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I really enjoyed this book on burnout and mindfulness in medicine especially in such a high stressful lifestyle and workplace. Being mindful is not only helpful t yourself to keep yourself healthy but also protects your patients as you increase your patience and attention to errors and increase your empathy. Great discussion points on why mindfulness is related to medicine and how it helps workers. Overall good read!
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There are A LOT of books about mindfulness out there. The topic is brought up so often in healthcare now that you often get a bunch of rolled eyes if you even bring it up. No one has time for that! However, if anyone could prove that yes you do have time for that, and that it can make a difference, it is the author of this book. She is a pediatrician who worked with child abuse victims for 30 years. In her own words, she has free time between 12am and 5am. She knows what it is like to be an utterly exhausted frontline worker, not someone looking in from the sidelines telling you to do meditation. 

This book is broken up into various simple practices that essentially all try to accomplish the same thing: bringing you from "doing mode" to "being mode" where you actually have awareness of what's going on. They are all easy to do and can be done while you are doing something else (efficiency!). The first several are about connecting with yourself, then there is a section about connecting with your patients. There is also a short section on guided meditations, followed by a section on quick actions you can take in times of acute need. 

Do yourself a favor and read this book. Pick one or two things that resonate with you and just do them. It's not any extra work, and you'll reap the benefits many times over. 

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