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Wherever the Wind Takes Us

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A great summer read. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a review.
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I started reading the book with so much excited and anticipation. The first few pages made me want to explore the book, however I started to really struggled picturing the setting the more I got into it.
I felt bombarded with information and new characters which made it hard for me to fully engage and get into the story. As well as this the writing style and use of some words/sentencing just wasn’t for me unfortunately. This all being said I ended up not finishing this book as I couldn’t get through anymore than I already had. I think this book may still be enjoyable for others but it just wasn’t for me personally.
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A pleasing story of a recent divorcee who discovers that second chances are possible. This is a book to enjoy on a summer's afternoon.
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This is the story of Becca, a recent divorcee who walked away from a very rich, unfaithful husband after 20-ish years,  refusing to take a penny. No alimony, just some items she can sell to survive until she finds a place to live and a job. The judge finds this crazy and awards her a very expensive, beloved sailboat her husband bought and named after her. It's then decided that she, who has never liked boats, and her daughter, who is a semi-experienced boater, will sail the boat. Chaos ensues.

I've read many of Kelly Harms' books. I find them entertaining, funny, and engaging. I especially like her books with middle-aged women who are starting over. Her characters are very relatable and believable. Becca is no different. She's no supermodel. She could stand to lose a little weight. She has no idea of her abilities or any idea of what she's capable of because she's always been taken care of by her husband's money. But I was cheering for her from the moment I met her in the book. 

The author writes good dialogue and interesting stories. I will admit, some of the sailing jargon and descriptions bored me initially, but then as Becca begins to really learn about sailing, about the boat, and it's fun to see her use the right words and become a sailor. 

Trigger warning for readers who don't like sex in books. There's some sex in here, in most of her books. But it's sexy and tasteful and it's not overwhelming or repetitive.

Thank you, NetGalley, for the chance to read and review this book. All opinions expressed are mine and freely given. I can't wait to read the next book from this author.
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Rebecca decides it is finally time to end her 20+ year marriage to Alistair. She hasn't been happy in the relationship for years but stayed married for the sake of their daughter Olivia. Now that Olivia is in college Rebecca is more concerned about Alistair's questionable moral compass at work. 
With the prenuptial agreement that Rebecca signed she is supposed to get nothing from Alistair or his wealthy family.  She is surprised when the judge awards her the Becky Ann sailboat in the divorce. 
Rebeca decides to sell the boat. The easiest way to do that is to sail it down the coast from Maine to Miami. Olivia agrees to help Rebecca sail the boat. They have a rocky journey and Oliva decides to abandon ship (and her mother) and head back home.  She places Rebecca in the hands of her former sailing instructor, Grant. 
Rebecca and Grant are attracted to each other. Rebecca learns to sail from Grant and takes time on the trip to start to decide what she wants her future to look like. 

I received a copy of Wherever the Wind Takes Us from Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley.  

I enjoyed this look into a mother and daughter figuring out their relationship with each other as adults. I also enjoyed watching Rebecca figure out what direction she wanted her life to take.
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This book is great! Would definitely recommend. Thanks so much to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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If you know me, you know I love a good coming of age story. I loved Becca's journey of rediscovering herself. Highly recommend this one and look forward to more from this author.
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Beeca has left her husband and with him, the life she knew. She has the boat, but that’s it. The story follows her journey to deliver the boat to a new owner. This was a great read about second chances and how money changes things.
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This is the second Kelly Harms book I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed it! This story follows Becca Larkin as she is finding herself and figuring out how to be on her own after 22 years of marriage. She finally decided to leave and divorce her husband and deeply regrets signing a prenup when they were first married. She exits the relationship with only a fancy sailboat to her name and embarks on a journey to deliver it to Miami. She begins the trip with her 21 year old daughter who bails and finishes it with a handsome sailing coach who she’s pretty sure is way too young for her. This was a beautiful story about a woman learning to stand on her own and find herself.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Getting to watch Becca grow as a woman was so inspiring. Even though there were a few times I got annoyed with her and her back and forth ways, it was great to ultimately see her discover who she is and go for what she wants in life. It’s never too late to do what you want to do and be with whoever you want to be with!

The one thing that I wasn’t a fan of was Becca’s daughter. She is not a good human being. I’m happy she ultimately figured out her own issues too, but she really annoyed me. 

Overall, a great book and one I will definitely be recommending!
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I always know I can count on Kelly Harms for a great story in a gorgeous setting, and her latest novel Wherever the Wind Takes Us doesn’t disappoint in any regard.

Becca has recently broken free from her toxic marriage to a wealthy man, and is now broke, but in possession of a fancy sailboat. By selling the boat, she’ll be able to start her new life, free from the ill gotten gains of her ex-husband’s legacy and free from his controlling ways as well. The boat sells quickly, with one major problem: the buyer wants the boat delivered from its location in Maine to Miami. Lucky for Becca, her daughter knows how to sail. So begins Becca’s journey to Miami, where she’ll learn more about her daughter, her relationship with her daughter and herself.

This novel is delightful. Harms consistently creates wonderful characters who you root for even as you shake your head at their mistakes. Becca definitely follows this route, as I was shouting at her even while I was cheering her on. The secondary characters, from her daughter Liv to hunky marina-man Grant, are also well developed.

I love second chance stories, and this novel really encapsulates that. Becca spent much of her life supporting others, dimming her own spark so that her family could shine. This novel is really about her fanning the flames of her own desires, envisioning a future for herself for the first time in over twenty years. Becca’s journey of re-discovering who she is, and her fear at reaching for what she really wants, is incredibly relatable.

The setting is incredible, as Becca journeys from Maine to Miami in all kinds of weather. I definitely would not have minded being on the research trip for this novel. Weather has a huge impact on sailing, and Harms captures that without overstating the point. The weather is a crucial component of the setting, affecting everything from the temperature to the character’s clothing to the way they interact with the water.

Wherever the Wind Takes Us is a beautiful study on learning to see oneself and others clearly.

Thank you to the author, NetGalley, and Lake Union publishing for an advanced e-arc such that I could share my honest opinions.
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This was what I'd call a "coming of middle age" story. I think Kelly Harms did a good job of relating the complexities of a  mother daughter relationship as the daughter is becoming an adult. Wherever The Wind Takes us is also a great story of how money can't buy everything. I understand tgat the actual sailing was an integral part of the story but I was a little overwhelmed by the all of the nautical language and information.
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Happy Publication Day @kelly.harms!
"Wherever the Wind Takes Us is out today and I adored reading it!
Special thanks to @netgalley and the publisher for the ARC.

I've read this story over the Summer and loved everything about it! It's a book about motherhood, self doubt, personal growth, but it's funny too, and there is some wonderful romance in it as well.

Becca Ann Larkin has devoted herself to her husband, a big shot lawyer, and daughter Olivia (Liv)for more than 2 decades. But now that Liv is al grown up and in college, Becca Ann is done putting up with her cheating husband and him representing dodgy cliënts in his family's law firm.

Still, divorcing him doesn't only mean she loses her house, but she's also giving up on all the privileges and luxury she enjoyed during her married life. In fact Becca Ann has no money in her bank account at all. All she is, unexpectedly, left with after the divorce is finalized is her husband's 40 foot luxurious sailing yacht.
It's a beauty but, Becca Ann doesn't sail, she needs money to start over and quickly decides to sell the ship to to a buyer in Miami.
The thing is she needs to bring the ship over from Maine to Florida without any real sailing experience...
Emotionally unstable she starts to think of the trip as an opportunity to heal, reconnect with her daughter and plan her future.
A great adventure, just the 2 of them out on the water...
Instead, it turns out disastrous!
The first couple of days are a nautical nightmare and Becca Ann is feeling inadequate, insecure and worse then ever.
She faces her biggest demons at sea and realises she's utterly lost.
To make matters worse, Liv decides to leave the ship and disembarks.
Becca Ann almost wants to give up too, but then stunning Irish sailing instructor Grant Murphy steps on board...😍
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It is serendipitous when the book you are reading on vacation ends up being part of the place of a novel, it is one of the little joys I find.  Read this while vacationing in Maine looking at a harbor of sailboats, fitting.

Becca is a strong female character who you see develop over the course of the novel to recognize her own strength. Grant is a big hearted Irish sailing instructor who helps Becca navigate not only the ship, but her course in life.

This sweet book had some predictable moments, but some that equally brought delight. A quick and sweet romance read.

Thank you to Netgally and the publisher for providing access to a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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A divorcee gets her husbands sail boat in the divorce settlement.  She isn’t thrilled about this development but this changes as the story goes on.  So much sailing information was just a bit too much for me.  Yes, it was interesting…..up to when it wasn’t.
This is a story about finding yourself and getting a second chance in life and love.
Overall, I did enjoy reading this book.  
Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and author for the opportunity to read this book for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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Sometimes you just need a good boat book and this newest from Kelly Harms delivered!!

Part romance, part women’s fiction and part adventure story. This book sees 42 year old divorcée Becca Larkin sailing her ex husband’s precious sailboat to Miami in order to sell it for the money.

Along for the ride is her grown daughter Olivia and later Olivia’s hot Irish ex boyfriend who happens to be a sailing expert.

This was a really great second chance at life/starting over after divorce story.

Recommended for those who enjoy reverse age gap romances, complex mother-daughter relationships with tons of Gilmore Girls vibes and books like Trish Doller’s Float plan.

Much thanks to @amazonpublishing @letstalkbookspromo and the author for sending me an ARC copy in exchange for my honest review!
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I thought that I would enjoy this book. However it wasn't to my liking. I appreciate the advanced  copy from netgalley.
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Becca is starting over after leaving her husband. I enjoyed reading about Becca’s struggles and transition from married woman to single mother of an adult. Her quest to start fresh begins with selling a sailboat and sailing from Maine to Miami-with no sailing experience herself. As she undertakes the journey she learns a lot about herself, her inner strength and her relationship with her daughter. I enjoyed this one.
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As a huge Below Deck Sailing Yacht fan, I was very excited excited to read this book. But it wasn’t exactly what I expected. 

Becca is on her own after getting divorced to her husband of 22 years. But she also hasn’t worked or earned her own money in this time either and she decides she’s not taking her husband’s money now. She won a 41 foot fully loaded sailboat in the divorce and she has to sell it to have some money to find a new place to live. She finds a buyer and has to deliver the boat from Maine to Miami in 3 weeks. She wants to use this time as a bonding experience with her 21 yr old daughter after the divorce. 

Things don’t go well at all and it’s only a few days before her daughter calls in to her former sailing instructor for help. He happens to be a hunky, 26 yr old Irish guy with a six pack and facial stubble. After a fight with her mom, Becca’s daughter Liv takes off and leaves her with Grant for the rest of the trip. It’s awkward for a little bit, but soon they are getting very close. 

I think I would have liked this book more if I didn’t find it sooo similar to Float Plan. Both have women on the verge of a new chapter of life, on their own for the first time in a while with an Irishman who knows how to sail. I know you don’t have to like the characters to like the book, but I also despised both Becca and Liv. Becca blamed a lot of her unhappiness on her husband and his family, but she remained married to him for 22 years. She took no responsibility for their issues and she was upset with her daughter for some of her actions, but acted again like she was surprised by this. She said several times that she “lived for her daughter” but was shocked when she acted spoiled and entitled. I will say, I did love the relationship between Grant and Becca and how it built up. This was the saving grace.
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I liked this book, but I didn’t love this book. I think it would be a terrific beach read. 

There were a few points where I got worried I wouldn’t like the direction it could go in- I’ll blame watching House of Dragons for that. Overall, it’s a cute story about life after a restrictive marriage & how more money causes more problems.

I learned sailing terminology & was delighted that some of the settings were places that I’m familiar with. 

Thank you very much to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the advanced reader's copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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