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Heckin' Lewd: Trans and Nonbinary Erotica

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Heckin' Lewd had a wide enough variety in the concepts of the stories, the characters and identities, and the sexual content, though something felt oddly repetitive as I read through. Perhaps it's that the writing style- these talented authors took the idea of "lewd" and ran with it- can start to get a little old when reading it specifically for review purposes. The range of authors and identities also feels a bit limited, and though there are lots of characters outside of these, it would have been interesting to see some ownvoices, despite the problem with that movement. These stories bring a wonderful blinding trans joy, complete ownership of bodies and lives. While not the first collection of its kind, this joins the likes of Trans/Love and Nerve Endings in a way that continues to build on the genre. I'd be interested in seeing something a little more... daring? though for most people this will be daring enough.
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Amazing collection that showcased kink, gender exploration, and love in really honest ways. I found this to be a very validating reading experience.
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This is an anthology of short Trans and Nonbinary erotica. There are stories across many genres, and werewolves, succubi, witches, pirates, aliens, and more all end up with representation.

On the whole it was an interesting collection - where gender expression was not fetishized, but simply part of the characters. I thought it was a fantastic collection showcasing that.

A downside for me, was that of all the stories, only two had a setting that was essentially modern, without sci-fi or fantasy elements. I was kind of hoping for more of that - but that is a per
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As a non-binary queer person who generally enjoys sex and reading horny romance novels—hell, even fanfiction—it crushes me to rate this anthology series so low. 

The introduction starts out by promising a diverse exploration of gender and sexual expression that is so rarely found in erotica. And while yes, each story does tick the box of at least one non-cishet character, most of them failed to hold my interest long enough to feel even a moment of excitement. I was also surprised at how confusing and oddly edited the collection was as a whole with most of the stories spending way too much time on world-building and not nearly enough on getting down to business.

Rather than continue to harp on what I didn't enjoy, I'll choose to focus on gems that gave me some new authors to keep tabs on:
• Only the Good Die Young by Ash Riley | A couple pulls off a heist with nice banter/chemistry
• Stray by MJ Moreo | Incredibly cute cat boy roleplay scenario
• Redgum by Ash Orlando | BDSM + camping trip
• The Devil You Blow by Rien Grey | Devil/angel transmasc couple hooking up at the gym

Thank you to NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I requested this book simply because I had never seen anything like it and I was excited about publishers (even if small) finally realising that there is a market for these stories. Writing-wise I was only impressed by a couple of stories, and plot-wise by a few more, but the book in its entirety did make me happy, simply because these stories exist and were written by authors that identify as the same as a lot of their characters so they knew what they were talking about when it came to the more physical action and the emotional weight as well.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for this DRC
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Heckin’ Lewd is a taught collection of brief plots, with lots of nipping, tweaking, flicking, clenching, and biting. The collection is probably more pornographic than erotic in that characters remain firmly two-dimensional, existing in the moment. Scenarios provide the barest detail. Instead, they rely on genre tropes to move readers swiftly to fantasy kingdoms or backwoods truck stops. The reader is left to conceive the action in their own versions of these worlds, already worn by cinema into defined areas for action. The stories populate such places with a cast of characters from horned beasts to tentacled aliens, tending to be strong, indeed overpowering, generously endowed, and with orifices to spare.
If detailed observations are sparse, precision attention is given to anticipatory arrangements. These are the sex worlds of tops and bottoms, safe words, and sexualities of brazen power dynamics. Such dynamics are habitually codified in consistent tropes where everyone purrs, growls, and moans, background noises thrum, gazes want, lips bear down, clothing is yanked off, and genitals engorge. 
Together, these encounters, like (found) family relations, are refreshingly lacking in coyness. Consent is more than just willing; it is avid, agreed at some time before the stories start, leaving the arena clear for practical arrangements. 
In the context of current debates around how children and young people can be supported in negotiating the prevalence of internet pornography and how it affects learning about sex and relationships, these narratives represent a valuable move away from traditional heteronormative models. In such discussions, no-frills accounts of desire and adaptation, of people defining want, and making clear arrangements to ensure they get it, are vitally needed. For this reason, the stories are an invigorating antidote to the demure evasion of the central power interchanges that can be an unambiguous aspect of fucking but subtle in love.
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A fascinating and interesting collection of well written short stories by several authors I have not read from before. I enjoyed every story.
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2/5 stars

Thank you to Bold Strokes Books and Netgalley for a chance to review this eARC!!

Little sad that I have to write this review during Pride Month, but here we go.

1) I wish I could give more stars because I adore queer erotica, but the quality just wasn't the best. I've read better on AO3 and Wattpad unfortunately.

2) I was really disappointed in this anthology for the lack of diversity and inclusiveness. Not all trans and non binary people are thin, white, and able bodied.

All in all, FANTASTIC concept, just lacking in execution.
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I really loved this anthology, which I picked up because I love Chace Verity's work. I wound up finding a bunch of new-to-me authors that I'll definitely be reading more from in the future.! A win all around!
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I was hopeful that this would be an anthology of a wide range of representation in terms of trans and non-binary identities and bodies with great smut. Ultimately it was more of a mixed bag than I hoped for and kinda light on the smut at times. I would have loved some subversion in terms of dynamics and less fantasy/paranormal than was present. Several of the stories felt like excerpts of larger books, with too much world building and exposition rather than standalone short stories.

A couple stories were standouts, several were downright disappointing, and the rest weren't memorable. Stories I enjoyed were This Fragile Little Affair by Kelvin Sparks, Stray by M.J. Moréo, and The Devil You Blow by Rien Gray. I found Past Midnight, Before Dawn by Anne Stagg pretty problematic in terms of ace rep and Better By Half-Elf by Sally Bend made me cringe. I would have liked to see CWs at the front or back end of each story. As it was I can imagine some people would come across some limits while reading that they would have preferred to be made aware of. 

I received an advanced reading copy from Bold Strokes Books through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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My rating for this book comes with an extra star for the representation and creativity! The content however, doesn’t do it for me. I wish there had been some content warnings on netgalley for some of the stories, because while the word “kink” is in the book description, it barely scratches the surface. While all of the stories feature consensual sexual content, lots of them are paranormal with fantasy elements including shape shifting (which often reads as body horror), blood play, breath play, hardcore BDSM, and more. I’m all for kinks but I wasn’t warned about it and I don’t love that. I’m not finished with it, and I probably won’t finish it. Might chip away at it a little at a time over a few months.
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i loved geting some diversity in erotica! its already hard enough finding gay erotica, and then nearly impossible ti find trans ones, even more so non-fetishitic ones.  I loved the body and gender positivity all throughout this

I will say 1) this it practically a fantasy erotica anthology, almost all the stories have fantasy elements which i didnt always click with and 2) alot of these i had to skip because they had some  content that isnt my cup of tea personally. and 3) alot of these were very plot heavy and tbh got boring i found myself skimming many
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This was a fantastic read of erotica collection and just seeing trans people as well as their partners just being sexy and sexual with one another. There’s a good balance of contemporary and speculative fiction in the mix. As with all anthologies, I have found some stories that were my favorites and others that weren’t my thing. Overall, this a perfect anthology for anyone that just wants to read about trans people have a good time.
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This anthology of trans and non-binary erotica was, as most anthologies are, a mixed bag. A lot of the stories were compelling in one way but lacking in another. Many of them left me wanting more of the intriguing plot and less of the boring sex scenes, which is exactly the opposite of what a reader wants in an erotica anthology. I don't regret reading this but I can't say I'll be recommending it to anyone. 
Some of the highlights for me were "Only the Good Die Young" by Ash Reilly and "The Devil You Blow" by Rien Gray. The lowlights were "Better by Half-Elf" by Sally Bend, "Stray" by MJ Moreo, and "Past Midnight Before Dawn" by Anne Staggs.
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Like any book with short stories by multiple writers, some are always better than others. I am going to tell yall of the ones I liked.

Past Midnight, Before Dawn, Stray. Something's happening to Rylen, The Pink Lady and the Social Club, and Immersed. 

I highly recommend reading these stories and I honestly enjoyed them.

The others were not bad really, just a bit boring and boring is not what you want to see when you are reading erotica.
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Excellent. Wide range of perspectives, which is always needed.i enjoyed reading and I'm sure learners will as well.
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***Thank you NetGalley for this ARC***

I really enjoyed this anthology of short stories, and I do mean short. Quite a few of them feel like the beginning of a really great story and ended too soon for me. It leans into Sci-fi/Fantasy/Paranormal far more than I expected it to so if you aren't a fan of those themes this won't be for you. I also felt like a lot of the stories could have used much more show and less tell, for me good erotica has a nice blending of both. But a few stories fell short for me. 

I enjoyed seeing a mixture of pronouns and various kinds of relationships. Though it did feel very heavy with AFAB characters paired with male characters. But that didn't bother me too much but something that might be a flag for others. 

Overall it was a good read. Definitely different from the mainstream erotica.
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Unfortunately I DNF-ed this read as I just couldn’t get into it. As a queer person, I usually love queer stories but I felt the ones I read in this anthology were very lacklustre. It just didn’t seem very well edited. A wonderful premise though!
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Absolutely loved this anthology! The stories were spicy and varied. I adore all the positive queer and kink rep in the stories. Not your cookie cutter smut. Will be posting in depth review on Amazon when book releases.
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I enjoyed this collection of naughty shorts.  There were more paranormal elements than I (perhaps naively) expected, which is not generally my preferred flavour of romance, but I still enjoyed most of the tales.  A few did feel a little under-developed, due to their required length.  I was really enjoying 'The Pink Lady' but it felt like it ended too early and abruptly.  I'd like to see that expanded into a longer tale.

Stand-outs for me were "Something's Happening to Rylen" and "Redgum", as I felt the strongest emotional connection between the characters in those entries.
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