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Improbably Yours was a delight to read! Family secrets, mystery, and a dash of romance will keep the reader entertained. The quirky characters, some who visit and some who reside on the small island, will tug at your heart.  Written with just enough whimsy and mystery to keep me turning the pages. I enjoyed the characters and needed to see their story through to the end.  Very fun and very well done!

Thank you to NetGalley, Kerry Anne King, and Lake Union Publishing for the opportunity to read an advance reader copy of this book.  I'm looking forward to purchasing a copy for my personal library and sharing with family and friends..
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This book was fantastic! I really enjoyed it and it kept me guessing throughout, which is difficult for most books to do. I felt like I connected with the characters and really enjoyed the plot!
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book archived on me even though I had it downloaded so could not finish it for a review.  Not sure I am able to do review when it was removed from my device as I was really enjoying this book before it was removed on me.  I though if we had it downloaded they wouldn't get removed on publish date
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This was one of my favorite reads all year. I think there are a lot of groundbreaking elements in this unsuspecting novel. I will be adapting parts of it for curriculum for my students. Highly, highly recommend!
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3.7 Stars 
One Liner: Sweet and Cute (if you ignore insta love) 

Blythe Harmon is living a fast-track life the way her mother, sister, and boyfriend want. It’s her 30h birthday, and she can’t help but feel suffocated and unhappy. Things couldn’t have been better with a new high-profile job and a marriage proposal from the boyfriend. 
But Blythe knows she needs to do what makes her happy. Respite comes in the form of Nomi’s ashes and last request (Nomi is her late grandmother). Blythe goes on an adventure to a small island in the San Juans. Her stay at the Improbable House takes her closer to the past. 
However, things get complicated with new revelations. Blythe now has to connect the past to the present to have a happy future. And somewhere amidst the chaos lies the key to her happiness. 
The story comes in the first-person POVs of Blythe and Flynn in the present tense. 

What I Like: 
The story is heartwarming and sweet with a blend of happy and sad moments. There is enough pain (death of loved ones and secrets) in the book, but it doesn’t get overwhelming. 
The narration is fast-paced and engaging. It dips a little in the middle but gains momentum again. It does feel a little rushed because of the HEA ending, but I don’t mind it. 
Even though the characters aren’t very detailed, they are easy to understand. None of them is perfect, but there aren’t any outright villains (with one exception) either. This makes them easy to understand, if not always likable. 
The blurb uses the word magic, and it is important to consider this when reading the book. There are a few unexplainable events that make the setting atmospheric. However, these aren’t explored enough to make the story dark or creepy. This could go either way, depending on your reading preferences. 
Savannah is easily my favorite in the book, and Brodie is adorable. Who can resist a fluffy doggy with loads of enthusiasm and no manners? ;P 
The themes of self-discovery, acceptance, being true to one’s self, taking a risk, etc., are well done without being too heavy-handed.  

What Didn’t Work for Me: 
Well, as much as I enjoy romance, I don’t like insta love between Blythe and Flynn. A couple of more scenes to show their chemistry would have made the story even better (for me). Also, Flynn’s character needed to be fleshed out more. 
The plot is complex and has some twists. But it is solved a little too easily and within the week’s deadline. Maybe a bit of spacing it over the days would increase the impact. 
The crucial issues of the plot are also resolved quickly. Given how the issues are dragged over the storyline, the resolution doesn’t feel solid. The gravity of the events is lost when they are wrapped up with ease. 

To summarize, Improbably Yours is a sweet and heartwarming book with a few hits and misses. But it is a good read if you want a blend of genres without getting too deep into any of them.  
Thank you, NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing, for the eARC. This review is voluntary and contains my honest opinion about the book. 

TW: Parental death, domestic violence, grief 
P.S: The cover suits the story really well, though I don't much like how the title covers the detailing.
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Thank you to NetGalley for the advance ecopy of this title.  Naomi SHOULD be thrilled with her life.  She has a supportive family, and a "catch" of a boyfriend who just proposed.  Yet, she is experiencing a feeling of unfulfillment and boredom. She loves to reminisce about her beloved grandmother who died when Naomi was 6. After her birthday/proposal, Naomi is contacted by a lawyer with a strange request from her long-dead grandmother.  If she completes the assigned task, she will be financially independent, and can forge her own path in life.  The assignment takes Naomi to an island in the Pacific Northwest where she finds love, family, and purpose.  

Highly recommend!
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This was such a fun book to read! King outdid herself with a whimsical set of characters with a mixture of mystery, secrets, romance and discovery.  This one is a perfect read for anyone.
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the gifted arc in exchange for a review.

This was a fun read about a young woman trying to figure out her life.  She's got the perfect boyfriend, a great job lined up, and things seem  to be going great for her.  When she gets a message from her deceased grandmother, her life changes.

I really enjoyed the adventure of this story, and the characters were great too.  Overall a fun read.
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When Blythe’s grandmother dies when she is a young girl, she is devastated at the loss of her loving and eccentric grandmother.  As Blythe is turning 30, a party for her turns into an escape hatch to her life when a singing telegram informs her of a treasure hunt that was developed by her grandmother.  Blythe leaves everything behind to go to Vinland, a small island in the San Juan islands off of Washington, to unravel clues her beloved grandmother left for her.  Flynn, and his niece, Savannah, become close to Blythe as she tries to figure out where she belongs.  I loved the characters, the story line, the secrets and the big reveal at the end of the book.  I highly recommend this book.  Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC.
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This is a story that author Kerry Anne King says began with a house: a house that won't stay painted, whose shingles won't stay on, and the lawn won't stay mowed.  It's in a constant state of falling apart. Like it's grieving, or possessed by ghosts.  IMPROBABLY YOURS is her 13th, and it does have some spooky elements.  But, it's also an adventure complete with a real treasure map. It begins with a memory, a young girl sitting with her grandmother who speaks in fortune teller fashion about a prediction for the little girl's future. Kerry plays with the idea of hidden treasure and what's hidden below the surface.
Brilliance audio produced IMPROBABLY YOURS in a dual narrator format. So, when you hear about Blythe it’s audiobook actress Terri Clark Linden - an earphones award winning narrator who’s performed some of Kerry’s other books. And, when you hear about the other main character -  Flynn the Viking  - the narrator is Aaron Shedlock who is a rising star in the world of audiobooks.
Kerry’s playful focus on the improbable (which is not impossible) is heartwarming.
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A bit disappointing in that I loved her book Other People's Things. I felt some of the plot points were weak and the overall story was a bit so-so. However, I will continue to look for other books by this author. This one just wasn't her best.
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Kerry Anne King, the author of “Improbably Yours,” has written a unique, heartwarming, and entertaining novel. The genres for this novel are Women’s Fiction, Romance, Mystery, and Fiction with an essence of Magical Realism. The timeline for this story is set in the present and goes to the past regarding the characters or events in the story. The location of this story is mostly set on a small island of San Juans, where the heroine rents a house called ‘The Improbable House”, where there are many secrets and “ghosts” from the past.

The author vividly describes her colorful and dramatic characters as complex, complicated, confused, quirky, and intriguing. Blythe Harmon, the story's protagonist, seems to have a perfect life. On her 30th Birthday, she gets an amazing new job, and her boyfriend proposes with a tremendous engagement ring. She is sidetracked at her surprise birthday party when an older man appears with balloons and a song for her. The message he brings is from her beloved deceased grandmother, with an offer she can’t refuse. This man also brings an urn with her grandmother’s ashes, with instructions to bring them to an island. It seems that Blythe is faced with an improbable or impossible task.

Blythe’s grandmother has left her a treasure map and instructions to search for something important that is left for Blythe. Blythe embarks on an opportunity for adventure and both questions and answers. When she arrives at this island, the mystery intensifies with unusual and quirky characters. The house she rented seems to be haunted, and the clues to the mystery intensify. I highly recommend this wonderful book!
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This is a great read, digested it in one sitting! Such an easy book to follow, and did not want to put it down!
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A playfully adorable read.  Part ghost story, part treasure hunt, part unconventional love story. Improbably Yours is chock full of flawed, lovable characters and will make you want to cozy up with a warm blanket, your pup and a hot cup of spiced cocoa until you've finished reading!
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Blythe is turning thirty, is about to accept a new job and her boyfriend is proposing. Her life seems perfect but a surprise gift from her beloved grandmother, who had died 24 years previously, rocks her world. 

I had not read any of Kerry Anne King's previous works so I was not sure what to expect. From reading other reviews of Improbably Yours, I feel that I must have read a different book from other reviewers. 

I felt like the story was rushed. There were too many parts to the story and the story was underdeveloped. This was almost a DNF for me but I was holding out for things to get better. I was sorely disappointed. Savannah is the only character that I had any infinity towards. 

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Even though this books dealt with some heavier topics like loss and grief, the way everything was presented and Blythe’s time on the island felt like a warm hug. I loved the characters especially Blythe and Savannah. Their conversations and interactions had me smiling. I loved the clues and magical realism that surrounded them. Each characters personality really shown and the island itself was like another character come to life. I couldn’t wait to get back to the story whenever I had to put it down.

Thank you @kerry_anne_king @netgalley and @suzyapprovedbooktours for the gifted copy.
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Blythe has everything she wants, a dream job within her grasp and a wonderful fiancé. Her grandmother, Nomi passes and Blythe discovers that her inheritance is to go on an usual quest. She travels to her destination with her grandmother’s urn and a map. When she reaches the little island, her adventure begins. A beautifully written story with an interesting plot and characters.

Disclaimer: Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for this ARC, I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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Stayed up past my bedtime to finish this awesome ARC. Well worth the tired eyes!

I read Kerry Ann King's Other People's Things this summer and fangirled over the excellent handling of my favorite genre mix. Improbably Yours is just as charming, with romance, mystery, magic / ghosts, and a women's fiction emotional journey..

Now I'm looking forward to reading ALL of her books!
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This book pulled me in quickly with relatable family dynamics. The story has layers of  love, secrets, and tension while the reader becomes invested in the main characters. I loved the mystery surrounding this story!
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Having recently found a renewed interest in the genre called "Magical Realism", I was very happy to have been given the chance to read and review this book. This book has a little bit of everything, romance, adventure, ghosts, family drama, coming together to weave an enchanting, wonderful story. This is the first book I have read by this author, but it won't be the last!

It was such a fun story, and a twist on treasure hunting. Usually that storyline is reserved for boys, I had the idea that what Blythe's found treasure would not be doubloons and jewels, but rather something far better, and I was right.  I'm not going to spoil it.. 

I want this story to be made into a fantastic film. It has something for everyone and would translate to the big screen as well as it jumped off the page.

Thank you, NetGalley, for the chance to read and review this book. All opinions expressed are mine, and freely given.
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