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This is a book that will likely not age well. It is hard to explicitly state much of an opinion beyond that when dealing with speculative future topics. But as much as I hoped for a breath of fresh air or clarity from Mr. Narula, the truth us that his vision of the future is only accessible to a very slim minority of the world if the industry reamains as it has.
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Herman Narula makes an interesting case on the future of society and the internet. His approach is a journey through history to the present, at times in a spiritual way but mostly in a factual manner which makes a clear case there the future of humanity will contain a version of the Metaverse, even if we may call it by different names when it is finally here. His case is hopeful in a sense that he believes the future of the Metaverse will not end up in the hands of a few conglomerates solely pursuing financial profits. On that, I am not so sure about, but certainly a great book to get the conversation started and make you think about the future.
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