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Holding the Calm

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First I'd like to thank the publishers for providing me with the opportunity to review this book.
As an avid reader in the mediation space, I was excited to read what this book had to offer. There was a lot of strong content here, with some helpful ideas and tools. It was also honest enough to acknowledge that these tools can be used to manipulate as well as to mediate. The author is clearly well-positioned to be an authority in this subject area.
I did, however, find the book a little confusing. It lumped a lot of things into the category of 'holding the calm', not just the things one might expect, such as being able not to react to inflammatory comments, but also things that seemed only distantly connected, such as reordering the priorities in paying off debts. I could find my way to the reasoning, but I would have appreciated being given more context at the front so I didn't have to do so much work as a reader. I was also a little disappointed at times that there were good ideas about what is helpful, but little information on the 'how'. Keeping the amygdala happy can be hard work, and I would have appreciated a bit more practical advice about how to keep it from jumping into reactionary mode.
On the whole I would recommend this book as a helpful introduction, within a larger suite of books and materials to supplement it.

I will post a positively framed review of this book on my blog following its publication.
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This is an unusual book that can help to settle a conflict situation or a book about a job of a mediator. I found several useful tools and questions to use, enjoyed the stories that supported the book pages along. If found it a bit unusual from the point of negotiations and believe the techniques can be also applied there. The book is very good for anyone interested in communication and negotiations because many suggestions can be applied in personal life too.
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The author shares tips, what should be done to hold calm. I enjoyed reading the questions for self reflection, just I did not get  zoo animal comparision, subjectively it seems like disrespect to others.
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