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Most amazing finale! I'm so sad this series is over but the last third of the book is un-put-downable. I love the way it ends. Fans will NOT be disappointed.
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While the last few titles in the Jane Yellowrock series have been a bit over-the-top, it has nonetheless been an enjoyable series. If Final Heir is indeed, as both the title and the ending imply, the end of the series. Jane has gone out on a high note. Many thanks to NetGalley and Ace Books for a fast and enjoyable read.
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Jane... Jane.. Jane.. and Beast. How weird it is to finally come to the last book in your series?  I'm not ready. Not at all. I'll admit. I had this ARC on kindle for several weeks before I finally worked up the courage to dive into my last adventure with you, Bruiser, Eli, Alex, Gee, and not so Baby Angie anymore.  There's so many of these characters that I have fallen in love with their resilience and strength over the last 13 years and 15 books that it's truly hard to let them go, but with that said, I did. 

Final Heir was everything that I could have asked for the final book in a longstanding series.  Jane and Co. was faced with another big bad, probably the biggest of the series, and I'll be honest, I wasn't sure how it would play out.  It was rough going, and because this is an ARC, I can't share too much. I will say, however, that this story is one for the record books. The ending might be one of the best series finale endings I've read in a REALLY long time. 

So, with a broken heart, I bid adieu to Jane, and hope that maybe some day we will get more stories from these guys. I don't think it will be the same without them.
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You don't need the word "Final" in the title to let you know that this is the finale to the series, the epic plot with game changing ending will clue you in there. I imagine that fans of the series will be happy with this ending and the conclusion it provides.

I went into this book without reading any of the previous books. (Whoops.) Surprisingly, it's really not a bad place to start the series. Jane (our Protagonist) does a lot of reminiscing on the Simple Good Old Days, and contrasting that to where she is now. It's gotten me excited to go back and read the series from the beginning.

All of that reminiscing also gives this book a somewhat melancholic tone. Jane is at a point where she has a lot of responsibilities and duties to take care of, and she's not exactly enjoying that. There are some character moments where she's learning to accept her new lot in life, but I wouldn't exactly call those triumphant moments. She certainly has a character arc, and it's one of maturing into her responsibilities.

The plot is okay, but sometimes drags. The story doesn't always seem to know exactly what it's doing, or why it's going somewhere.

A video review including this book will premiere on my Youtube channel in the coming weeks, at

Thanks to Netgalley and Ace for a copy of this book to review. All opinions are my own.
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BEAST IS THE BEST!  This is a satisfying end to a great series.  The first 30% of the book was a bit of a drag for me.  After that, the hits just keep on coming.  The casts of characters I have grown to love over the years show up.  Even a couple I don't like.  There is an unexpected heartbreaking scene for me at the beginning that set the tone of this book.  This is the end of this chapter for Jane.  A new chapter or perhaps a totally new book will start in her life.  There is so much to process in this book.  There are big fight scenes, blood, gore, sex, and loss.  Still, this is balanced with a bit of humour here and there.  One of my favourite characters because she is such a precocious 8 yo is Angie-baby.  I really hope there is a spin-off series for her.  Or more novellas with her growing up and coming into her own.  She is a handful.  I am glad she is not my daughter.  lol. 

The chapters fly by with action scene after action scene as different combined assaults hits Jane and her vampires.  Jane is slowly picked apart by different foes coming from all sides.  Since the reader is seeing from Jane's point of view, we are just as frustrated trying to figure out how the attacks tie together and the real culprit behind it all.  When Jane finally puts it together, it may be just a little too late.

There are casualties in this war as Jane fights to keep her crown.  Her desire to no longer be Queen as well as change the entire vampire way of life is not well received by some of the older vampires.  Jane depends upon her powerful witchy friends, vampires, and a missing angel.  The threads from previous books all come together as we learn more about the angel.  It is astonishing how the angel times into everything from the start.  There is a lot going on in this book and I don't want to give any spoilers.  Suffice to say that Jane's friends stand by her.  Just as some of Jane's past comes back to haunt and hurt her.  This urban fantasy is recommended to fans of this series who want their happily ever after.
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Faith Hunter is at it again with her amazing characters and killer plots.  This series is on my list of most re-read, and I'm adding Final Heir to the list!  So, so good!
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Thanks to Netgalley and Berkley for gifting me an advanced copy. Below is my honest review.

Final Heir... the last book in the Jane Yellowrock series. I wasn't ready for this. I've been following this series for years, and I knew it was coming, and I still wasn't ready for the end.

Thankfully, Faith Hunter did an excellent job tying up the series with a satisfying ending and a helluva ride to get to that ending.

This series is long - this is book 15 - and you definitely need to read the rest for the proper appreciation of all of the character development and plot woven into Final Heir.

Highly recommended series. One of my absolute favorites, it will be missed greatly.
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And so it ends, with not quite a whimper, but not quite a bang…much like the last few books, there was way over the top action, and far too much magic woo-woo. I still don’t understand how someone who has become as all powerful as Jane still keeps getting hurt. I make no secret that I desperately miss the Jane Yellowrock of the early books, when she and Beast were kick-ass babes. The last few books went in a completely different and weird direction. The books were overly introspective and wordy; and Jane just become more and more powerful. It was all about the woo-woo. Almost like reading a DC comic book, with vampires and dark magic.

A few twisties at the end, especially for Leo and Vampires in general. Hunter made some left turns on standard vampire lore. The saddest thing of all for me was that as much as I loved the early books, when I finished this I didn’t even feel a twinge of sadness that it was over, it was more like relief. At least there’s still her Soulwood series. I’m still enjoying it.
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This is bittersweet, since it is the end of an amazing series! I have really loved the world-building, the way she created the family within this world, just about everything as the series went on. It's been one of my favorite urban fantasy series in the past few years, and I couldn't recommend it more highly. I will definitely be revisiting it.
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I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book, or the content of my review.

This is the fifteenth, and final, book in the Jane Yellowrock series. That saddens me a bit as I have found myself really enjoying the characters and stories in this series. I know there are possibilities of some cross-over stories, and will look forward to any of those coming along.

Easy for me to say I really, really liked this book. As I had an ebook copy, I couldn't swear to it, but it felt longer - like it was more pages than an average book. I just checked and that is not the case. That must mean I was slow to read it as I knew it was the final book, and just did not want it to end. Faith Hunter has doen a wonderful job creating a story world and characters, with background that at times even I could not keep track of. Being able to sort of 'wrap all the loose ends' together in this final book was interesting. I don't think it was loose ends per se, but more of finalizing what happens to the characters, and the state of the world with the effects of said changes. All in all it was wonderfully done, and I would definitely refer this series to anyone that enjoys adult urban fantasy.
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Wow. This book is full of action, suspense, and OMG moments. Jane as always is flying by the seat of her pants and doing her best to keep everyone safe while still hunting the bad guy. I can't say too much about this book without spoiling it because there is not much that did not have a significant impact on the story. Unfortunately for me there still seem to be some unanswered questions. I have heard this is the last book of the series, I hope not because I really love it and want more. I guess that is the best compliment you could give an author.
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So so so good. I loved it. Could not put it down. Faith Hunter is best writer..Jane/Beast will always be best hunter. If this is truly the last book I am so sorry to see it go. Maybe they will come back to visit?
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