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As usual with Kerry Anne King's books I adored this amazing magical story., it even has a scavenge hunt set up by her granmother...This book hits all the feels.It is a multi- generational story encompassing so many genres.Some mystery,some romance,family dynamics current and past, Just overall a magical great story.
Thank you Kerry Anne for including me in your advance reader team, Net Galley and Lake Union Publishers. This review is strictly my honest opinion.

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This book tells the story of Blythe, who is sent on a treasure hunt for her thirtieth birthday, from someone unexpected. I ended up enjoying this a lot, but felt it could've gone a bit deeper into character development, and the romance aspect. Overall, I would recommend this as a quick, fun beach read.

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The book is about a 30-year-old woman who found a treasure-hunting quest as a surprise on her 30th birthday. This quest turned out to be a life-changer through discovering secrets about her grandparents. The story starts at a medium pace which gets too slow in the middle of it would be good to say that it turned out to be stretched out unnecessarily. It does get interesting at the end of 4-5 chapters. The author has tried to give a touch of magic. However, it is not enough to give that magical vibe to the readers. All the elements which could make this a great book are not enough. I would have loved it if there was a bit more fun in treasure-hunting, more intense even if it’s an undercurrent feeling and more magic.

If someone is looking for a feel-good read, it can be picked up. However, if someone is looking for fun, magical realism or romance, it’s not the book for them.

P.S: As a book, it didn’t come across as a great read but it will make an amazing TV adaptation.

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Being from Toronto I truly love supporting Canadian authors and when I read Other People's Things by Kerry Anne King I knew she was going to be one of my favourites. I am happy to report that Improbably Yours does not disappoint. The story is heartbreaking at times and I loved being on the journey with Blythe, she was a character after my own heart. The story itself was wonderfully done mixing mystery and romance with an adventure of a lifetime. There is also a touch of magical realism and it is a genre that I am fairly new to this year but I am so here for it. I also enjoyed the humourous side of this story and found myself with a smile on my face often while reading it. I loved that Blythe decided to fight for her independence and to find her true happiness. I love the way that King writes books that are easy to read and so enjoyable that they can be finished in a day. I can't wait to see what comes next from this author.

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Improbably Yours is a book that literally took my breath away, and I don’t know where to start! This is an intricate story about home and love and grief and guilt and secrets and magic and adventure and family and self. There are layers upon layers, and as each layer is revealed we get deeper into the stories, and more importantly into the depth of these wonderful characters. We are taken to the whimsical island of Vinland, where pirates and Vikings search for treasure, and is the place where Blythe goes to unravel a mystery left to her by her grandmother. There is a treasure map that Blythe grew as a child, there is a snow globe that might foretell the future, there are mysterious clues left for Blythe to solve. Life becomes more complicated for Blythe when she meets Flynn, her somewhat reluctant landlord, and his orphaned niece. I can’t tell you how very much I enjoyed spending time with Blythe, Flynn, and Savannah, getting to know who they truly were, discovering the truth behind their pain and scars, and watching them learn to love and trust again. The thing that truly brought me happiness, though, was Blythe’s journey to discover who she was, where she belonged—not based on anyone’s expectations but her own. I said earlier that this book took my breath away, the last gasp coming near the very end—a line and an emotion that filled my own heart with joy, a line I’ve read over and over again. I won’t quote it here, because I would never ever give away the ending of a book—but suffice it to say that that line, along with Blythe, Flynn, and Savannah, is etched in my heart.

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Certainly a feel good book following Blythe and her independence where she embarks on a treasure hunt after her thirtieth birthday.

Blythe is a great character who you can easily connect with after falling into life of just trying to please those around her, suddenly she has a chance to do something wild and follow a treasure map to an island she never knew existed over time she discovers secrets and herself.

I loved the writing style it was easy to read and know what was going on so I flew through this book. We were given characters that are lovable - especially Brodie, a great location and a mystery added that we wanted to solve. Each time we got a solution to one of our questions it was wrapped up carefully.

I would happily read a sequel from this if ever one was printed.

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I thought this was a fun read. The story went the way I expected but had a few twists and turns on the way. The characters were likeable and like the idea of an island which is cut off from the normalities of the world - phone access/cars/ etc - as I feel it would be very liberating.

Also love the idea of a treasure hunt as a holiday adventure!

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A fascinating story line that included a very big mystery and also a romance. I loved watching as Blythe let go of everyone’s expectations of her, and came into the art of valuing her true self instead. I also very much enjoyed the idea of the treasure hunt, but more importantly, the relationship between Blythe and her grandmother Nomi, that seemed to transcend time. And the lovable, irrepressible Brodie!

Thanks to NetGalley, the author and publisher for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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Love, loss, a little bit of mystery, and some magic thrown in. Kerry Anne King has become one of m y go-to authors and her books never disappoint. Improbably Yours was another sweet story by King. A fun read! Thank you NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing for the digital ARC!

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A feel good story about family and love, with a little bit of treasure hunting thrown in. A gripping read, I couldn't put it down.

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I absolutely adored this story!
If you want magic, romance, mystery and just plain fun, well then this is definitely the book for you!
"Improbably Yours" is the perfect journey to a hidden island to go on a treasure hunt with Blythe and her Nomi who has requested that Blythe bury her ashes (yes- ashes) on this special island and find the "treasures" that have been hidden for years.

The lessons within these pages are beautiful.
"Never again will I forget who I really am or how to keep my eyes open to the magic all around me."

Sit a spell and enter into this amazing journey and see what you come away with.
I believe you will enjoy these wonderful characters as I have.
Well done as always by Kerry Anne King.

Thank you to NetGalley and #Lake Union for this ARC and allowing me to provide my own review.

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Magical realism is one of my favorite genres for escape and entertainment. I have read two of this author’s previous books (“A Borrowed Life” and “Other People’s Things”), both of which I gave 5 Stars. This new book fell short of my expectations based on my experience with the other novels. I felt some of the character development was weak and the plot, while having some lukewarm suspense, often felt convoluted and lacked a strong resolution.

Blythe Harmon has been living a life based on other people’s expectations. Now on the cusp of her 30th birthday, she finds herself with a fiancé she doesn’t really love and a new position that she doesn’t really want. In addition her mother and her sister are constantly reminding her she is falling short of their definition of her potential. When she is contacted by an attorney on behalf of her deceased, beloved grandmother, Nomi, Blythe is given the opportunity to make some drastic changes to get her life back on course. All she has to do is bury her grandmother’s ashes and find a treasure on Vinland, a mysterious island in the Pacific Northwest.

Upon arrival she meets Flynn, an “islander” who is raising Savannah, his adolescent niece, following her mother’s untimely, accidental death. Deeply wounded physically and emotionally from a traumatic childhood, Flynn is attracted to Blythe and eventually the two begin to explore a relationship.

Overall, the storyline is a mixed bag. It has elements of humor with some quirky characters, including Norman, a talking raven. At the same time, there is a great deal of heavy, unresolved grief and guilt that eventually begins to lighten with the revealing of a multitude of secrets. I felt the romance aspect of the book was not realistic, progressing too quickly over a brief period of time. In fact, most of the long-standing issues with a variety of characters were wrapped up too easily.

My final thought is that this was a mildly entertaining read, but one I probably will not revisit. While this was not the author's best work, I do look forward to her future offerings.

My thanks to the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for the privilege of reviewing this book. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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I loved everything about this book! What a treasure! Pun intended. A perfect beach read, the author grabs hold and keeps you guessing all the way to the end. Most authors tend to concentrate most of their efforts on the main players in the story, but King's writing is so descriptive, painting the setting with words, I could see the islands and easily imagine the emotion from the characters, not just the main ones but all of them. I would highly recommend this one As always, many thanks to Net Galley and Lake Union Publishing for the ARC, in exchange for my honest review

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First, the cover is gorgeous. Second, I am in agreement with other reviews on the obvious issue with the book summary. Mackinac Island is NOT in Lake Superior. PLEASE update.

The rest of the story was decent, going back and forth between mother and daughter timelines.

I enjoyed the ending, bittersweet as it was.

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An enchanting read filled with satisfying mystery and romance. This phenomenal story will touch your heart in so many ways… an amazing escape that you are sure to cherish long after you finish reading… I absolutely loved this!

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Improbably Yours was a very sweet story about a love given to Blythe by her grandmother when her grandmother sees something in her glass globe many years before Blythe's 30th birthday. It's a story about love and finding the truth and family. I absolutely loved this book and the concept that you can find love and truth from unexpected places. This story was full of true character and the love of family and friends. I give it five stars. Thank you to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for allowing me to read this book.

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Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with a digital arc of this book, in exchange for an honest review.

This novel follows a protagonist who has experienced tremendous loss and is sent on a journey to set her mind straight. The key elements of this novel include many aspects of adventure and mystery, all of which mask the true romantic journey involved that is riddled with the trials of facing self-acceptance. This story is the beautiful tale of a young girl who experiences grief, while simultaneously learning what it means to be in love.

Personally, this novel was great, but not amazing enough to fit my unrealistically high expectations. I felt that some of the writing was a bit jarring at times, and honestly, I wasn't a huge fan of the love connection between Flynn and Blythe. The story of acceptance was beautifully written, but my critical opinions on the romantic aspect are what affected my review drastically. It was a lovely novel, just not personally to my taste.

Overall, it was a quick and easy read, with depressing elements of loss as well. I may give this a reread in the near future, in hopes that I come to love and enjoy it more, but for now my rating remains slightly above average. I appreciate receiving a copy from Netgalley, and the author's work should definitely be further appreciated by avid lovers of romance.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book "Improbably Yours" and all opinions expressed are my own. This was an amazing book. I loved all the characters too. There were some mysterious events made the story interesting. A fun read with a treasure hunt on an exclusive island. I looked forward to reading this each day and had to decide - do I rush through it because it was so good or slow down because I didn't want it to end.

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This was a fun read, perfect for fans of Mariana Zapata’s ‘All Rhodes Lead Here’ and TJ Klune’s ‘The House In The Cerulean Sea’. The mystery element is riveting, and the island setting and found family trope are heartwarming. Loved the little touch of the title being involved in the book itself.

The romance between Flynn and Blythe is what fell flat. The characters had little chemistry, and the development of their relationship over the course of the story is not the deepest. It doesn’t help that Flynn’s character isn’t really explored beyond his trauma, and neither are most supporting characters. I do wish Blythe’s relationship with her mother and sister had been examined deeper.

Overall, I do recommend this as an easy beach read, just not for the romance. Do check for potential trigger warnings before reading this book.

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This book was a surprise! I loved it!
I want it to be a film, I’m just in love with Blythe and I think I’ll name my next cat after her!
My favourite book of this year! 😍

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