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This book seemed like it would be really great. It is definitely intended for an older boy I’d say maybe at least 13/14. My 11 year old felt it was too big for him and I agreed. I did glance through it and the content seemed well written and put together. I would definitely recommend it, however just for the proper age. I will be looking into this book once more when my son is a bit older and definitely a book that a dad/grandfather/male mentor  and son would enjoy together.
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As the mom of a boy in middle school, I love this book. Even better, he loves it because fantasy is the genre of choice right now. Brave Quest gives a short reading each day that draws you into a fantasy story designed to teach about biblical manhood and character. The book specifically invites reflection on what the reader's challenges are, how to overcome them, and what it means to live with integrity. 

This would be a good book to read with your son if you have a family reading time, before bed, etc. Even older (tween) boys can enjoy reading together!
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