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This was a good read, although I felt that the little voices were too little, we didn't hear enough about them or from them which I what I believed the book to be about

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Little Voices is a memoir by a self-taught furniture designer who began hearing from child spirits when she was in her late 30s. She describes how she has always been intuitive, but was able to hone this and hear from those who have passed and help their families and law enforcement. I was fascinated by the subject matter, but with a healthy amount of skepticism. I'm not sure how to rate this one. I found the author's experiences as a medium absolutely fascinating, but found the memoir was a bit bogged down by her experiences of day to day reality and romantic relationships. It was also a bit redundant at times. I wish it was focused more on her medium work and less on her personal life. Overall, a fascinating and readable memoir.

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for providing this ARC.

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I enjoyed reading this advance copy of Little Voices. I went to school with Kiersten and always knew her as the bright, bubbly, amazingly smart, and kind girl in our class.

Kiersten has been very open in sharing her story over the years via her Facebook page and blog. I'm so proud of her for putting her truth into book form to share with those who are or have dealt with similar situations. It is quite raw and hard to read at times. Her strength and the support of her family is inspiring.

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Kiersten Hathcock has delivered a fascinating story about believing in yourself and accepting the gifts the universe has provided.

She allowed us to see what happens after winning a deal on Shark Tank, but more importantly, she allowed the readers to witness what can happen when a person trusts the wrong person.

As an empath for children who were abused and murdered, she lets the readers see a different world unfamiliar to most. Her conversations with these children help solve their murders, but unexpectedly, the conversations allow Kiersten to heal from the trauma of her life.

This reading opened a different world, one that readers will love.

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I have written and rewritten this review many times. It just had to be exactly how I wanted it. Then I realized that it would never be perfect because every time I think of the book, new thoughts come to me.
I have known Kiersten and her family since junior high or at least I thought I had. I cheered with her and ran track with her sister, Traci. I came to the realization, after reading this book a few times, that I truly didn’t know her. But at that time no one did, not even Kiersten. You start to realize what an isolated place childhood can be and just how powerful one’s mind can be.
In writing this review, I realized what was coming to mind were individual words. So this review is different than any other I have written. Before I start that I will say I loved the way she wrote this book. I had been following her blog and snippets from the town we grew up in so much was familiar. But to put it all together was the key.
Brave - how could one not be looking
back. Taking a chance to become
a builder, leaving corporate jobs,
Shark Tank, listening as children
need, coming to some scary
realizations, working with police.
To get away from a narcissist.
Strong - I wish I had a tenth of the strength
she shows in this book. The
strength to fight for children,
to confront her past, to want to
leave her marriage and then have
to face what she faced.
Intuition - Trusting one’s gut. Tapping into
what is going on in your head.
And believing in it.
Trust - trust in yourself, family, and those
friends around you that will always
have your best in mind and give you
the tough love.
Faith - not your typical faith. But the faith
In one’s spouse and children. The
faith that Scott had in Kiersten
despite that their marriage was
done. The faith Kiersten had in her
children. And the faith that there
is a higher power at work in so
many ways.
Hope - That maybe something is coming
when you need, jobs, love. Hope
that a family can be put back
together. Hope that the narcissistic
abuse ends. That true love never
Love - Both good love and bad love. That
true love/family wins. But
understanding that the emotion
of love can be powerful and yet
manipulating. That even the
smartest of us can fall in love
with the wrong person. Love is
Forgiveness - exactly what it says.
Narcissist - they are very good at
manipulating, making the
strongest person in the world
fall and end up dependent
and scared.
Family - in this book through and through.
I can remember wondering when
I first realized what was going on
in her blog how her husband,
kids, and in-laws could still be so
loving and understanding. But
the Hathcock’s are not your
ordinary family. They are true
unconditional love. And the
Parsons. How hard it must have
been to have a child remember
such abuse.
Fight - For what you know is right. For
answers for the children and
families. Strong fight to leave an
emotionally abusive situation and
stay out.
Closure - To tell you story and realize how
very hard it was but you are
with those that love the most.

I do realize in writing this that many of these words belong together. Thank you Kiersten and family for helping to tell her story and knowing the countless number of people it will help. Thank you for the privilege of reading this book and allowing my thoughts. Scott, you, and the kids are my definition of unconditional love. Your kids are the luckiest two in the world to have such support from parents, grandparents and other relatives.

Long thoughts short, pick up this book! There is going to be truth in it for everyone.

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Little Voices is a book detailing the authors experience of an abusive relationship. There are some parts about the spirit children but the majority is about the details of her business and relationships. I found it a bit too intense and felt swamped in word for word conversations and pages of personal letters. I am always a little uncomfortable reading such detailed descriptions from only one persons perspective as it is never the whole picture. While I sympathise with her trauma I did not enjoy all the details or the breakdown of all the business meetings and pitches. I would have been much more interested in the 'Little Voices' and would definitely be interested in reading a the authors next book if it is focussed in this area.

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This is an amazing story on so many levels. Kiersten is a stay-at-home mum who starts her own business, who sees and hears voices of dead children, and who falls in love with an abusive man and struggles to get out of the relationship. Most of the narrative is about the abusive relationship and how it relates to Kiersten's history of being a victim of sexual abuse as a child. It's an important book that many victims of psychological and emotional abuse can relate to, especially as Kiersten is a strong, successful woman, not a pushover or a "typical victim."

I would have liked to read more about the spiritual connections with the children in spirit, but perhaps that can be explored in her next book?

Thank you to Post Hill Press and NetGalley for the review copy.

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