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This is a book you don't want to miss. It's beautifully written and hooks you on the first page. If you are looking for a heartwarming story that will stay with you after you turn the last page, grab this book. In my humble opinion this is one of Davis Bunn's best books. Loved it and highly recommend it.
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This book had it all, for me, which is why I gave it 5 stars.

Ryan is a cop, and a single mother to a special son, Liam. By chance, she meets Ethan, who is a banker who makes models on the side. Their two words collide when fires break out near their town and they have to join forces to protect the possessions of some of the townspeople. There is absolutely a question mark about some of the people in Miramar - are they entirely what they seem to be?

Along the way, Ethan and Ryan form a bond, and Ethan also forms one with Liam, who doesn't like to use unnecessary words. Ethan is clearly a special human, and his actions when carrying the injured hummingbird in his hands almost made me cry.

This is a story about strength, love, loss, connection - a little bit of everything, but told in such a powerful yet poignant way. I loved this book.

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books.
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This is my first novel from this talented storyteller, and I loved it so much I now need to go back and read the other stories in the Miramar Bay world. Although, I’m skeptical they can top this one, because it is absolutely phenomenal. The English language doesn’t yet have a word to describe the effect this sweet, wonderful story had on me.

Told by an impartial observer, it somehow overflows with emotion. If the small town’s quest to save the hummingbirds from the wildfires doesn’t get to you, the jaded cop and her special, gifted, quiet young son finding love and acceptance definitely will. Both storylines are beautiful, and an example of everything good and optimistic we hope to find in our world.

Along with saving the hummingbirds and a single mother finding her forever, we get a story within this story, as Ethan is tasked with a movie design concept to bring to life a rare, out of print series of children’s stories. A saga a century old, yet it has the power to bring people together and draw a shy, gifted boy out from behind his walls.

I won’t even come close to doing this story justice. I devoured it in one sitting, desperate to find out what would happen next. Sweet and wholesome yet evocative and profound, this one was impossible to put down. Tinged with drama and danger, this story has all the elements to make it a masterful, unparalleled, satisfying reading escape.
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Officer Ryan, is a single Mom, and she saved Ethan's life when the fires were heading to his house. The, two of them team up, going from house to house, checking on the homes. Ethan rescues kittens, a foal, and a hummingbird at one house.
Ryan's young son, 11-year-old Liam, doesn't talk much, and he and Ethan bond over the hummingbird, while caring for it. Liam has a heart of gold and comes up with a plan to save the hummingbirds by attracting them to his town.  Ethan and Liam have a special bond, and Ethan understands Liam.
The Christmas Hummingbird is a wonderful story, of hope, understanding, and a community that comes together. It is also healing, discovery, a mystery, and some magic from the Christmas season. A story that shares the lives of Ryan, Ethan, and Liam, their past and the present, with their baggage they have brought to the present. There is a lot going on, but the people in the story, gave me the feeling of comfort. 
I received an ARC from Kensington through NetGalley.
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. Ethan, a banker but more importantly an artist, loses all his possessions in a horrible fire.  Ryan, a single mom and police officer has a lot on her plate what with work and caring for her son Liam.  Liam doesn't talk much and he's sensitive but for some reason, he's able to bond with Ethan.  The two of them care for Trevor, an injured hummingbird- and a new family is forged.  No surprises here but it will make you smile.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  A sweet story.
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If you are expecting a lightweight piece of ‘Christmas fluff’, then you are in for a surprise : this is so much more than that, in fact it is a real gem! The depth of feeling, the believable characters, & all achieved within a small number of pages. It does not matter if you have not read Davis Bunn’s previous Miramar Bay stories, as this is completely ‘stand-alone’.
I do like a book where I am learning things, not just reading a story, & this one really fits the brief. I learned a lot about fires, & about hummingbirds, &....well – I guess you’ll have to read it for yourself to discover the rest. Definitely recommended, it will leave you with a very positive feeling.
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While this was a sweet and wonderful women's fiction novel, it didn't feel very Christmassy to me, Some did take place at Christmas but I was expecting a bit more.
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You have to read this book.  This was one of the best stories I've read all year.  Ryan was a single mom and a cop who worried about her 11 year old son, Liam.  He didn't talk much at all but loved to draw.  He was very secretative about it and didn't like showing what he drew.  When fires broke out in their neighborhood, she rescued Ethan who ended up with a t-shirt and boxers to his name.  Eventually, they became friends as she wanted him to help with a project related to the fires.  When the fires broke out, someone was coming in stealing valuables and even safes.  That was one art of the story.  The other part is Ethan understood Liam and helped him come out of his shell little by little.  They had a project themselves of saving the hummingbirds in the area.  Ethan also got Liam involved in drawing sketches for a new show he was working on.

So, there were 3 wonderful parts to this story plus the budding romance between  Ryan and Ethan.  Liam was such a cool kid.  The other characters in the story were so real and likeable.  This is the first book I've read by this author, but I will be looking for more.

I got thi book from NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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This book feels like a hug. The story of single mom police officer Ryan and her quiet son Liam who by finding Ethan in the end, find love and family. This is a slow burn story set during devastating wildfires. Simple acts of kindness pull together a community and brings new meaning to “found” family. I loved this book.

ARC provided by NetGalley and Kensington Books in exchange for honest review.
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A charming story. As a resident of California I am all too familiar with the fires. It was interesting to read about them in a mostly positive light. The hummingbird is one of my favorite critters so that was especially a delight for me. There are some exciting moments. The romance was engaging with the addition of a young boy. Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy via NetGalley. My review is voluntary.
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This heart-stirring novel set in Miramar Bay, an idyllic seaside town in California, highlights one of nature’s smallest birds, the hummingbird. 

This is my first novel by this author, and I was impressed with his ability to appeal to my emotions while delivering a suspenseful and heartwarming story. While wildfires and the heroes who fight them were a part of this story, Bunn was able to highlight 3 things in his book that parallel lessons I’ve learned from hummingbirds. 

Firstly, Bunn drives home the warning to not let perceived limitations hold you back. The hummingbird is so small, yet it can fly backwards, forwards, sideways and upside down. Ryan Eames has a lot on her plate with her career as a police officer and single handedly raising a son who needs extra care and attention. She learns to capitalize on her strengths rather than her limitations. In doing so, she finds love. 

Secondly, Bunn shows us the inner strength of his characters as they learn to stand their ground. The hummingbird doesn’t know it’s small so when its territory is invaded it is aggressive. Ryan takes note of this inspiration, and her courageous heart helps her stand up for what she needs for her family and her community. You’ll read about the courage and unconditional acceptance she finds when she surrounds herself with those who understand her. You’ll be rooting for her to find happiness and love. Besides the destruction, Bunn highlights an accompanying negative side of wildfires and evacuations - opportunistic thieves. Like the hummingbird, the police force brought in to protect the vacation homes, stands their ground and serves the community. 

Thirdly, Bunn reminds us that staying flexible and ‘going with the flow’ are essential to survival. A hummingbird chooses a variety of food sources and can change their course in an instant. Ethan Lange and his friend Noah are intuitive and are able to adapt to unexpected roadblocks in their journey. You’ll read about how Ethan faces devastation a few weeks before Christmas and admire his flexibility and attitude.   

My heart was captured with the sections featuring Liam and Trevor. Sometimes the smallest things take up the biggest room in your heart. 

With everyone pulling together, it becomes a wonderful Christmas. 

I was gifted this advance copy by Kensington Books and NetGalley and was under no obligation to provide a review.
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I really enjoyed this story and how Ryan's son was really drawn out of his shell by Ethan.  All it really took was someone understanding him.  A community can always really pull together in the face of tragedy.  Humans as a whole are good hearted.
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Heartwarming! I love how the characters grow with in themselves and their relationships. 

I love the somewhat mystery this book has. It keeps you guessing about the fires, who is setting them and why.
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Return to Miramar, now threatened by wild fires that may be started by thieves who ransack evacuated homes. Banker Ethan Lange is roused from sleep by policewoman Ryan Eames. She has a son who rarely speaks. He and Ethan hit it off, and bond over saving a hummingbird from the smoke. Saving hummingbirds becomes a town project and spot of joy in a grim Christmas season.
Davis Bunn has written several novels of heroic wounded men and the wounded women they are drawn to. Much to like here, but it didn’t resonate with me like the others. Ryan is hard to read, or maybe it’s because she has a man’s name.
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A book of how a community could unite to fight for something so fragile.  How a seemingly mild-mannered banker had so much more depth than anyone thought.  Why a young boy with a gift would be so withdrawn and how he was brought out of his shell.  How his mother could be so strong one minute and softly loving the next. 

There were so many storyline tendrils and sometimes the story seemed quite convoluted.   I had to go back in the book to make sure I was remembering what I thought I was remembering! 

I was intrigued with how the author would weave a Christmas Story with hummingbirds.  This book was kind of a Christmas story and there were hummingbirds in the book.  I will say the hummingbirds were the biggest lesson, for the town and for the young boy.  

An interesting read.
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This is a Women's Fiction book. I do not think this is a Christmas story, but there is a little Christmas in it. I did enjoy the characters in this book. I felt the story in this book was super sweet. I just found this story was slow to get going, and I also felt that there was too much going on at times in this book. I received an ARC of this book. This review is my own honest opinion about the book like all my reviews are.
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The lovely cover immediately attracted me to this book. I was pleasantly surprised to find that despite its fiery topic, this is a beautiful, heartwarming story of courage, love, and unconditional acceptance.

Artist and banker, Ethan Lange’s home burns completely down twelve days before Christmas and he loses everything. He’s just been approached by a friend, Noah, to help revive a seven-book series, the Elvin Child series into more modern stories, and those books just happens to be Ethan’s favorite childhood books. He’s thrilled to be a part of the team!

Ryan Eames is an over-worked police officer. She has an 11-year old son, Liam, who’s a special child—quiet and artistic—he rarely speaks or makes friends. When Ryan is required to ask Ethan if he will help officers try to trap or outwit the professional thieves who are possibly starting fires deliberately then robbing the wealthy homeowners, he agrees, and is deputized. The hours are harsh, and the work dangerous. Ethan begins to spend a lot of time with Ryan and Liam.

Ethan has a love for hummingbirds, and often dreams of them while sleeping. He finds a small hummingbird and he and Liam take care of the dainty creature, naming it Trevor. Ethan and Liam form an immediate bond over their interest in art, and Ethan is amazed at the eleven year olds incredible talent. Ethan is a gentle, loving man, and he understands Liam.

The suspense in the story is mixed well with the characters lives and the plot is easy to follow. The characters are likable and caring and the story draws you in and moves quickly. I didn’t want to stop reading to do anything else.

An elaborate plan is set up between several law enforcement agencies. The climactic capture of the robbers in action is awesome! Ryan, Liam, and Ethan have the best Christmas ever. I highly recommend this wonderful story.

I honestly reviewed a digital arc provided by NetGalley and Kensington Publishing. All opinions are my own
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Thank you Netgalley for this ARC for an exchange for an honest review. 

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend reading it.
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THE CHRISTMAS HUMMINGBIRD by DAVIS BUNN tells the story of Ethan Lange who loses everything when fire sweeps through his canyon home, but whose life is restored by his friendship with police detective Ryan Eames and her brilliant but silent eleven year old son Liam.
I like thr hummimgbird theme and the animals that are saved from the fires, which bring a feeling of hope into a desperate situation where criminals are taking advantage of the strong winds to steal valuables from burning homes.
I like to see the relationship between Ethan and Liam and Ryan’s love for her “boys”……
I was given a free copy of the book by NetGalley from Kensington Books. The opinions in this review are completely my own.
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Really enjoyed this book and the characters were real. 
Felt it finished a bit abruptly but that was me wanting more.
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