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When Elodie applies for the job of librarian in peaceful Willow Grove, she’s looking forward to a new start. As the daughter of a media empire, her every move has been watched for years, and she longs to work with the thing she loves most: books.
It’s a chance to make a real difference too, because she soon realises that there are other people in Willow Grove who might need a fresh start – like the homeless man everyone walks past without seeing, or the divorcée who can’t seem to escape her former husband’s misdeeds.
Together with local journalist Finn, Elodie decides these people have stories that need sharing. What if instead of borrowing books readers could ‘borrow’ a person, and hear the life stories of those they’ve overlooked?
But Elodie isn’t quite sharing her whole story either. As the story of the library’s new success grows, will her own secret be revealed?
I really loved Elodie’s Library of Second Chances, I wasn’t sure what to expect when reading the synopsis but it exceeded every expectation. It pulled me right in and I couldn’t wait to see the outcomes. The characters were interesting and likeable and I felt invested into seeing a good outcome for them all. A heart warming hug in a book for sure.
I’d could really see this being made into a lovely film, would be a great chick flick. Also #rebeccaraisin can you please write a follow up for this? I’m sure there is plenty more story to be told .

Thanks for NetGalley and the publisher for a chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I enjoyed reading this novel! It was like reading a Hallmark movie.

Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for an advanced copy!
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Rebecca Raisin writes comfy, feel good, down to earth stories and this was set in a library in a small country town. In order to get finance for new books and equipment,Elodie has to save a library by increasing membership with no time to lose.
She notices that some of the town residents are not treated kindly by others and sets out to persuade them to be 'human books' telling their story so that others can understand their life. Using local newspaper reporter, Finn, as a way to publicise the scheme, people come to hear the tales. Using the idea of ^judging the book by the cover" seems to work.
Will it be enough to get people to sign up? 
I liked the idea, the characters were great and I empathised with them but there was no complxity to the story and no unexpected twists so for that reason, it got 3 stars.. I'd still recommend it for a little light reading to while away time.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this romance, which was a perfect read for a summer’s day. Elodie loves books, which is odd as she is the daughter of a media empire. Having applied for a librarian job in the peaceful Willow Grove, she’s looking forward to a new start, out of the spotlight. Along with local journalist Finn, Elodie believes that people like the homeless man, that everyone walks past and the divorcee who can’t escape her husbands misdeeds, have stories of their own that need telling. Elodie sets up a person ‘borrowing’ scheme, so instead of borrowing a book, readers, listen to the life story of a person. However, Elodie isn’t that keen on sharing her own story, but as the library’s success grows, her secrets might be revealed. An enjoyable and engaging heartwarming and uplifting story, with great characters and a wonderful setting.
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Rating: 4.5 Stars

The fabulous Rebecca Raisin is back with a charming, emotional and uplifting romantic tale that is impossible to resist: Elodie’s Library of Second chances.

Being the daughter of an influential media tycoon has meant that Elodie’s life is frequently under scrutiny. Elodie would love nothing more than to live life unencumbered by the fear that a photographer is lurking nearby waiting to sell a picture or a story about her to the papers, so when an opportunity to work at Willow Grove as a librarian comes up, Elodie jumps at the chance not just to indulge her passion for books, but also to slip under the radar and live a quiet life for a change.

At Willow Grove, Elodie finds everything that she has always wanted – books, kind-hearted people and a chance to make a difference in people’s lives. Realising that she is not the only one at Willow Grove in need of a fresh start, Elodie decides to help out the people in the community who could do with catching a break. From the homeless man everyone ignores to the divorcee whose marriage continues to persecute her. These people all have interesting stories that need to be told and Elodie is determined to help them come out in the light.

With journalist Finn ably assisting her, Elodie at long last finds the fulfillment that she has been seeking for so long. But Elodie also has a story – and a secret – that needs to be told. Will Elodie’s secrets end up putting paid to her future at Willow Grove? Or will she get the happy ending she had been dreaming about?

A new Rebecca Raisin is always a major cause for celebration for me and Elodie’s Library of Second Chances hooked me in from the very first page. A feel-good charmer that fizzes and sparkles with warmth, hilarity and heart, Elodie’s Library of Second Chances is a superb page-turner about starting over, finding the strength to take a leap of faith and finding your soul mate that is so enchanting I couldn’t bear to put it down.

Elodie is such a wonderful heroine. Kind, caring and resourceful, she is somebody readers will not be able to stop themselves from caring about and cheering on to get her much deserved happy ending. Add a cast of beautifully realised characters, a gorgeously described setting and a heart-melting love story and readers will have a feel-good romance they will not want to miss.

Fun, emotional and immensely enjoyable, Elodie’s Library of Second Chances is another winner by Rebecca Raisin.
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Really good book. The plot was well-written and engrossing. I look forward to reading more from this author.
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Every book I read by this author leaves me feeling happy and hopeful that the world can be a very good place! This was no different.

Ellie is tired of being the public face of her parents'publication company. She wants to follow her own dreams without the Astor name that has given her everything so far. With her love for books and reading, a newspaper article about a small town library in need of funds to continue operations seems the perfect project for her to take up. Especially as it is one she has fond childhood memories of. Away from the spotlight, Ellie loves the town of Willow Grove and wants to save the library even though it seems an uphill task. Until she comes up with the idea of a 'people' library that will let those neglected and ignored by the town to tell their stories and feel included along with increasing library membership.

The characters are the strong points of this story that is all about not judging anyone too quickly or harshly and giving everyone a fair chance. My favourite was 11 yo Alfie who is adorable and really smart though he is bullied for being different and not able to recognise social cues. His attitude was really moving. In fact I was rooting for all the 'people books' who bravely shared their stories with the town. Ellie, with her positivity and willingness to see the good in everyone was as fresh and likeable as Rebecca Raisin's other heroines. Loved her relationship with her brother and how supportive they were of each other. Her energy was very feel good.

A very positive uplifting read that emphasized the importance of community and relationships.
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Absolutely yes! I really enjoyed reading this novel. The characters were fun, it held my interest, and provided an escape from reality. I would definitely recommend!
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Life does not always afford us a chance to begin again.  If we are given one,  we make the most out of this fresh start.  If we are in a position to give this opportunity to someone then it should not be that hard as we know what it felt like.  Uncommon riches-to-rags theme, slightly wordy and slow paced but I loved the idea of the human books -to look beyond the cover and hence the title.   In any case, small-town setting, a library, and a whole town rallying for you is always a favorite.

My first time reading a novel by Rebecca Raisin and I was surprised to find I have her 2 other books downloaded!  Thank you, Net Galley, for the ARC!
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This book and it's subsequent 'people's library' is a slice of magic from start to finish. Elodie or Ellie breaks away from the family business following the discovery of a news report about a floundering library from her youth but she has her work cut out to secure a sharp incline in memberships.
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When I feel like a pick me up, I love reading one of Rebecca’s books. You know you’re going to get a cosy cute happy cuddly story that does just that. 
Elodie’s library of second chances is no exception to that rule. I know exactly what I’m going to get when I read the authors books. Another excellent Rebecca Raisin book.
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Heart warming and feel good story.  Enjoyable premise and engaging delivery. Not overly unpredictable in places but the the ideas around the library are ingenious. Easy read. 

Thank you Netgalley
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Now I have to admit that I'm always one to jump on a book where the plot involves books (or food!) and this had an abundance of both! It was also actually the first book I've read by Rebecca Raisin (although I do own a few) so I wasn't sure what to expect from her writing.

It was a lovely, down to earth book, but maybe a little too much - it just felt like there was a certain spark missing. Everything fell into place too easily; there wasn't really anything to "guess at". The scene setting was wonderful though, I could imagine myself living in Willow Grove.

The overall message was something that should be commonplace though - that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover (which I know I for one have been guilty of doing, both literally and figuratively). There's always something hiding behind the cover, and it may be so far away from what you expect. I did like the unique premise of Elodie's library experiment using human "books"! Especially little Alfie, I felt a real familiarity with him, having an autistic son myself.

Though it didn't enchant me like others books of this genre, I will certainly still read her other books when I'm looking for something light hearted.
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Coming from a wealthy family all Elodie dreams of is a quiet life surounded by books. When she is offered the job of librarian in a beautiful village she leaps at the chance. 

While settling in she discovers that she isn't the only one needing a new start. Together with local journalist, Finn, she initiates a borrow a person scheme. Where you can hear stories from people in the community who would otherwise be overlooked. 

This was a delight
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A lovely and heartwarming story!  I really enjoyed the characters and storyline.  Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a complimentary copy of this book.
3.5 stars
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Elodie keeps her wealthy family a secret whilst taking over a small town failing library and discovers that there are also a lot of people in that town that have stories to tell. The 'borrow a person' scheme idea takes off, (an idea that is in use in some Swedish libraries) and has a profound impact on the library and the town.

Add in to the mix a potential romance and some tricky staff and Rebecca Raisin leaves booklovers with a great story where you are rooting for the characters. Another success from Raisin and I look forward to reading more of her work.
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Elodie's Library of Second Chances by Rebecca Raisin 

I received an advance review copy for free thanks to NetGalley and HQ Digital and I am leaving this review voluntarily.


When Elodie applies for the job of librarian in peaceful Willow Grove, she’s looking forward to a new start. As the daughter of a media empire, her every move has been watched for years, and she longs to work with the thing she loves most: books.

It’s a chance to make a real difference too, because she soon realises that there are other people in Willow Grove who might need a fresh start – like the homeless man everyone walks past without seeing, or the divorcée who can’t seem to escape her former husband’s misdeeds.

Together with local journalist Finn, Elodie decides these people have stories that need sharing. What if instead of borrowing books readers could ‘borrow’ a person, and hear the life stories of those they’ve overlooked?

My Opinion

Last year, I had a lovely introduction to Rebecca Raisin and this was just as enjoyable. This book is all about not judging people on appearances and how local libraries need help to remain open. 

From the first page, I was hooked. Ellie has an exhausting job with family and is looking for an escape - can applying to be Willow Grove librarian be her way out? This book includes many ways in which libraries can help people and shows just how we should use what we have before it is too late. 

Such a lovely book, that will stay with me for a long time. 

Rating 4/5
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Okay, so this is another fangirl type moment/review.
You have been warned.
😁 if I would be anything but honest...I loved this one from the word GO.  Elodie is such a wonderful character, full of heart, dreams, and a love for books that rivals my own.  Thing is, she's been put in a position in life that many would envy, but it wasn't her dream.  One thing leads to another and serendipity, or fate steps in and BOOM...she's in Willow Grove; this darling little town that just screams Hallmark movie moment, but GASP...they are in danger of losing their library!  Our fabulous leading lady takes on the challenge with a full heart...and an assumed name, well sort of, to swoop in all on her own and save the day...hopefully...probably...with any luck and A LOT of help.

Her idea for the People Library was genius...and quite honestly, something I'd love to see done in our own local library.  Her diligence to see this project through was heartwarming.  Her enthusiasm for the written word, her understanding of its power, and how the library is more than a house for books, but something special to every patron that seeks it out, all touched my bookish heart.  Elodie truly believed in her dream and wanted to make it a reality not simply for herself, but so that no one, not even the most ignorant of the town of Willow Grove would have to do without.  The friends she makes along the way, from Alfie to Harry, Pete to Sophie, all have stories to share and knowledge to impart. Even Finn, the reporter who's story stole her heart in the first place, is leaving his mark on both her endeavor AND the woman herself.

Suffice it to say that by book's end, several heartfelt wishes are answered, and love conquers all in surprising ways.  It's a book that Contemporary Fiction fans will adore with a bookish slant that can't be ignored!
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A brilliant theme to a book, join a library and inherit a person. Thoroughly enjoyed this book and its completely different theme.
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