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What a cover!  I enjoyed this book.
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Self Help Slut is a book about clearing energy blockages from our energy field (aura).  The author, Katharine Branham, explains that this is the basis upon which we are then able to move forward on our walk of spiritual growth and discovery.  

What I really like about this book is how easy the author explains everything to us. This isn’t some kind of secret esoteric knowledge for the privileged few.  When I  read other books on spiritual growth, I usually feel like something was missing. I didn’t feel like I could “connect.” Ms. Branham lovingly explains how we have Super Powers, and we just need to know how to tap in and awaken our powers. She gives us step by step directions on how to ground and clear. 

What I most appreciate, however, is as I was reading the book, I could feel myself being lighter. I could feel blockages  already being removed! I know this is just the beginning and I have much work to do, but wow! I’m looking forward to the rest of the books in this series.
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I am so grateful I found Katharine on TikTok. The teachings of the spirit world have changed my life. Her first book How I Found My Superpowers is we’re I fell in love with her so I am glad to be able to read more of her experiences in a relatable way to teach. I am looking forward to her next book.
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Self Help Slut by Katharine Branham is a very insightful work book that makes you conscious of the people, activities and workplaces that can invade your energy field. She than teaches you how to clean your cords so you can move forward on your path. 

I love her method of teaching because she uses real stories to help you truly understand and in each chapter I learned something new about myself, about raising my frequency, and how I put myself in a karmic loop because I don’t break the cycle at times especially in my relationships. Through this book she taught me that “change cannot occur without recognizing its awareness to the experience and how it needs to change”.

This work book was super helpful to me and I truly suggest you read this book as it could be really helpful to you too! I’m so excited for this Authors upcoming books.
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Self-Help slut is an extremely powerful examples and stories of spiritual contact. I like the way Katharine explains in details her experiences and give you a livid moment in time.
In each chapter,  I found that the content was directly geared to helping me find myself.
Writing down my experiences was a great way to come face to face certain problems I forgot about.
I give this workbook 10/10.  Very original and very captivating.
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This self-help book was a very good read. I learned a lot from the exercises and connected with the stories. I love the title and cover. After the author explained why she chose the title and what it represents, I completely understood and it made me appreciate it even more. Those that get offended by the title are probably the ones that need this book the most. I can’t wait for the next one in this series.
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I really, really enjoyed this book! It was charming and hilarious, and it really hit the spot and helped me!
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