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I like it was enjoyable but other than that there’s not much I like about it. Pretty bland and well predictable which isn’t bad but it could’ve have been done better. Would recommend as an easy read.
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I love a good lgbt book and this one had all of the feels! It was super cut and I loved the sports aspect! I deff recommend for a teen that may be going through the same things
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The story: I absolutely devoured this book. The characters were quick to draw me in and help me understand why they wanted what they wanted, and especially why they wanted each other. I can’t say I usually care much about football or cheerleading, but these girls made me want to care about both. I also can’t emphasize enough how interesting it was that one of the main antagonists (if I can call him that) of the book, was already dead. Which isn’t something I expect in a YA sports romance. Dahlia Adler really nailed it.

The audiobook: Both narrators did a phenomenal job and their voices matched to their character’s personalities perfectly. 
The formatting of the audiobook was a little annoying, which I won’t knock my review down for, but: the numbers of the sections didn’t line up with the chapter numbers, and at the very end of the audiobook, chapter one was attached again. It also annoyed me a little bit that the chapters weren’t separated by POV switch.
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Amber wants nothing more than to become the cheerleading captain next year, and will do everything in her power to secure the spot. When the quarterback of the football team dies in a tragic car accident, the replacement QB happens to be a cute girl named Jack, who Amber begins to fall for. Without the support of her team, Amber needs to decide who she wants to cheer for. 

I listened to this on audio in one sitting and thought it was a cute read, if you can get past all the misogynistic, homophobic assholes on the team and cheer squad... I liked the dual POV between Jack and Amber, I found it easy to tell them apart, but I listened to it on audio, and different voices were used for each of the characters. I like how both the girls grew as the story progressed and they both began to stand up for what they believed in, instead of going with the pressure of their peers. Jack was definitely my favourite of the two main characters. I found her to be extremely relatable and you couldn't help but root for her. I will say that I found Amber to be a bit more hard to like, especially when she wasn't standing up to Jack when the squad and team were being terrible to her. But, I also understand why she did what she did, and being afraid to "step out of line". I adored Amber's mom, she is openly bisexual, and such an awesome support system for Amber without being overbearing. Most of the secondary characters were terrible humans, and it was upsetting that the majority of them had no character development whatsoever. 

Overall, I think this was a cute read, with some deeper topics that were explored well.
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I loved the idea of a female quarterback romancing the head cheerleader! Dahlia Adler clearly has a great bit of fun with this theme in Home Field Advantage.

The opportunity to play quarterback doesn't come along very often, especially for a girl, so Jack has to make some big compromises to make it happen. For Amber and her friends, welcoming the new QB is harder than you'd think. It's way more than just a matter of "new kid in town".

There are only a couple of sports scenes, but they're exciting and well written. And considering I'm not a fan of American football, that's high praise indeed *wink*.

The audio version is nicely performed by dual narrators, Natalie Naudus and Lori Prince.
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Thank you to the publisher and to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Adler once again serves chemistry that absolutely sizzles! I loved this book almost as much as Cool for the Summer. The characters were extremely likeable, and I found myself speeding through the book. Highly recommend, this author is one of the best emerging YA authors I've come across lately!
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I loved this read. It was a little different from other LGBTQIA+ reads I've read because the storyline is between two girls, one on the football team and one on the cheerleading squad. I love the gender role discussion that brings up, and it kind of reminds me of a cross between Prom and Mean Girls.
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This book immediately sucked me in with this queer quarterback/cheerleader adorableness. The narrator is the same as another queer Southern YA novel and so I'll admit that the stories sometime blended together for me.
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As a fan of sports romances, I was so excited when I first heard about this book. A sapphic sports romance? Sign me up! 

I loved the football scenes and I loved that we got to see a character breaking boundaries in what they excel in. 
Unfortunately, I didn’t connect to both main characters that much and it made it difficult for me to believe in their relationship.

With that said, I still think that this was a overall cute but also reflecting read that I would recommend.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with an audiobook arc in exchange for a honest review.
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Yall - this one is a vibe!!

Home Field Advantage a sapphic YA romance starring the high school quarterback and a cheerleader. Yes, you read that right. Jack (Jaclyn) is stepping into the QB1 role when the “beloved” former QB unexpectedly passes away. The team doesn’t welcome Jack to the team. There’s only one person nice to her is Amber, who doesn’t exactly fit in on her squad. She loves the team, but they don’t know the real Amber. To them, Amber is in a happy relationship with Miquel, who is on the football team, but they are just friends who are faking their perfect relationship. Amber befriends Jack, but her squad sees that friendship as betrayal since she’s supposed to ice-out the new quarterback who will never live up to the one they’ve lost. 

What follows is the typical trials and tribulations of high school: the homecoming game, friendship, and passing class. But, Home Field Advantage weaves in topics like grief, homophobia, misogyny, and family dynamics. 

Also - the audio is incredible. Two big cheers for Natalie Naudus and Lori Prince.

Recommended if you like:
-sports romances
-YA books
-breaking out of gender norms
-Cool for the Summer (also by Dahlia Adler)
-late night breakfast runs
-grand gestures 

CWs: homophobia, car accident, miscarriage 

Thanks to NetGalley for my review copy of the audiobook. Home Field Advantage is out now!
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Thank you to NetGalley and OrangeSky Audio for the advance audiobook of this title, in exchange for an honest review.

Amber is a cheerleader, and hopes to be captain of the squad next year. Jack is the new quarterback of the football team. Cheerleaders always date football players, right?  The twist is that Jack is short for Jaclyn, and neither the team nor most of the cheer squad are happy to have her there.

Amber thinks it’s horrible the way the squad and team are treating Jack, but she’s afraid that if she speaks up, she won’t make captain. And then there’s the fact that she finds Jack attractive. But everyone believes that she’s already dating a football player…

Read by two wonderful narrators, this is an excellent book to read or listen to during Pride Month (or any other time!) Whether or not you’re interested in football, it has a lot to say about girls in sports, especially girls in traditionally male sports,  as well as friends, family, and relationships.
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This was such a quick, light YA romance! I was so excited about it specifically because it's a sapphic love story between a cheerleader and the new girl QB!
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Why did I listen to Home Field Advantage? 

Home Field Advantage caught my attention from the moment I first read the synopsis. LGBTQIA+ romance? Sports romance? Secret dating? It sounded exactly what I needed. Plus, it was being released during Pride Month! So, it wasn't very hard for me to click request on Netgalley, and (in)patiently wait to see if I was approved. Luckily, I was!

What is the story here?

Home Field Advantage  follows the Atherton alligators who are in need of a new quarterback. Jack (Jaclyn) Walsh seems like she is just the right girl for the job. Only the alligators are not ready for her. Still reeling from the tragic loss of their previous quarterback, the team is quick to turn their back on Jack, refusing to accept her a part of the team. 

Not only does the team turn its back on her but so does the entire cheerleading squad. Well except for Amber McCloud who desperately wants to cheer captain next year. She wants to use the promotion to help boost her college application so that she can finally leave this small minded town and embrace her life as a queer person. That isn't going to happen though if the football team falls apart and everyone turns their backs on her. So, she is determined to try and keep a perfect harmony. 

Only this would be so much easier if Jack wasn't so cute and if they didn't have such good chemistry together. Or if her fellow cheerleaders would help her try to fix the problems within the team instead of working to bring Jack down. `And if there weren't so many secrets floating around - each one getting harder and harder to keep track of.  It's just alot for one person to handle. 

How did I like Home Field Advantage?

Home Field Advantage has its moments of sweetness, moments of fire, and moments of heartbreak. Honestly, it was the perfect combination.  The relationship between Jack and Amber was so cute and it wasn't perfect which I loved.  They have multiple serious conversations that are actually dealt with instead of being brushed under the rug. They not afraid to call each other especially Jack calling out Amber. 

Jack is much more confident in who she is as an individual. The judgement still hurts her though. She didn't expect to be fully accepted as a female quarterback but, she didn't expect this much animosity either. I loved how there is a real look into internalized misogyny of society especially within the sports world. It was hard to see her getting bullied though just because of her gender and the fact that she was replacing the previous well-loved quarterback who had died in a drunk driving accident. Some of the other characters could be real assholes about everything and I loved when Jack put them in their place. 

Amber experiences alot of character growth through this book. She has acknowledged to herself that she is queer and had a couple of experiences while at cheer camp but, has never publicly came out. Instead she is pretending to be dating her football playing best friend Miguel so that both of them can remain in the closet. I adored Amber and Miguel's friendship - it felt so real.  Being torn between her feelings for Jack and her loyalty to cheerleading forces her to actually look within herself and see what truly matters to her.  She recognizes that if she doesn't figure this out, there is a chance that she could lose everything important to her. 

There is so much representation in Home Field Advantage! I especially liked that Amber's mom is bisexual and provided a source of comfort and understanding for her daughter. She also wasn't afraid to call Amber out when she thought she did something stupid. Along with the representation, there is also alot of homophobia that included homophobic jokes and comments from other characters. I felt that this was pretty realistic to the small town setting but also felt a tad overdone in parts. This is because even when the characters are called out, there is never a real moment of reflection and change. Sadly true for much of society especially where there is a much stronger sense of patriarchal values. 

How did I like the narration?

Home Field Advantage is presented in a duel narrative with Natalie Naudus and Lori Prince as Amber and Jack. I felt that they truly brought the characters to life.  In total, this audiobook is 7 hours and 7 minutes long, and I listened to it at 1.5x speed. I also listened to it basically in ONE sitting, and was completely engrossed in the story and the way it was being told. It was just so cute it sent butterflies to my stomach while also keeping real boundaries to help keep my tethered to Earth and the hypocrisy of society.
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Home Field Advantage put me through the emotional wringer. This sports romance book tackles homophobia, but also knowing when it's time to speak up. We can become so immersed in our lives, in the internalized homophobia, and our ideas of what our dreams are, that we can fail to speak up. To make mistakes that end up hurting people we love, and ourselves. I loved how flawed, complex, and messy both Jack and Amber are. 

 The best characters are ones that make us feel. And both of them do that. They make us feel rage at the treatment and comments they have to endure. At the same time, they make us feel disappointment when they don't speak up. When they let the people we love get hurt. And finally, they make us feel hope and love because they have to struggle, to figure out their own limitations, until they decide when they want to make a stand.
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Thank you to Netgalley and Orbit Books for the opportunity to read this advanced reader copy. This honest review was based off my experience reading an ARC, which in no way biased me.

This is the kind of book you pick up because you are expecting a cute fluffy High School Sports Romance, but then you’re pleasantly surprised that it is intact that, but also so much more. 

HFA has some heavy themes such as misogyny, homophobia, accidental death by car accident, abortion/miscarriage. 

We all love a good HS cheerleader and football quarterback trope, but the author was able to make it SO MUCH BETTER by making it sapphic. Now as an adult I am reading YA books that I wish existed when I was a teen.  

This was my first book by this author but won’t be my last. I’m excited to read more by this author.
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I loooved this. The classic cheerleader and QB trope was given a sapphic makeover and I'm here for it. Adler had me cheering a fictional football team and excitedly invested int he outcome of the game. 

I loved Amber and Jack, they were both relatable and so cute together. I love that we got both POVs, 

The story touches on some deeper topics while still maintaining an overall lightness. It's a quick read with some depth, heartwarming moments, and humour. 

The narration was so good. Both Natalie Naudus and Lori Prince were fantastic. They complimented each other and worked perfectly for the characters.
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I really enjoyed this book. It was cute and well paced and the narration was good (especially the narrator who voiced Jack). I found the main characters charming and compelling and the author found a way to make me connect with many of the secondary characters even without giving them a lot of page time. 

Overall, even with the challenges the characters face, this is a lighthearted book with some laughs and minimal angst. Obviously there is no on-page steam (it's YA) but I found it so refreshing to read a book about two (young) women who just want to fool around, like so many other teenagers. (I have found so often that f/f books spend so much time on *feelings*, it's like women can't also be sexual beings?)

Content notes: bullying, homophobia, grief
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Loved the dual POV of the story and love the queer twist on the QB and cheerleader romance! It was bubbly and fun but still dealt with serious issues. The secondary characters were great too. I mostly listened to the audiobook and the narrator was fantastic. Two very different voices for Jack & Amber and then enough different voices for all of the other characters too.
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Dahlia Adler has found the one and only way to make me care about sports, make it gay.
Amber is determined to make head cheerleader. It's her one shot to get a college scholarship and get the heck out of her religious town. It's hard to keep spirits high when the previous QB recently died in a car accident. Especially when that QB, who is now being remembered as the golden child, was actually pretty much the worst.
When new QB Jack comes to town, she turns expectations on their head. What's a want to be head cheerleader to do, when she's falling for the new controversial QB?
I loved this book so much. The characters became my new best friends. The banter between Amber and Jack was swoon worthy, and the topics it discussed were beautifully complex and layered.
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I received an audiobook copy of Home Field Advantage by Dahlia Adler from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Overall, I found this book to be very easy to get into, which was partially due to the well written dual POVs of this novel.  Additionally,  although I don’t know anything about football I still found myself enthralled with the way it was being described in this sapphic spinoff of the trope of quarterback and cheerleader. On a final note, some of the deeper topics of the novel do require a trigger warning(teen pregnancy, death, homophobia, miscarriage and death among others).
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