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Come, Gentle Night

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This series. These books. They are just so darn good. Black just has a way of writing that pulls you in from the very beginning and then you're sucked in the whole time. It really was a great read. And I couldn't remember a ton from the other books, but it didn't hinder anything in this one. It definitely still read as an independent book if the other ones haven't been read yet.
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Just when you figure it out you find out there’s another twist
This book will capture you!  This book starts out so calmly and then turns on a dime to bring in repercussions from a death from a few years back.  Soon the police are pulled in with claims of police bias because of that case.  Natalie, a psychologist, is pulled in not only because of client involvement but co-worker and friend involvement.  Soon it becomes obvious that what appears to be just resentment accompanied with some anger, is something much, much larger with physical attacks, secrets, misdirection, missing information, and even more deaths.  This book is impossible to put down as each page seems to deepen and increase the complexity of the story.  A great book and great read.  Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the copy.  This is my review and all thoughts are my own.
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This book was nothing like I expected to be honest, and i’m not sure if that was good or bad. I was really intrigued while reading but there were parts I thought were a bit unnecessary. However it was a pretty decent read, I liked the characters and how everything flowed in unison, also that last chapter was something else. I’m now a bit curious to read more of this author, I found her writing style very refreshing!
Thank you Netgalley for providing this copy!
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