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Absolutely enjoyed Williams and Beatrice's story. The author did a good job with the story line and all the character's.  Will's mother left when he was a small boy for love and he swore he would never submit to this emotion.  He has always been determined to protect his two younger brothers after his mother left.  That is until he meets the young women writing to home about women's rights  when her uncle loses her fortune Will comes to the rescue but the rule is the will only be friends and no love aloud.  But when one of them breaks the rules the.other puts up a wall.  It will take the truth to come out regarding the true reason Will's mother left to never be seen again to let go of the past and to find true love.

This was a very good read and I recommend it.
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Beatrice and William were such a lovely couple to read about.  I couldn't put this book down  Two people who don't realize what marriage can be when you have a great partner. 
Readers will love this book.
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I have been provided with a review copy of Much Ado About Dukes from Entangled Publishing via NetGalley for an impartial review. This is the second book in the brand-new Never a Wallflower series and I just loved getting to reenter this amazing world. I just really enjoyed this story and I just didn’t want it to end. I just lost myself in it and I just couldn’t get enough of these interesting characters. I can’t wait to see what’s next from this author.
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I was so excited to have been given an ARC of this book! I really like this author and series! I loved that our heroine is a blue stocking, feminist, that’s stubborn! She’s so wonderful! Beatrice is always working towards women’s rights, which I love, who doesn’t want to marry unless for love. Will, a Duke, doesn’t want love. He works hard and cares for his brothers. He doesn’t like feelings but has a good heart. But Will is intrigued by Beatrice and agrees with her views on women’s rights! (Seriously let’s just swoon now!) So when something big happens to Beatrice, she needs a husband…so Will offers his hand and a contract for their marriage! I really loved their dynamic and banter! This was such a delight to read! I look forward to the next one!
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I absolutely adored this story! Much Ado About Dukes by Eva Devon is one of those stories that you will never forget. Devon has created a whimsical and heartfelt romance between two stubborn, skittish towards love, and perfectly imperfect characters … this is a story that keeps you entertained from beginning to end. Although this is the second book in the Never A Wallflower series I would say the story could easily be enjoyed as a standalone. With that said, I highly recommend the first book The Spinster and the Rake, it’s another must read by the talented Devon.

Much Ado About Dukes loosely mimics it’s Shakespearean namesake Much Ado About Nothing and Devon pays tribute to the classic by featuring the play in this story. The tropes of this historical romance include a mixture of Forbidden Love, Fearful/Avoiding Love, Friends-to-Lovers, Marriage of Convenience/Arranged Marriage, and Duke Falls for Bluestocking. These tropes perfectly compliment each other and are woven together masterfully creating a poignant and magical romance.

The MCs are William Leonidis Maximillian Easton, Duke of Blackheath, and Lady Beatrice Haven.

I loved William Leonidis Maximillian Easton, Duke of Blackheath, of course I always seem to love male characters that are rakish/rogue/scoundrels (not sure what that says about me), who believe their life is perfect, who avoid attachments at all costs, who believe love is either a myth or that love will simply ruin everything, and ultimately who find out everything they believe is wrong … Love is wonderful! “No, he would never fall in love. Love was the devil. Love was dangerous. Love was the road to hell as far as he could tell. It had certainly ruined his mother’s life, and his father’s, too.” Blackheath is the epitome of “reformed rakes make the best husbands” and watching him realize he loves Beatrice makes for a perfect romance.

I do have to admit that I was unsure I would like Lady Beatrice. Initially her persona comes off as too opinionated, very shrewish, and with an almost obsessive purpose driven reason for living. Beatrice’s primary purpose appeared to be women’s suffrage and she is very outspoken to any who will listen. Marriage and love are not things she deems important and she has a hard time accepting that any woman would willingly become a man’s property and give up all freedoms (which there are not many), to live as a fancy house manager and brood mare. When we are introduced to Beatrice she is lamenting her failed provoking and recruiting of the Duke of Blackheath. I honestly felt like I wouldn’t care if her character was trampled by a horse let alone fall in love. 😉 I should have known that my opinions would change, and of course they did, the very moment I was allowed to see Beatrice through Blackheath’s eyes, the moment he first lays eyes on her … “Lady Beatrice. Activist, bluestocking, woman extraordinaire. Harrier of politicians and a woman of letters. There was only one word for her. Magnificent. He did not know what he had expected, but this was not it. She was a positive force of a woman, and he was…stunned. There was only one word for her. Magnificent. He did not know what he had expected, but this was not it. She was a positive force of a woman, and he was…stunned.”

When Blackheath and Beatrice first meet you just know there are going to be sparks and Blackheath’s reaction is the perfect start to their fiery relationship “William Leonidis Maximillian Easton, Duke of Blackheath, had a secret regarding Lady Beatrice. One he would never confess to anyone. He admired her. Intensely. Too intensely, in his opinion. For the one thing that Will forbade himself in any capacity was undue intensity. He already struggled mightily with a melancholic streak, and anything which caused him to feel too much? Well, it was to be avoided at all costs. And Lady Beatrice’s letters made him feel.” … “as he stood transfixed by Beatrice, he realized with a growing horror that she was striding his way. Yes, striding. There was no delicate traipsing for this young lady. No, she was crossing the room in fiery leaps and bounds. The way her silk gown skimmed her long, strong body was…captivating. And he found himself filling not with horror but anticipation. Good God. Was this meeting going to be terrible—or absolutely wonderful? He wasn’t certain. But she looked as if she was going to come over, grab him by the balls, and lead him in the most merry of dances. He wasn’t certain if he wished to linger or to run, but he was a good soldier. Retreat was not his line unless necessary.”


Overall I loved everything about this story. I really liked how Blackheath supports Beatrice and her endeavors working towards women’s rights. His love for Beatrice shines through his actions allowing Beatrice to open her heart to love.

As mentioned earlier this book has some direct and indirect features of Shakespeares Much Ado About Nothing and I think one of the best examples is the way Devon represents what marriage means for a woman versus a man. Beatrice risks losing any hope of independence if she marries, she will be handing over the ability to be controlled to Blackheath. However, if she doesn’t take the chance and allow Blackheath to save her, she will be trapped by poverty and ruination and her family will suffer as well; and she may just fall in love. In Much Ado About Nothing Claudio, Don Pedro, and Benedick perceive marriage as a trap in which husbands are bound to be controlled and deceived, by their wives but they also deeply desire to be married. In each tale someone decides to place their freedom in the hands of a possible advisory and instead of regret they are rewarded with love.

Review Copy of Much Ado About Dukes provided by Entangled Publishing via Netgalley for an honest Review.
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Lady Beatrice Haven is passionate about her causes and very frustrated with the Duke of Blackheath (William) because he has yet to give her a sufficient answer to her many letters she has sent about her causes. When they must meet and spend time together, they realize they are going to have to get along because Beatrice's cousin is engaged to William's  brother. Sparks fly and this well written historical novel entertains as well as engages the reader with the story  between Beatrice and William. Thoroughly enjoyed the friction and the humor, as well as the character development.

Thank you to NetGalley for this advance review copy for me to read and enjoy. As always, my reviews are voluntary and my opinions are my own.
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Much Ado About Dukes is the second book in the Never a Wallflower Series.  I'll be honest, I think I liked this one less than the first book.  Maybe this series just isn't for me. Since I'm not a fan of Shakespeare or Bridgerton, I guess that should have been a sign.  I had a hard time connecting with the characters.  I didn't feel any chemistry between William and Beatrice, other than being told they were hot for each other every page.  I found Beatrice to be overbearing and exhausting.  The book was a bit repetitive.  Constantly being told they were hot for each other, but could never love each other got old.  The ending was predictable.  It was just a miss for me.  However, it has gotten good reviews, so maybe try it for yourself.
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Lady Beatrice has decided she will never marry.  She is independently wealthy and would rather fight for her various causes including the rights of women.  When she meets William, the Duke of Blackheath, she is sure he is her enemy.  Until she gets to know him and discovers he cares for many of the same issues as she does.  He also enjoys Shakespeare and the theatre just as much as she does. William fears marrying for love after his parent’s disastrous union.  When fate throws these two together, will they find that love may be in their future after all?

I enjoyed this romantic story. I’ve been really busy at work and life lately and it was a great escape. Marriage of convenience and enemies to lovers are two tropes that I greatly enjoy, and this book had both.  I loved the characters of both Beatrice and William.  I enjoyed that they both had misconceptions about each other at the start but learned to love each other as the story went on.  I loved that Beatrice was fighting for women’s rights and that William supported her as an independent woman.  I also liked the look into what happens when a woman loses her fortune and the lack of options they faced during this time period.  My favorite scene at a play they both attend, and they are well aware of each other’s presence.  It is a great slow burn scene.

I would rate this romance as a medium for steaminess.  

Favorite Quote:
“Her letters . . . they were nothing compared to the sharp beauty of her mind combined with her presence.”

Book Source:  Review Copy from Entangled Publishing as part of the TLC Book Tour.  Thank-you! I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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It has been said that, very often, the Romance genre can be seen as a commentary on what is going on with society at the time.  This book is a great example of that.  Beatrice sees herself as a wholly independent woman.  Mostly alone with just her cousin and uncle, she has dedicated her life to supporting women's rights.  She is adamant that she never wants to marry.  Which is great for Will, Duke of Blackheath.  While he finds the constant letters that Beatrice writes his office fiery and intriguing, love is not for him.  When Beatrice finds herself in a bit of trouble, the two enter into a marriage of convenience.

There is talk right now about the patriarchy and how we wish that men could be more supportive, better listeners, and not just speak out but take action.  This book shows that boldly.  Beatrice changes Will and his views and actions quite quickly.  It's almost too quick to be believable but definitely would be the dream for many.  Will not only accepts Beatrice for who she is and what she believes in, he goes further by handing out pamphlets himself and actively working to help with her organization.  I enjoyed the friendship they formed but the chemistry just didn't quite hit for me.  Everything was just ever so slightly forced to be believed in such a short time.   That being said, I really liked this book and if you can accept that Will truly changes that much that quickly, you will love this romance.  Beatrice stays true to herself which I found refreshing.  I thought the small Shakespeare references were cute but you do not need to be a fan to love this read.
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Thanks to Entangled Publishing, Netgalley and the author for an ARC of this book.  I am leaving this review voluntarily.

I know this review is coming after the official release of the book, but I hope in some way to convince readers of historical romance to pick this one up.  Sometimes I feel like I have met every hero and heroine, every iteration of the tortured duke and the plucky, independent woman who opens up his heart for the first time.  But this book is different.

Yes, Beatrice is plucky, but she is also self-aware, compassionate and eloquent.  William is burdened by the loss of his mother at an early age and having to care for his brothers while never letting them or anyone else see his vulnerabilities.  When he and Beatrice finally meet, sparks fly - they challenge each other, she opens his mind, he opens her heart and they make a pact to never fall in love - to be logical equals and friends.  

Of course, they fall for each other hard and have to find a way to remain independent while opening themselves up to love.

There's heaps of the Bard in here, a bit of Much Ado About Nothing, a sprinkling of The Taming of the Shrew, even a tad of Hamlet, so if you are a Shakespeare geek like me, you'll love this.

Shout out to Will's brother Ben who is a cream puff and I humbly request more of him if possible please kind author.

Devon writes with intelligence, compassion and swoony romance - I won't miss another of her books.
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Finished in one evening. I have absolutely zero complaints regarding this book. It had a strong female lead, a man who was willing to bend and change his mind, great secondary characters, and the right amount of steam. Easy a d good read for fans Bridgerton and Pride & Prejudice.
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This romance was such a good one demonstrating a partnership between two unlikely single characters. William was filled with paralyzing fear of love and how people behave so recklessly because of it, while Beatrice was filled with fear of men and the power they inevitably have over every aspect of a woman's life.I

The fact that these two managed to have such an incredibly satisfying relationship while dealing with all of this fear was remarkable, though it inevitably hit a wall when trouble came and that's when we find out what they are really made of. I waited way too long for William to come to his senses dear author! But the ending was appropriate and sweet, i love that it didn't end with just a snapshot of children, but rather, a snapshot of their next step together. I loved this story completely.

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Thank you @tlcbooktours for a copy of this fun historical romance. I loved the first book so much and was looking forward to this. This was fun with Beatrice and Will both not wanting to fall in love and have a marriage of convenience. I enjoyed their interactions but felt the parts of the book in the middle was a little slow. I appreciate how supportive Will was to Beatrice's causes and all the fun references to Shakespeare.
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This is my second book by Eva Devon and I think she has become a favorite. Historical romance is not my usual go-to but the way this author writes simple dance into attraction, emotion, and makes strong female characters have a voice in an era where they had none is absolutely amazing to me. I liked how though our male lead was already pro-women’s rights, Beatrice still gave the duke a whole new perspective that made him fight along her side. I loved the main couple, of course, but I had fun reading the brothers interact with one another, a little like the Bridgerton series and the drunk scene was amusing. Hopefully, we will get to see Ben’s character developed in a different book.  There are some steamy scenes but it’s not overwhelming, they are very tactful and in line with the language of the era which I find makes those scenes softer and gives a new perspective on a love scene, therefore more enjoyable.  Overall, I had fun with their banter and the sweet moments melted my heart. Although I knew how it would end it kept me in anticipation of what would happen on the next page.
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Much Ado about Dukes features headstrong Lady Beatrice Haven, who is committed to fighting for women's rights and for a better society in general. In her view, dukes are the problem not the solution. When her path crosses that of William, the Duke of Blackheath, the immediate attraction she feels is completely at odds with her politics. The love story which then unfolds between Beatrice and Will and features a marriage of convenience is charming and swoon-worthy.
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This was back to the genre that started my love of romance novels, the regency romance.  With my favorite trope of enemies to lovers to boot. 

Beatrice and William were a lovely main character couple, both passionate, both outspoken.  I really enjoyed them together but my only criticism is that this book and their relationship felt rushed.  I didn’t get enough of the tension built up between the 2 characters.  I prefer a slow burn in that sense.  I will read more in this series though when they come out. 

Thank you to Netgalley for this ARC im exchange for my review.
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This was a really cute book, very heartwarming. I liked the main character a lot, I'm always a sucker for bluestockings in historical romance. Beatrice is fierce, unwavering, and unstoppable and I loved all of it. I also liked the love interest, he felt three dimensional with his complex past and various beliefs. Overall, it was a fun, quick read that was quite wholesome. I would definitely recommend it to historical romance readers. 

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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I would like to thank Netgalley and Entangled Publishing for a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Enjoyable and based on my favourite Shakespeare play.
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Much Ado About Dukes definitely tug on the heart strings. I love romance books where one of the main characters is dead set against love. There is always so much emotional growth and vulnerability in these plots. This is a very good example of that. I would highly recommend this book!

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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Beatrice is a feminist. She is independently wealthy, though her uncle controls her fortune at the moment. She uses her wealth to help women and fund organizations fighting for women’s rights. She is as involved in politics as a woman of her time is allowed to be, and expect not like like Will, a duke who will be related to her through marriage once her cousin Maggie marries his little brother Kit. But once she meets Will, the two become quick friends – with a spark, of course. Will is an excellent example of an ally – always willing to listen, lift up the voices of the marginalized, take advice from those whose causes he cares about, and adapt his opinions. But there’s one opinion Will is not willing to budge on. He thinks emotions, especially love, are dangerous after his mother left his family for love and was unable to maintain a relationship with her children as a result.

Despite this, when Beatrice’s uncle makes a poor investment and she loses her fortune as a result, Will proposes to his friend. Beatrice never wanted to marry, but knows poverty isn’t an option and that in order to keep funding the causes she believes in, she needs money. People rely on her. She doesn’t like that Will does not want or plan to fall in love with her, but agrees to their marriage of convenience anyway. Of course, falling in love is inevitable. But their relationship is tested once Will is forced to deal with the pain that comes with big emotions. As a result of losing her money, Maggie starts to question her relationships with men, including Kit, and calls off her own wedding. Will is unable to protect his brother from heartbreak. When Beatrice refuses to accept anything other than love from her partner, his brothers help him see that love – between family, between friends, and between romantic partners – is a beautiful emotion everyone deserves to experience.

Wow, what a book! The romance was lovely, but the storyline really hit home for me. This was the perfect example of how to be a good ally, and how to defeat patriarchal beliefs that hold men back when it comes to making important emotional connections. It was a clear 5 star read for me!
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