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Love Remembers: Holding on to Hope and Faith in the Face of Early Onset Alzheimer’s (2022) is a sentimental thoughtfully written debut by Kathe Ambrose Goodwin. Ms. Goodwin earned a MA in communications from TCU, she lectures and volunteers for causes related to dementia that includes the James L. West Center for Dementia Care, where her husband Steve is a resident--she lives in Ft. Worth, Texas.

After her beloved husband Steve had been diagnosed with early-onset dementia, the Goodwins were grateful for the insurance policy through Steve’s law firm that provided lifetime long-term care. Kathe took care of Steve in their home for as long as she possibly could before his admittance to a long-term care facility. According to her “guardian angel” Kimberly, (Resident Director of Family Services): the average life expectancy of a person with Alzheimer’s before age 65 is 5 years, whereas those with early-onset dementia is 10 years. 

A major theme of the book focuses on the author’s Christian faith with the inclusion of scriptures before each chapter. Goodwin narrates compassionately about caring for Steve (his decline), the loss of his presence at family weddings and funerals, the arrival of grandchildren, changing Steve’s care from one facility to another, selling the family home, moving etc. The depth of the Covid-19 pandemic felt related somewhat on a superficial level rather than a world-wide global crisis and tragedy. Family photos were included. With thanks to River Grove Bools via NetGalley for the DDC for the purpose of review. (3*GOOD)
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This is a touching, informative account of one woman loving and caring for her husband as he progresses through many stages of Alzheimer’s disease. If you know someone caring for a loved one with this insidious disease, I would highly recommend that you go out and buy them a copy of this book. If you thankfully don’t know anyone currently dealing with this, I would still recommend that you read it, as it is well written in as enjoyable a manner as it can be,  considering its topic. Every journey is unique in its own way, but the author here gives you her insights along the way and shares both her triumphs and mistakes in being there for her husband. I would highly recommend this book.  Thank you to NetGalley for the advance read copy.
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Thank you, Greenleaf Book Group, for the advance reading copy.

This memoir got me crying many a times while reading it. But also it gave me a lot of strength to understand the condition of early onset Alzheimer's.

The author has given us the real scenario of coping with a family member suffering from the condition. There's pain. There's frustrating moments. But the faith we put in our family will ever be strong and stronger through such hard times. The memoir shows this exactly.

Read this book to understand and know more about the condition. A must read I feel.
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I really enjoyed this book. There are a lot of religious references to the Bible which go hand in hand with what the author is talking about. If you aren’t religious, please, just read the book but skip over those parts. This book tells how dementia and Alzheimer’s affects people from the point of view of the author who goes through it with her loved one. Actually numerous loved ones. I believe everyone should read this book. It was great.
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I really really enjoyed this book! It was very uplifting and informative, and empowering! I will definitely be adding this one to my physical collection.
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