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DNF at 36%

This book had a lot of promise and started off really well with some interesting concepts and ideas, but then it just lost its momentum. I tried to keep going with it, but it became too much of a struggle, and I just wasn't enjoying it at all.
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We are all pawns in a game between Gods.
We can only hope to be manipulated by the winning side!

Soldiers come and raid the city killing the King and Queen.
Their son is rescued by the unlikeliest of allies, a soldier with the Palimer named Lleu. But who Is this Lleu? This stranger with blue eyes that is in servitude to invade the Waterland’s that were once his home.
And why rescue Theron? 
Theron is then whisked to safety only to live his life in exile and roam the streets as wanderer and a beggar. Hence the title of the book “The Vagabond King”
Theron has never forgotten where he came from, for he is Theron Greenbroke, The Prince and rightful heir to the Waterlands. Forced out of by war but rescued and now will seek his “REVENGE” under the guise as musician from the Southlands.
Theron’s way back home is not one that will be easy, nor will it be the road less traveled. 
Theron will have to make many decisions along the way, which will be filled danger. Amongst many will be two bickering Gods and one passive Goddess. (Go figure!)
Dreyar God of the Earth and self-proclaimed “King of the Gods”   
Empress Keresan (Dreyars Wife) has ruled Thelonia for one thousand years and wants to extend Dreyars influence to other lands.
Then there is Zenith, God of the sky and brother to Dreyar. Who is nothing but a conniver and manipulator? 
He pretended to be all kind and gentle to Sevanta, who was nothing but a sweet, Mother, who invented things. So, Zenith gave her wings. But there is a catch of course. She is under his hold and control.
Then we have Athys, Goddess of water and sister to these two blundering idiots. (Dreyar and Zenith) who just want to bicker. But Athys just wants balance, tranquility, and peace. But the more Dreyar controls, the weaker she and Zenith become.
So how does one stop all this Ungodliness? Theron and Azzania might cross each other’s paths somehow?
Bond pulls her characters with seamless effort, along with likeable and beautiful imaginable imagery.
I love how you actually care what happens to the characters, and that it had you wanting to know what will happen next.
The Vagabond King was a wonderful, Fantastical Fantasy novel.
One that you will find extremely hard to put down, and one you will be looking for the next in the series.
I just noticed, Cute little Easter Egg. Authors name is in the title of the book. 
Anyone else notice that?
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! In no way does this affect my rating or review.
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Could I put this book down? Only just, would I spend my hard earned money on it, oh yes. Its a well written story with characters that come alive in my head as I read it.
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Apparently, "The Vagabond King" is the first part of a planned trilogy. I have no idea why the second book (at least!) isn't published yet. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The setting is vivid, the characters are beautifully crafted (but I need the second book to get to know them better!), the plot is brilliant... and the writing holds everything together with style. Please get book 2 in my hands as soon as possible!!

My thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley. This review was written voluntarily and is entirely my own, unbiased, opinion.
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The Vagabond King
by Jodie Bond
Fantasy Medieval

Threon is a prince, and while out drinking with others, his kingdom was attacked by cruel men from across the sea. Thanks to a herb, these men are immortal and follow an Empress who married the God of the Earth, and under her orders, they take captives for slaves and food for their lands. 

With the help of a woman who harnesses the Void and her people, a woman cursed by the god of the air, the king of a neighboring land, and an immortal who was taken from the same land as Threon, Threon goes to the Empress' land to put an end to her rule.

The story started off with promise, but then it stalled out. 

There are no vivid descriptions, it's all quick and flat summarizing, more telling than showing.
There was no life given to these characters. One missed her daughter 'so much', but it didn't feel as if the character did, just as if she was saying she missed her kid because that was how a mother was supposed to feel.

Choppy chapters jumped suddenly from character to character, so there was never enough time to connect with the characters, where they were, how they were feeling, or anything than they were going here, and fighting them, and why don't we do it this way.

Wanted to DNF it at 40% but I didn't because, at one time, it had potential, but it failed to achieve it.

2 Stars
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The first in this series about a land ruled by three Gods , two who bicker and fight and one who only wants harmony. The God who rules the Earth has proclaimed himself King with an immortal following supported by slavery and conquest. The God of air has a cunning plan to rage war and utilise the humans to aid and serve him. Whilst water just continues to flow in plain sight simply waiting.
A young Prince loses home, family and country but returns to take back that which was cruelly stolen. A soldier protects were he can but serves cruel masters. A mother is taken from all she loves and changed beyond all recognition and a priestess who believes in peace will aid all who seek righteousness. 
Wow this certainly held my attention with its mixture of conniving, untrustworthy Gods and those who struggled with their capricious ways. I loved that it’s possible to be heroic even whilst being human and fallible. I won’t rehash the story but will say it made me run a gamut of emotions. I enjoyed this very much and do hope that there might be a sequel as even though there’s closure of sorts here there’s still quite obviously more to be said.
This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
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This was a dark and disturbing fantasy read that I couldn't put down. It was wellw ritten with well developed charcaters and an engaging plot full of good world building
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DNF. I liked the sounds of the book, but after I requested to review it, I realized it was the first of a trilogy that came out 2 years ago, and it doesn't seem like the author is going to be finishing it. I am not all that interested in reading the first part of something that isn't/won't be finished. 

I'll give it a few stars, but that means nothing b/c I didn't read it.
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A new voice in fantasy has arrived. That book was amazing. Dark, gripping, well written, it need to get notice because it truly deserve it!
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Threon, the Vagabond King, is torn from a life in the palace by raiders and forced to scrape a living on the streets of a foreign land. Meeting a witch of the underworld, a rebel soldier and a woman cursed by a god, he seeks retribution through a quest to reclaim his home and throne. Together they rekindle old allegiances, face an immortal army and learn to trust one another. But when the gods begin to interfere with their plans, is it a curse or a blessing?

Loved, loved, LOVED this book! “The Vagabond King” by Jodie Bond, previously published in 2019 is an excellent fantasy adventure. I only started getting into fantasy a year or so ago so this book slipped by my radar. Thanks to the publisher giving it a new little boost, it is firmly on my radar now! Some fantasy can be long winded - which isn’t a criticism, but with world building and character building, it can be a lot. This book managed to retain all the magical elements of a good fantasy tale without being overly long winded. The plot was great, the characters more so and I am just super excited to read more from this author. “The Vagabond King” would be an excellent introduction into the fantasy genre if you’re unsure of where to start or you feel intimidated by some of the larger fantasy books out there. 

My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an arc in exchange for an unbiased review.
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