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The Blood of Patriots and Traitors

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Great continuation of this series. It just must be mentioned that the main characters are lucky, lucky people!
Thanks to Net Galley and Oceanview for the opportunity to read this book and my opinions are entirely voluntary.

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This book promises lots of action and thrill, an ex CIA agent, that's wanted in Russia, needs to go back to said country to pick up and smuggle out a defector with Intel that's highly important for the US government, so when I first started I was expecting lots of fights and a bunch of action... And I was disappointed.
This story's got a slow start, contextualizing everyt8and introducing us to every character and all the bureaucracy involved in the upcoming mission, and that made it hard for me to really connect with the reading of the book, since it was very far from what I had expected. But, as soon as Max landed in Russia I got all of the action I was waiting for.
He's in a extremely risky mission where absolutely nothing can go wrong and very single little detail has to go according to plan so, naturally, everything goes wrong: his allies on the country no longer want to help him, the defector proves to be rather stubborn and hard to plan with, and an agent that made his life's mission to capture and kill Geller is certain2he saw his nemesis in a surveillance tape. All of these problems come together to create a unpredictable and addicting narrative. The author managed to keep the sun the air during the whole book, making me suspicious of even the shadows of the characters. The story also went further than I expected it to go, not ending when Max got back to the US, instead it showed us the consequences of the mission, with more of the bureaucracy he had to deal with, that bored me a little bit, but that brought us even more action and unexpected twists in a plot that I had thought was over.
This book is the second of a duology that can be read as stand alones, but after knowing the author and Max's story I'll definitely read the first one.

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This book would make a great movie or mini-series! It's related to present situations around the globe, like war, political intrigue, espionage, world domination, and so on. Once I started reading The Blood of Patriots and Traitors I just could not put it down, as it's fast-paced and full of action. The situations are so clearly written that you actually see them in your mind. Mr. Scott did a wonderful job with this story and I'll be looking for other titles written by him.
I thank the author, his publisher, and NetGalley for this book.

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This is book two in the Max Geller series and it's the first one I've read. It's The Blood of Patriots and Traitors by James A. Scott. I received it from Oceanview Publishing via Netgalley and it has just been published, on the 21st of February.

Max is recovering from a mission, but lured back into action. He needs to travel to Russia to meet and smuggle out a defector. This, of course, doesn't happen that easily and it turns into a manhunt across country borders.

This was quite the action packed thriller with suspense taking place on almost every page. That made sure you were kept glued to the pages and the events taking place could very well be a news broadcast about the present day. If you're into espionage, Russian and other intelligence agencies and international spies, read this book!


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I finished ✔️ The Blood Of Patriots and Traitors and really enjoyed it in ways I didn’t think I really would! 🤯

5 ⭐️’s
Pub Day: February 21st, 2023
If I’d never gotten into shows like NCIS that’s based on a true story, I really wouldn’t believe CIA officers and experts really do things talked about in this book.
This story just really reminds me of real life military officer & federal agency issues in more ways than one. 🤯
Absolutely 100% relatable to real life world issues
Yes, I’d recommend this book 100%

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With millions of dollars in the bank and his girlfriend by his side, Max Geller is enjoying a peaceful Australian beach when his past catches up to him. After a mission to Moscow that involved a bank robbery and obtaining incriminating evidence against the U.S. President, he has been found by the Russians. When the shooting is over Max is still standing but his girlfriend is gone. Max had been fired by the CIA but his girlfriend is still an agent and Max’s former boss is using he to force Max to return to Moscow for one more mission to assist a defector. Colonel Petrov has specifically asked for Max’s help. He is offering information on planned Russian military operations that could damage American security. Max does not trust his ex-boss and questions whether Petrov’s offer is a trap to lure him back to Russia. What follows is a classic spy thriller and a thrilling chase from the streets of Moscow to Finland, Cyprus, Germany and ultimately ending in Washington D.C.

Back in the U.S. Max is called on to stop a Russian threat that could lead to nuclear war. His life is once more on the line as the clock ticks down and he is manipulated by his former superiors. This is James A. Scott’s second Max Geller thriller. Scott offers enough back story, however, to make this thriller stand on its’ own and the action will appeal to fans of Brad Thor and Mark Greaney. I would like to thank NetGalley and Oceanview Publishing for making this book available for my review.

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I received an ARC through "NetGalley" and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

This story begins with Max and his girlfriend on the beach when Max notices a group of men on each side of him and winds up shooting them and hits most of them, but he receives unexpected help from members of the CIA. These individuals from the CIA want Max, who was fired from the CIA, to help them get a Russian out of Moscow because he wants to defect. This person said that he wanted Max to get him and no one else. Max is hesitant because he is wanted in Russia for what he did the last time he was a CIA agent. The members of the CIA said that was okay and they would have Max's girlfriend handle it instead. This put Max in a bind because he knew that Vanessa, his girlfriend, did not have the skills necessary to pull this office nd he said he would do it.

Max was told that they had a plan, but Max knew that things don't always happen as you want them. Max as he waited to go to Russia developed his own plan that he would use if the 1st one did not. When Max got to Russia, he found that security was tight. There was an individual that really wanted to capture Max. met up with the defector and explained his plan. Max soon had to reconsider what he was going to do because he had been discovered and the Russian were closing in.

Follow along to discover the way that Max was able to leave Russia, how Max once more met up with Rampart, the defector's code name and the steps Max took to complete his mission. Once Max got back to the states, he wound up getting injured.

Learn in the end how everything eventually worked out and what other activity Maxx got roped into once he started to heal. The ending reveals all and it contains things that you weren't expecting. Great continuation following the 1st book "President's Dossier".

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A Russian Defector—A Worldwide Dragnet—A Looming Assassination—Max Geller is back in Moscow - I could not put it down. Would definitely recommend to others!

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Thanks to Oceanview Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with a free ARC in return for my honest review.
This is a spy thriller that has it all, from action, cerebral spy games, traitors and the myriad of secrets that are part of espionage. This is the 2nd Max Geller mystery, and while it is not a standalone book, you can easily follow what happened in the first book, and get caught up with the issues in this book. Max had worked for the CIA and had been in Russia where he received compromising photos of the US President, and along the way stole $10 Million from a Russian bank.. He is now a fired CIA agent living the good life with his girlfriend in Australia where he is approached on the beach and is basically blackmailed into going back to Russia to bring out a Soviet defector who has major information about the Russian plan to invade its former satellite countries. But Max has a price on his head in Russia and must devise his own method to ensure that this is not a trap, as well as escaping Russia with the alleged defector.. The action is both explosive and fast paced, as Max tries to evade the Russian security forces, and stay alive. The action takes us from Australia to DC, then onto Russia, into those Russian satellite countries, Cyprus, Germany and, whew, that is a lot of action and travel. An Authors Note tells us that this ties up a lot of loose ends from Book 1 of the series, and it may very well be that this will only be a 2-book series. Nevertheless it is a roller coaster ride of excitement and espionage which keeps you at the edge of your seat until the very end!

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A Max Geller Spy Thriller Book # 2

Former CIA agent Max Geller lives a quiet life spending is time on an Australian beach when his leisurely time is interrupted by a former agency colleague wanting him back on a secret mission. The colleague bid to press the ex-spy back was soon thwarted by a group of Russian’s security services ... then watch out, the beach turned into a fight....Strong- armed by his former Boss Geller gets back into action and sets out for Russia, a hostile place where he is a wanted man from his previous mission and his head is still on the chopping block. When the high-octane pursuit across Russian starts....we are in for a thrilling ride.

This is a fast-paced story filled with never ending action. It starts at the beach and moves rapidly in a narrative that holds the attention from the very beginning. His mission doesn’t go as planned but the many twists and turns that come his ways give us excitement and expectation....whom to trust and whom not to.... Geller faces this dilemma multiple times and along with him we also do. The characters are interesting some are not whom they appear to be and some are too transparent. But aren’t we smack into the world of espionage were deceiving is the buzz word. Mr. Scott transmits this with aplomb.

Thorough, two chases are underway: one is Geller chasing his target and the other is the Russians state security desperately wanting the catch him. The action takes us Russia, Finland, Germany, Cyprus and ends in a very creative way in DC. You will love how this develops.

This is a classic espionage book with all the bells and whistles. Well-done, well-said.

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What a page-turner that was! While Max Geller is relaxing on a beach in Australia with his girlfriend Vanessa, he is appraoched by the CIA and attacked by Russians. They simply won't forget that he robbed a bank in Moscow and got away. And his old boss Rodney blackmails him to go back to Russia and bring out a defector. Basically nothing is as it seems in the beginning and the reader navigates through lots of twists and turns. Max Geller is a fantastic character and I for sure will follow further adventures. James A Scott interlaces real events and persons in this fiction and sometimes the reader wonders if this is fiction at all. Highly recommended for fans of spy thrillers. It helps if you have read The President's Dossier (Max Geller Book 1) but isn't necessary.

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Max Geller, part 2.

In The President’s Dossier (part 1), CIA operative Max Geller managed to find some pretty damning evidence that the newly elected president was in bed with the Russians. While finding the dirty pictures in Moscow, Max managed to piss of a highly placed CIA asset, rob a Russian bank (for a cool $5 million), kill a bunch of Russian agents, get bounced out of the CIA mostly for naught because the evidence never made it out of some file drawer.

Part 2 opens with Max and girlfriend Vanessa (also CIA) relaxing on a beach near Sydney. All’s well until a small hit squad opens fire. This doesn’t help Max’s disposition one bit. He wants to find out who outed his whereabouts. When he gets an audience with Rodney, his former boss at the Agency, the hit squad’s intentions are brushed aside.

Rodney needs Max. Now Max and Rodney aren’t chums after Rodney fired Max. An asset deep within the war planning arm of the Kremlin wants to defect and the only person he trusts with he and his wife is Max. As a war planner, ‘Rampart’ would be a prize worth winning. Problem is that the GRU/SVR/SUV, yadda yadda yadda wants Max for a very public trial and incarceration in the deepest hole the Kremlin can find. Max doesn’t think any plan has a good chance of success, but with a little arm twisting and a bit of blackmail, Max agrees to sneak back into Russia, contact Rampart, and then plan/execute an exfil to get Colonel and Mrs. Rampart out.

Two chases are underway. One is Max (and some ‘friends’) chasing freedom for Rampart. The other is the Russian state security people desperately wanting the catch Max. The chase goes all over NW Russian, Finland, Germany, Cyprus and ending in some creative solutions to multiple problems in DC. Some of the solutions devised by the Russians. Some by the CIA. Some by Max and friends. And plenty of people, Russian and US, wouldn’t find a deceased Max to be something to mourn over.

The President’s Dossier had quite the far-fetched, but entirely possible, plot line. Blood picks up shortly after Dossier ended. The key thing for me is that Scott outlines multiple duplicitous plans that generally seem quite possible (all except one involving the Washington Monument) that has Max stumbling over his own two left feet. Good thing his most important weapon is his ability think/decide/act quickly with or without any loss of life. The first half of the book is classic espionage – who’s thinking what, when might something happen or not, then what should be do or what might they do. When the chases begin, the plotting pace accelerates considerably. While the two books can be standalones, I might suggest that they be read in order.

I’m getting to be a broken record here. Publishers. Pay attention to a book's publisher. This is another winning thriller from Oceanview Publishing.

Thanks to NetGalley for making the advance reader copy available for review.

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Maxwell Geller is a former CIA officer who has had considerable success in his career, especially on the Moscow front. He is pretty much forced to come out of semi-retirement to accept a challenge which will take him back to Moscow. His assignment is to bring out a defector who has extremely valuable secrets which the CIA is desperate to get. The defector has asked for him by name based on his reputation in Moscow.

This fast paced thriller is absorbing as it is full of action. It starts with how Geller is compelled to accept this assignment as he basks in the sunshine on a Sydney beach. Things move very rapidly and the events described hold your attention from start to finish. Geller goes about his task with many twists and turns coming his way. It is one thing for him to know whom to contact and quite another to know whom he can trust. The book has a number of interesting characters. As is to be expected, some of them are not whom they appear to be. In the murky world of espionage and spying, as you can imagine, there are many ways of making someone change his/her mind and allegiance.

James A Scott has a good grasp of plotting a story and delivering it with aplomb. I am sure “The Blood of Patriots and Traitors” will be well received when it is published. Keep a lookout for this book. It is worth a read!

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Great story and plot, great characters and will read more by James A. Scott as soon as I can. Thrilling story with twists and turns, what more could you ask for!

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James Scott has a thrilling novel on his hands and his character, Max Geller, is embroiled in the middle of international plots. Geller is a former CIA agent and an expert on Russia. He has gotten involved in a major heist of money and has retired in Australia.

But as most things --too good to be true. After and assassination attempt he is forced to return to Russia to help a defector escape. Is the man really a defector or part of a nefarious plot to get Geller back to Russia? Geller goes back and everything that could go wrong does go wrong.

The defector is not all he seems and there are plots within plots, which is what makes this an interesting story. Will Geller be able to thwart both the Russian spy apparatus as well as his own people who are note too enamored with him.

To find out how he might extricate himself and maybe help the Russian "defector? you'll just have to read the book.

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Please help the book be made available at Aldiko app. I m facing issues with downloading otherwise. Thank you.

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