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I really loved this book. The stories were pretty funny and truly wild. I enjoyed how it was broken up into short sections so it was easy to pick back up every time.
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Thank you to NetGalley for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review! As a LadyGang listener, I was excited to read the book that Keltie, Becca, and Jac had been working hard on for so long and have enjoyed  the sneak peeks we got on the podcast. I loved the idea of confessing/offloading long held secrets to rid ourselves of shame. The stories that were told were hilarious, cringeworthy, and at times, heartbreaking. I absolutely loved the quirky artwork throughout! I do wish that we got more from the authors and less from the anonymous LadyGang community, but that is because I prefer memoirs to essays.
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I am an OG LadyGang listener back when the podcast was called something else we can’t say anymore due to legal issues. I love these ladies, their honesty, and what they stand for but I went into this book a little skeptical. I loved “Act Like A Lady” but knowing most of this book was formed from listener/fan confessions I didn’t see the value of it. What makes this different from the Facebook group? Could this have replaced listener questions for a few months on the podcast? The answers to those questions don’t matter because I loved this book. I wish it was longer.

I love a good secret and I love to watch a train wreck I’m not involved in. We all have awkward or embarrassing moments. We all have secrets we wouldn’t want anyone to know. By anonymously collecting them here the reader has the chance to find someone like them, be grossed out, find comfort or enjoy a good laugh. It’s the perfect gift to give someone who needs a release from life’s daily struggles. Even if you’re not familiar with the LadyGang, the content is for every lady and hopefully by the end you’ve subscribed to the podcast and found your people. It’s a quick, fun read that can be accomplished in a few hours and I’m looking forward to hearing more stories not included in the book on the podcast.

Thank you to Rodale Books for this ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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You know that thing you did years ago and would never tell a soul about? Like you would rather die than have anyone find out? This book is where you go to finally share it. These essays made me happy to be a woman. I cringed, I laughed, and felt a whole array of different emotions, both positive and negative. The artwork throughout the book is absolutely adorable, and I just had so much fun reading it. 

Thank you NetGalley and Rodale Books for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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This book promised Lady Secrets and it delivered! Some of the stories were hilarious! I laughed out loud so many times. My husband kept asking me what was so funny 😄  Some of the stories were a emotional while some were a bit embarassing. Some of these stories I could relate to on a personal level. 🤷🏻‍♀️ We all have a secret or two that absolutely NO ONE in our real day to day life knows about and we hope no one will ever know.  It brought to light how we are all just trying our very best every day attempting to do it all while having no clue how we're going to make it happen.  Aka we are all human just trying our best every day. 

I didn't know these 3 fantastic women have a podcast and now I'm about to find it and binge listen to as many episodes as possible. 

I recommend this book. I think I'll read it again in a year or so!!
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I have been a long-time listener to the Ladygang podcast and have also read their first book. I was excited to get an advanced copy of this book from net galley. It is not my typical type of read, but it was very entertaining. I had to break it up a it because so many confessions in a row was a bit much but definitely made me laugh. If you are dan of the podcast or just want to hear other people’s confessions, you will probably like this book.
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I really enjoyed that we got stories from members of the LadyGang community! It definitely makes me feel like we helped write a book with all of our stories. I also appreciate the types of stories. I feel like it makes us all feel a little less alone/weird.
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Funny, made me laugh and made me cry. Keltie, Jac and Becca offer great insight into the LA world of fame and celebrity mixed with the average real life struggles of women. The anonymous secrets throughout the book a great as well.
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Look I can't do it anymore. I am waving the white flag. Consider this a DNF at 65%. I think this book is definitely for the podcast's built in audience. Loved the concept of airing out your deepest secrets but i can only handle reading so many stories about people's bathroom habits or sex accidents. I swear I read like 4 versions of every story listed in here. The majority of the book can basically be summed up with these 3 types of stories: oh no, i got food poisoning/took laxatives/etc. and now i'm having stomach issues; Wanna hear a funny story about a shitty guy i fucked when i was younger?; And, omg! I'm like kinda famous but I needed a reality check because I got too cocky. :p. Seriously, kill me. I really didn't wanna DNF this because i hate DNFing but I just cannot handle this anymore.
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Keltie, Jac and Becca did not disappoint with this book! The inclusion of not only their own secrets but confessions from the Ladygang sets it apart from other tell-all/celebrity books. It will make you laugh and have you thinking back on your own questionable decisions. A must read for every lady, there is a story that everyone can relate to.
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One thing about me is I’m a little nosey, so a book about secrets is right up my alley. I absolutely loved this book! I’ve been a ladygang fan forever and loved THIER first hook so I was super excited for this one. From laughing to getting teary eyed these stories and secrets were amazing and made it impossible to put down. I can’t wait to have the physical copy in my hands and reread it again and again! 

Thank you NetGalley for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review 💕
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Lady Secrets: Real Raw and Ridiculous Confessions of Womanhood 

Release date: September 20 2022 // Thank you @netgalley for the advanced copy! 

“Stumbling through womanhood is a lot less easier when you know everyone else is stumbling alongside you”

I’ve been a longtime listener of the @theladygang and the stories that Keltie, Jac, and Becca shared were new and personal. I’m sure thinking of stories that they haven’t shared over years of podcasting wasn’t an easy task. I enjoyed their first title Act Like a Lady (June 2020), but this book was icing on the cake. My favorite part was how they incorporated stories from other woman - it kept me wanting to keep on reading more.
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I was lucky enough to be given an advance copy of Lady Secrets by net galley. This book was so many things! It was honest, authentic, entertaining, & real. I loved it from start to finish. I couldn't stop and I read it in less than a day! I have been a Ladygang fan for many years and this book is true to the Ladygang brand. It was such a great read and allows people to feel like they are not alone in their secrets after reading the authors and also fellow lady ganger confessions. I would definitely recommend this to LadyGang fans, but also other women who want a different read that is part memoir, part confessional, and part hilarious!
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I have heard of this podcast before, but never listened; but when I read the premise of this book I knew it was something that I would love to check out (I’ll definitely be looking for the podcast next!). Lady Secrets was hilarious, the ladies make you feel wildly comfortable enough to share those secrets that we all have. From relationships, to sex, clothing malfunctions the stories from ALL the ladies hit the mark.
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Sure, gender equality has came a long way, but definitely not far enough. The stigmas we as women face on a day to day basis, which have us tiptoeing around the realities of our own lives are just simply absurd. This idea that we are supposed to be perfectly put together has us walking around full of shame, holding in the low down dirty secrets we wouldn’t dare let the world know because of how we would then be viewed. Holding anything In over a period of time is unhealthy , it continues to weigh us down day after day , compromises our self esteem, and has us feeling all alone while standing in a room full of people. Which is in turn, just ridiculous! 
This is basically the whole idea behind which this book was made, and let me tell you, it is absolutely brilliant! I have laughed until I’ve cried, the kind of belly laugh that physically hurts- but hurts so good, if you know what I mean! I felt embarrassed, heartbroken, upset, mad and shocked, but most of all, I felt normal. Secret after secret I found myself within these pages! I guess I’m not so unique and different after all! 
A HUGE thank you to LadyGang and every single last lady that called or wrote in spilling their not so lovely truths, and thank you for making me feel not so alone!!

I loved the little clips of pictures, and quotes sprinkled throughout the books. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to find that the website and hotline is still open! Best believe I already have a little notebook with some horrific truths of my own! Now I just have to decide which is the most cringe-worthy! Lady Secrets Pt 2? Please!!!!!

A special thanks to NetGalley and Rodale Inc for my e-arc of this book in exchange for my honest review!
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Lady Secrets is a hilariously real book while also had me crying like a baby on how close to home most of the stories hit. I really enjoyed the authors’ secret confessions mixed in with anonymous confessions.
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Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

To preface, I am a casual listener of the Lady Gang. I appreciate the podcast for the Hollywood gossip, honesty, personal stories, and the friendship between Jac, Becca, and Keltie.

For this reason, I was interested in picking up the book (also, it was giving me Tumblr PostSecret vibes). 

I found the stories to be (a bit lengthy) but emotional, raw, and open. I found myself a bit bored with the introduction essays explaining each section of the book and skimmed through those parts.

This book is definitely for the listener/fan of the Lady Gang, I don't know if I would have picked it up or resonsated with it if I didn't have the Lady Gang podcast backstory to fall back on.
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As an OG LadyGang podcast listener, I really enjoyed this book, because I feel like I already know Keltie, Jac, and Becca so well, but got to hear several new stories about them, that they hadn't shared on the podcast. Even as a non-listener, I think their stories were interesting enough, that anyone would enjoy reading them. I also found some of these "secrets" told by others to be a throw-back to all of the magazines (Cosmo, YM, Teen) I loved to read as a teenager, but quite a bit juicier! As an added bonus, the point of the book was actually to empower women to read other's stories, then know that they are not alone. We've all made terrible mistakes, done gross/weird things, and have had feelings that are totally justified, even if we are told by society that they are wrong. This book made me laugh and almost cry, plus every emotion in between. I was truly, pleasantly surprised by this book, and actually liked it even more than their first book!
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Definitely for fans of the podcast, but not a new reader.  Love the concept of confessing to remove shame from the requirements of womanhood, but this felt shallow.
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This book lived up to the hype.

*Disclosure: I’m a huge fan of the Lady Gang*

I loved the first book that the Lady Gang wrote, and I was very excited for their second book. It did not disappoint. It was even better than I was expecting! 

The girls were honest, and vulnerable in a way that’s difficult to do these days, and I appreciate the authenticity. The secrets shared are juicy, yes, but they’re real. And that made this book enjoyable to read. 

I would definitely recommend.

Also, the acknowledgment to Ford really filled my heart with warmth. 

This ARC was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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