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A Witch's Guide to Fake Dating a Demon

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This was a cute story, sadly I didn’t connect to the characters at all. The rollercoaster that was the characters hating one another to feeling guilty for the hateful feelings, it just wasn’t enjoyable to read for me. Muriel’s mother is also the worst.
Maybe the only thing that did save it was the romantic scenes. Overall I didn’t connect this book as I’d hoped.
2.5 stars
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Mariel's birth was celebrated by the sun, moon and stars, and no one lets her forget it - least of all her mother! So, when her magic prowess falls short of expectations, no one is surprised that she inadvertently summons a demon to her kitchen counter instead of a sack of flour! Unfortunately, this OOPS spells all kinds of chaos when she's bound in an unbreakable stalemate with Ozruth the Ruthless, the demon hiding his own failings and desperate to make soul bargain! With an enjoyable cast of characters and a fun twist on enemies-to-lovers, this book is guaranteed to make sparks fly!
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This is not the book for me, or I'm not the reader for this book.

I'm either too old for this or maybe it's just that I grew up at a different time. I found it boring and predictable, with way too much emphasis on sex, body parts that want nibbling, and impressive bulges to be interesting. There seemed to be a significant number of words being used in a way they are only defined in the Urban Dictionary. About two thirds of the way through, Muriel and Oz discover sex with each other, and I'm sure there are readers that will find every graphic word fascinating, but to me it was like when your friends keep making out no matter where they are. Engrossing for them, boring for you. 

There's some stuff about finding your power and learning to value yourself even when others don't. If that plus hot sex with a demon sounds great to you, this book may be just your jam.  

I read an advance reader copy from Netgalley.
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I adored this book!  A beautiful blending of contemporary fantasy and romance.  I think everything got solved a little too quickly at the end, but overall I enjoyed the ride.
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Sometimes, I want to read a book for me, and that helps keep me rounded as a reader. This was a fun romance, and a nice break!
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This is a quick quirky romance book with fake dating and a touch of enemies to lovers.   While enjoyable, the book felt very predictable.   Read this for the romance and comedy not the magic or fantasy aspect.
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I just finished reading A Witch's Guide to Fake Dating a Demon, and it was such a delight! It was fun (and funny), lighthearted, very steamy, and original. I was completely sucked in within the first few pages with the quick pace and witty dialogue. Muriel and Oz were both such lovable characters that it was hard not to root for them. The descriptions of the magical town were wonderful--I could picture Glimmer Falls and all of the unique magical characters within it. And the ending really caught me by surprise. Can't wait for book 2!
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This was such a fun and cute story. All the themes of a cute romcom. Fake dating (sorta), sunshine girl x grumpy boy. Magic. A Witch's Guide to Fake Dating a Demon was just fun to read. A hilarious plot, characters and setting will have you laughing, maybe shed a few years and love Muriel and Oz. Okay I have to go write my full review now.
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I wasn't sure how I would feel about this book, but I found it to be unexpectedly enjoyable. The file format was a little strange and was formatted almost like someone just uploaded a PDF file of the book since spacing and stuff were a little weird, but the book content was pretty good.

I liked that Muriel is a plus-size heroine. More romance authors are starting to depict various body types, but it's still refreshing to read since there is still a standard female body type that is used in the majority of romance books.
Ozroth was fantastic. I think he was hilarious and his issues with dealing with a soul were great.
This book was really funny. There were multiple points where I was laughing out loud because it was just so quirky and weird and funny.
I liked that there was some reconciliation between Muriel and her parents after she finally stood up to them. It made the book feel more finished since she wouldn't have been able to avoid her parent forever.
There was a lot of closure at the end of this book. I didn't feel like there were major gaps or things that needed further explaining.

Chapter 1 didn't do a good job of getting you into the book. I had to skim some of the first chapter because there were several points where the sentences read like a bullet point list of things we need to know about the characters and world created by the author. 
It was tough to read a lot of the scenes with Muriel and her mom. Her mom was so bossy and dramatic and an all-around pain in the butt and it was so hard to not just scream at Muriel to tell her mom to leave her alone. It made it even more frustrating that Muriel got upset when others tried to stand up to her mom for her.
The names in this book were so strange. At best, you got more uncommon names like Muriel but at worst you got completely random and made-up names like Ozroth and Diantha. If a couple of characters have more unique names I'm fine with it but it just makes me roll my eyes when every character has super unique names for no apparent reason. 
There was a decent amount of predictability to this book. I was able to predict the resolution with Ozroth and the thing with the soul, It was predictable what the conflict would be that broke up Muriel and Ozroth temporarily. It wasn't horrible, it's more just to expect that your assumptions about what happens are likely right.

Overall I liked this book and found it to be an enjoyable read. I think it was funny and light and super cute. It wasn't the best book I've ever read but it was pretty good.
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Really fun twist on the enemies to lovers trope. The characters are fun, sexy, and relatable. The wrap up is a little quick.and easy, but that's hard to overcome when the page count is low. Oveeall, I enjoyed this.a lot.
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Had an amazing time reading this. Any time there's fake dating involve, I'm all over it! This was such a cute quick ready and I loved every single moment of it!
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I am a fool over fake marriages or relationships as well as silly rom-com supernaturals. And this book did not disappoint. Muriel is a not-so-competent witch and one day she screws up a spell by summoning a demon. Oops, happens to all of us at one time or another, right? Ozroth, Oz, is the demon who gets summoned to make a deal for Muriel’s soul. Turns out, Oz is the only demon who has a soul so he is trying to rescue his reputation. He needs Muriel’s soul! But Muriel isn’t interested in a bargain. 

She needs to keep his presence a secret and he’s got to stay near Muriel in order to work on stealing her soul. Since they have to keep each other close and they each think the other is hot the way is paved for some fake dating. Wonder how that is going to go? 

Muriel is a wonderful plant and gardening witch. She was foretold to be the most powerful witch of her generation but her parents don’t see ‘gardening magic’ as a legitimate power so she’s always been told she doesn’t come up to speed. She has some awesome friends- great secondary characters. But Oz believes in her and sticks up for her with her family. However, he has it rough as well. With his unwanted soul he just doesn’t have it in him to take her soul. It is fun watching his struggles with soul snatching and becoming human/witchy. He is falling in love and is clueless about it. This is a light fun rom com romp that can be devoured in a day.
3.5, rounding up to 4.

Thank to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a very sweet, sort of goofy romance about a witch who accidentally summons a demon=-and not just any demon, but a previously-legendary soul-bargainer who has recently acquired a soul of his own. Though initially he tries to prey on Muriel’s insecurities to get to trade away her soul—the cruel lack of regard her parents have always held for her impressive garden magic, her struggles with spell casting—Ozroth the Ruthless finds himself less and less interested in harvesting the witch’s soul…and more and more interested in the witch. 

Hawley’s book is a fun fall-themed romp (though it won’t be released until March, readers can use it to get their Halloween fix when spooky season seems impossibly far away) about conservationism, learning to stand up for yourself, and finding love in an unlikely place.
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This book was such a fun read! Mariel and Oz were so adorable and charming. This book managed to jump into the magical world without making it feel overwhelming or like info dumping. Basically, I just had a great time reading it and hope to see more books set in Glimmer Falls (possibly featuring Calladia??)!
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This was a very quick read for me, which made it no less enjoyable!

Sarah Hawley has a very strong debut in the fantasy romance, and I will definitely be picking up future titles. I think this was a very pleasant take on the forced proximity trope, and while I wouldn't necessarily classify it as a full "enemies to lovers", it does have a similar feel. 

The banter between Oz and Muriel is very well written, and the book itself is fun to read and easy to follow. Hawley introduces us to the town quickly, and sets a nice magical atmosphere. The magic was fun, and I loved that our main character didn't necessarily have the flashiest abilities through the book! Reading about her coming into her own felt very rewarding. 

Overall, a solid romance with good tension, humorous banter and side characters, and just the right amount of spice. Will definitely be recommending!
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Who knew my new favorite genre would be witch romances? There have been an influx of books within this niche category and I have been having so much fun with them. A Witch's Guide to Fake Dating a Demon was cute, funny, and had my favorite sunshine/grump trope for our two protagonists. It was really enjoyable and heartwarming!
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I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
I really enjoyed this cute romance. I love that a demon accidently wound up with a soul and he finds it very inconvenient. I love that our witchy heroine accidently summons him and thus bonding them together (like it or not) until a soul bargain has been made. This is a grumpy/sunshine and forced proximity trope romance. Our Demon love interest helps our quirky witch learn how to use her power and helps her deal with her insensitive family. All in all a very cozy little romance. Perfect for the fall and around Halloween. I love that their were demons, witches, fae and odd little wild life creatures (including the mention of the infamous Phoenix). I would recommend this book to anyone who love cozy witchy romances and enjoys “quirky” protagonists. This book is not for anyone wanting a breakout love interest or anything. It is VERY predictable but it’s well written and I loved the dialogue. I also really enjoyed our main character’s bestie and I’m pretty sure that she will have her own book in the future (it seems to set us up for this happening in this book). I would read this book again.
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I feel like I'm going to be in the minority here, but I liked this book, but didn't love it. I liked all of the characters and the world's magic system was cool, there was just something that didn't connect with me. But I'll definitely try another book by this author.
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This was such a sparkling delight, and genuinely heartwarming. I found it hard to put down, and as soon as I finished reading I wanted to go back to the start and enjoy it all over again! Mariel and Oz are wonderful, engaging characters, and you can't help but root for them. A charming, fun read that had me laughing out loud, definitely recommended!
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Enjoyed this different take on fake dating.  The characters were fun and the emotions were vibrant (and it was very open door…)
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