The writing just was ok. I couldn't connect to the story or the characters so I found this book very long for what it was.
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I enjoyed this for the most part but found the reveal a bit too farfetched. The first and second paragraph lured me in and I was intrigued enough to read it until the end.
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Goodness gracious, this book gave me the goosebumps I crave when I read a spookyliscious book. I adore when I have hints about the plot twist but as the story develops you keep doubting yourself and the author truly makes you think. This is exactly what happened in this story for me. 

I felt intrigued, then disgusted, then confused, then annoyed, then intrigued once more, then I also wanted revenge, then devastated... and it was like this the whole time I spent reading this book. A rollercoaster of emotions. I am most certainly looking forward to read the previous work from the author and her upcoming novels too. 

Thank you Netgalley and Thomas & Mercer for the opportunity,
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This book is written from the perspective of 3 characters, Ava, Sarah, and Didi. Ava returns to her childhood family mansion in the hopes of confronting her haunting past. This journey takes her on a strange and horrifying ride as she learns the truth of what happened to her family. 

I really wanted to like this book.. it had all the elements that would make an awesome book, an old gothic home filled with ghosts, a murder, a mystery. But it fell flat. It was a slow burn… very slow. It did pick up toward the end. However, the twist was easily guessed toward the beginning of the book.
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I had mixed feelings about this book, it is told in multiple person timelines. There was talk about a ghost and I really thought the story would be around that.  However, it is more about Ava returning to her childhood home to figure out what happened to her mom.  Was she murdered or did she really just sick?  

Ava returns to her childhood home after a divorce to bring some closure to her childhood issues.  Once she returns home, all the weird things start to happen again.  With the help of her brother, she soon realizes there are things from the pas that don't add up.  Is she going crazy or is someone trying to kill her?

Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for a copy this book for my honest review.
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Shadow Sister tries being a psychological thriller,  horror story and a gothic thriller all at once but succeeds in none of these areas. The story begins with Sarah as she gets interested in  Jamie, her new professor at the college she had been attending for the past months. And then we cut to Ava, Jamie's sister, who is still struggling in coping with her mother's death when she was a child. For the past few years, she has become increasingly convinced that her mother hadn't died of natural causes as declared then by the doctors. 

And then we get to delve slowly into the mind of Didi, the girl who had an unhealthy obsession with Sarah in their high school and even tried to push her off a ledge to kill her. We are taken into  the minds and psyche of these people in the current time and about 13 year previously, when Didi used to work in Ava, Jamie's dilapidated mansion house. The author takes us through a twisted maze of paranoia, mind-games, manipulation set in a very atmospheric place that just gave me the chills while reading about it 

The book is a fairly entertaining read with a good narrative style and odd character sketches. The story is eerie and atmospheric enough to capture our attention; there are also some good scare moments. Almost all the characters in the story are emotionally damaged and twisted people and the author has given those people a solid background to explain the reason they are being the way they are. And their weirdness give a solid canvas to create the most twisted story a person can ever think of.  However, for the same reasons, these characters get quite difficult to connect with as they seem quite unreal at times. 

Despite the red-herrings and psychological elements of the story, I did see some of the twists coming. Still, I quite enjoyed the story and recommend this book for all those who like to read atmospheric thrillers containing chilling moments.
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Ch 1-5

It's okay to not see Paris. I always dreamed it would be my favorite place in the world. See Paris syndrome.

I love that kittens heels are back in. Can't decide if they fit my style or not, but there's this pair by Inez I'm rather enamored of.

Not that they're in any way my style, but I'm always jealous of white people's family rings. I'd like a Victorian cluster. I'd never wear it, but you know.

I hate when people say adulting. Embarrassingly enough, it's generally millennials.

Mom died suspiciously. I'm quite curious about this thus far, which is good. I've had a slew of bad reads, as you well know.

CDs. Red Hot Chili Peppers. MySpace. The memories.

Mm. Sexy nerdy is exactly my type. Love me some horn-rimmed glasses. Help.

I would like to rent a bungalow in Santa Monica. How nice it is to be rich.

Ch 6-10

I don't know why the idea of a hand surgeon makes me laugh so much.

What is the name Darsh? Is this real life?

Coldplay at a beach party. How original.

Okay, Darsh's mom is Indian. I'm fine with his name if an Indian can confirm this is a name. But fairly certain his dad is white.

The old crush that's now an architect seems suspicious. Did I already say I find everyone suspicious?

Secret weddings are the best. Until they're not.

Ch 11-15

Is Didi really the villain? I don't trust Sarah. I don't trust anyone. Are the narrators reliable?

Well, well. Sarah is manipulative? Who knew? Oh, me.

Ava is dumb, but we've all been there.

People pretending to be other people. I wonder how much of that is going on.

Ch 16-20

I was promised a ghost. All I'm getting are creepy unsigned letters. Who is masquerading as mom?

I'm sure lots of people would like to live by the ocean, but they aren't rich. The things people say. Insane.

Ch 21-25

I'm sorry but in this day and age, you're telling me someone doesn't know who Frida Kahlo is? No way. Absolutely not.

Yes. Move your injured husband into the childhood home that he hates without asking him. He'll love that. It will go so well.

Everyone ironically calls Target Tarjhay. You're not special.

Did Didi kill mom or is that the red herring here? Or rather, a red herring.

Ch 26-30

Did Sarah purposefully donate to the school where James works? What does Thomas know about her?

I am trash for anything art deco. 

Sarah needs to but tf out. That is not your house. You cannot reno it. 

Damn. I’d marry an old man and put up with his stupid kids if he left me $45 million. Into that. 

Ch 31-35

A body! In the gravel! Oh no!

Ooh, special tea. 

What does Sarah have on Thomas? The plot thickens. 

Ch 36-40

Sea cucumber is a choice. 

Ava is on a slow descent into madness. Or is she being poisoned, too? What is happening?

If dad is dead, who has Ava been seeing?


Ch 41-45

Maybe don’t fall for a man that literally buried someone you loved. 

This was wild. I loved every second.
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Nice creepy little read. Would recommend. I really liked the storyline. My only complaint is why are creepy mysteries always in an inherited mansion? Gets rather boring.
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Ava has always questioned her mother's death. The doctors attributed it to a rare disease, but she remains convinced that it was something else. Maybe someone poisoned her mother there in the halls of the family mansion. Seventeen years have passed and she'd ready to find some answers. There are a lot of different characters and a lot of different motives, both in the past and present. Towards the end, my concern for the characters was making me actually uncomfortable. It's creepy and atmospheric and part of the Kindle Unlimited program.
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I'm not sure what to say, it was certainly nothing that I expected. I expected specters galore, but no ghosts apart from the odd inference materialized., There is loads of atmosphere though, and while off to a slow start, it picked up. 

I'm not sure how realistic this premise is, for one thing, I doubt I'd be quiet if a crazed woman covered in blood ran up to me on a stormy night and told me not to tell anyone. but who knows? Blackthorne House itself is wonderful, but a few of its past occupants were unspeakably awful. 

A solid 3.5 stars.

Thanks to NetGalley for my ARC.
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Shadow Sister is a mystery thriller.
The story and plot were very interesting to me and it was
what kept me reading the book. I didn't really connect with
any of the characters. I really liked the different time lines
and seeing the different mysteries. Overall I thought that
the story was really good but I thought that it could have
been better and some parts could have been taken out of
the story.
Read if you like:
-dual povs
-different timelines
Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an ARC
book in exchange for an honest review!
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Spooky season is not over yet and you need to read this one for a haunted house murder mystery gone sideways. Ava goes home to her childhood haunted house to try to remember how her mother was murdered and along the way, shit hits the fan with her weird new sister in law. This book was fully developed and didn’t skim back on plot or characters, I couldn’t put it down until I figured out what was going on. While the twist was easy to guess that doesn’t take away from how fun and creative it was! Put this on your TBR for a bingeable thriller.
Pub Date: Oct 18th, 2022
Pages: 396 pages
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐
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It is a mystery thriller and I loved the strong start to the the story. Even as the eerie parts started to slowly wind down the more into the book I got, I was still impressed with the beginning pages. Definitely a beautiful yet haunted tale written.
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Absolutely yes! I really enjoyed reading this novel. The characters were fun, it held my interest, and provided an escape from reality. I would definitely recommend!
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A pretty good book. It is a mystery thriller. The story is good. I liked the atmosphere of this book. Pretty good for a one time read.
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This one started off really strong. I loved the creepiness and the early scenes at the family’s haunted estate were chilling. It’s rare for a book to scare me, and the opening chapters did, to the point I couldn’t read at night anymore! Unfortunately, those horror elements tapered off and there was maybe too much going on as the novel progressed. The tension seemed to ebb and flow rather than steadily build. While readers do need a breather from the scares, it felt more like a total reset with different character POVs (including a flashback character). I was hoping for a solid haunting story — about a house and the people who came into its orbit — but that never fully crystallized. Marcott captures unsettling writing very well, I just wanted a lot more of it throughout, and more of a focus to follow. Ava’s chapters were by far the standout and I’d definitely highlight certain scenes for the writing alone.
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Shadow Sister is a twisted thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end. 

Jamie tells his sister Ava that he thinks there is a way to break the trust and sell their ancestral home. Ava says she doesn't think they can and has decided to move back to the house to live. Ava believes the house is haunted and wants to face her fears by discovering the truth about how her mother died.

Jamie on the other hand has no desire to ever return to the house and is determined to sell. Jamie tells Ava he has just recently married a student of his. Sarah, Jamie's new wife reaches out to Ava and says that Jamie is missing. Sarah and Ava join forces to find Jamie.

This story is told from several points of view interspersed with the past. But in the telling of it people are acting out of character and we are only left with more questions. Sarah believes her mother was murdered and possibly by her father. She also believes her father is sending her emails and phone calls trying to get her to lose her mind. Jamie who never wanted to return to the house is now returning after having been found now recovering from a car accident. Sarah is weirdly ingratiating herself into her new family. All very odd, but the truth is more twisted than Jamie and Ava can imagine but will they survive in the process.

I liked this story but some of it was pretty predictable.
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