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Digital Lethargy

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Reading this book, it was hard for me to imagine that I could have been born anywhere other than MIT. That is a huge compliment from me.

This is an analysis, with great content of educated criticism, of the role of new technologies and connectivity in our society, psychology, economy, and the role it has in inequality. It forces us to put our ideas about it in perspective, not with the desire to attack progress, but to call us, from multiple literary fragments, to pause and question digital capitalism.
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Regrettably, I found this book to be both tiresome and boring so I can not recommend it. If you possess a strong interest in this book,s subject perhaps you should give it a try but it was not a good choice from my point of view.
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This is a book filled with interesting observations in every page, written in interesting language, about an interesting subject. The author navigates through the minefield of techno-language cliché with success, despite falling victim to an Orwell reference at least once. I found the constant discussion of race tiresome and out of place, and I wish the author had spent more time on the ableism of digital technology, as the short mention of it was fascinating.
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