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I enjoyed reading this installment of the series. We have Satin and Marco's story. A vampire and were friends to lovers romance. Through in some memorable characters and a conundrum and we have a match for quiet afternoon reading heaven.
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This is book nineteen of the Guardians of Eternity series. It’s Satin and Marcos story.  They begin the book as just two people having some fun. But then Satin ends up pregnant, something almost impossible between a vampire and a were. 
 While searching for Aunt Bertha, you can sense evil and darkness approaching. 
 I enjoyed this mostly. There were a few too many characters and I had to keep them straight. A little slow in places. But overall an enjoyable read.
 Many thanks to Netgalley for a chance to read and review.
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Totally enjoyed this book!  I laughed out loud at the antics of Levet!  I love that little gargoyle!  And I enjoyed meeting his cousin who seemed to be pretty high maintenance!  I had trouble putting this book down!

The chemistry between Satin and Marco?  Ooh La La!  They start out just having a sizzling affair, telling themselves it’s nothing permanent.  The surprise pregnancy puts an entirely different spin on the story!  Vampires don’t get pregnant…but believe it or not, Satin is going to have a baby!

When Satin leaves to go on a quest, what’s Marco to do…but go with her!  He’s pretty sure she’s his mate.  Satin is a kick-butt vampire and doesn’t need anyone’s help…but down deep she’s happy Marco is with her.

Lots of adventure, laughter, love, and surprises is what you'll get when you read this book!  I loved it!!
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I really enjoyed this book. Somehow I missed some of the books in the middle of this series, so I'm going to have to get caught up. I've always enjoyed this series and these characters and I'm so glad I read this one.
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Book 19 in the Guardians of Eternity, Stalk the Darkness is an engaging read. Vampire Satin is on a mission to find and rescue the gargoyle Levet’s missing Aunt Bertha but a tryst with Marco, the Were club owner, leaves her with an unexpected surprise and Marco attached to her side. This fast paced, well written story with its dynamic and intriguing characters made this a compelling read.
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STALK THE DARKNESS is the 19th of author Alexandra Ivy's Guardians of Eternity, but it is just as much fun to read as all the others.

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STALK THE DARKNESS is the nineteenth full-length instalment in Alexandra Ivy’s contemporary, adult GUARDIANS OF ETERNITY fantasy/paranormal romance series. This is vampire Satin, and club owner/Were Marco’s story line. STALK THE DARKNESS can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary.

Told from third person perspective STALK THE DARKNESS follows vampire Satin, as she is tasked by Styx,  the Anasso (leader of the vampires) to search and rescue the gargoyle Levet’s missing Aunt Bertha but a fling with Marco, the Were club owner, leaves our heroine with the impossible, a pregnancy that finds Marco never leaving her side. As Satin and Marco go on the hunt for Aunt Bertha, something evil and dark is slowly surrounding and manifesting as our story line heroine, and pushing her to return to where her life as both a human and vampire began. What ensues is the hunt for Aunt Bertha, and the search for the truth about Satin’s past.

Meanwhile, our intrepid little gargoyle Levet and the powerful, imp-likeTroy find themselves ordered by Styx to locate Satin and Marco, as the couple are no longer on the Anasso’s magical, proverbial radar but Levet and Troy will ultimately land in the netherworld, between Earth and H*ll, and their search for an escape brings them up close and personal with our story line heroine.

The relationship between Marco and Satin begins as a frenemies with benefits as Marco club allows for fights and fraternizing, something at which both Marco and Satin excel.  A were pregnancy is rare, a vampire pregnancy is rarer, a pregnancy between a vampire and were is virtually unreal, and in this, Marco is desperate to protect the woman he wants to claim as his mate, and the child she carries, within.  The $ex scenes are limited but aggressive and intense.

The secondary and supporting characters include the Anasso Styx, and his vampire wife Darcy; the Were King Salvator, as well as vampire Chiron; Levet’s Aunt Bertha, Levet and Troy; several supernatural and paranormal creatures, and King of the Underworld Hades.

STALK THE DARKNESS is a story of desperation and acceptance; family and relationships, magic and darkness, fate and love. The fast paced premise is entertaining and exciting; the characters are powerful and energetic; the romance is limited as the couple spends most of their time on the hunt.





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What a great addition to this series. I thought the twists and turns woven into the story were fabulous. They keep you engaged and turning pages. Satin's past is a great twist with a dash of WHAT! I loved it. Marco is wonderful and Levett is of course amazing. Looking forward to the next one!
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Satin thought that she could walk away from Marco but the were wasn’t going to allow her to do that. But things are complicated as Satin is pregnant which isn’t possible she is a vampire. And inter species pregnancy is just too weird for her. 
Marco can’t believe that Satin is pregnant with his child & there is no way that she going looking for a gargoyle without him.
But there is something evil that wants their child & it will stop at nothing to get what it wants. Will they be strong enough to defeat the ancient evil?
A good read. Satin & Marco make a good couple. Great to see some of our favourites back especially Levet he is so strange. 
Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC copy. This is my voluntary review.
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Stalk the Darkness by Alexandra Ivy is book 19 in the Guardians of Eternity series, and another action-packed, fast-paced, and intriguing read. 

As a long time fan of Ms Ivy’s, I have revelled in her gripping and well-written storylines that drew me to this series many years ago, and the snarky, sarcastic, and sexually charged banter that has always been a pivotal element of her characters interactions. 

Stalk the Darkness is a story that grabs your attention early and holds you captive till the last page is turned. I thoroughly enjoyed this exciting tale and am happy to recommend it to all lovers of paranormal romance and delighted to add the print version to my extensive collection.
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Stalk the Darkness is the nineteenth book in the Guardians of Eternity series by Alexandra Ivy. It brings to light new faces from times past and present along with a deeper insight into the history of the Guardians of Eternity. While some of our favorite characters from the earlier books do make cameos in Stalk the Darkness, the focus is on illuminating new mythos and handling the latest existential crisis that has arisen.


This book focuses on Satin, a powerful vampire from the ivy regions of Siberia who runs Viper's famous club. She is going after Levet's aunt but finds so much more including her dark past and an ancient evil. She longs for peace and for her ordeal to end.


Marco is a powerful pureblood were who runs an earthy supernatural club. He is compelled to follow Satin because of their elemental and explosive attraction.


Together, Marco and Satin work to save themselves and the world from an ancient evil. This book is truly spellbinding. Alexandra Ivy creates characters with such depth that you just can't help rooting for them.


Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the ARC
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This is book 19 in the Guardians of Eternity series but it can absolutely be read as a standalone. In this one we get Satin and Marco's story. Satin almost died becoming a vampire. She hid herself for centuries in order to protect herself and grow stronger. She swore to herself that she would never be weak ever again. Now she throws herself into what joy she can find in her life. And that includes her mock battles with Marco.  Her "work-outs" with the Were are no strings attached and quick-just the way she likes them. Until she is sent on a mission...and finds out the impossible. Vampires don't get pregnant. Marco is strong and savage, things that he prides himself on being. But when Satin suddenly stops coming around, he is compelled to follow and find her. Especially when he realizes that she may be his mate. He will keep her safe-even from the darkness that surrounds her. Her and his child.

I absolutely loved this story!! Satin is this kick butt woman who went through the worst things that a woman can go through. But she came out of it strong and taught herself to be the warrior she needed to be. I love her! And even once her past before she became a vampire (since they don't remember before their pasts before turning), she doesn't let that define her nor does she let it become something that could drag her backwards. Marco is this strong and protective man that you always expect Were's to be. And I loved him and how he isn't afraid to step up and protect someone who needs it. Even when it could mean his own death. Their relationship together is just perfect. They accept each other for who they are all while actually liking each other. Even when they don't want to admit it. I loved it all! I loved having snippets of previous characters that I love while seeing another side of them as well. Perfect way to bring it all together.
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These books are insane in the best way.  At this point, you probably don't need to have read the whole series, but just have an open mind before starting.

It all starts with a gargoyle who isn't a gargoyle going on a walkabout and hearing voices in her head.  It only gets weirder from there.  Satin is an independent vampire who wants nothing more than to blow off some steam with Marco.  Marco also insists that he doesn't want anything permanent and hooks up with her.  They do this regularly, which kind of indicates a relationship, but they are both clearly oblivious.  When they end up on the same trail and get told some rather surprising news, they are somehow tied tightly together.

This story has everything:  smut, romance, magic, silliness, surprises, action, elementals, fun outfits, and more!  Nothing in here is truly earth shattering, but it was an engaging story anyway.  Levet was a hoot, as usual, and gave the story a heap of heart.
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For fans of Alexandra Ivy’s Guardians of Eternity stories, they may enjoy the chance to follow some favorite characters on another adventure. With rapid, witty dialogue, quirky characters and a fast moving plot, readers new to the Guardian’s worlds will have plenty to keep them engaged. Each turn of the page offers more questions than answers, slowly offering clues that lead to the explosive ending. So if you have missed Levet and the gang they are back for another fun read.
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Stalk the Darkness is book 19 in the Guardians of Eternity series and a really enjoyable addition. This story is about Marco who is the cousin of Salvatore the King of Weres and Satin who is a Vamp that works for Viper. They have been enjoying each other at his Hunting Grounds business but something neither expected comes from it. I really enjoyed this addition to the series mainly because Marco refuses to leave Satin's side and I could actually enjoy their romance which has been missing in the last several books by this author. Honestly, this book was so reminiscent of older PNR's which is why I enjoyed myself so much. Again, we have Levet on a mission this time with Troy and Bertha also on one. Honestly, I enjoyed Bertha and could have done with just her POV. Overall, this addition is the best from the last several books. As usual I'm looking forward to the next one.
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For fans of Alexandra Ivy's Guardians of Eternity stories, they may enjoy the chance to follow some favorite characters on another adventure. With rapid, witty dialogue, quirky characters and a fast moving plot, readers new to the Guardian's worlds will have plenty to keep them engaged.  Each turn of the page offers more questions than answers, slowly offering clues that lead to the explosive ending.
Vampire Satin has a hard core reputation.  Very few demons can match her power, but there's only one she's interested in.  Marco, cousin to the King of the Weres.  Satin searches Marco out as a sparring partner - and usually something more.  One such meeting ends with with the impossible. Against all known logic Satin in pregnant.
From the first, Marco felt the call of his mate.  He's set it aside, as he knows Satin isn't ready to hear it.  But, when the King of the Vampires sends her in search of a rogue demon, Marco can do nothing other than follow her.  Something else is in play, though.  Marco can feel the taint of evil surrounding Satin.  He's unsure of its source, but he knows this - he'll protect Satin at any cost.
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Anything by Alexandra Ivy is an auto buy for me.  So you know I devoured this new Guardians of Eternity book immediately! This one features a powerful vampire heroine and the hot were that she can’t get enough of. They end up hearing some crazy news and they are off to figure things out. Along the way there is mystery, adventure, romance and suspense.  Loved it! I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.  (I already bought a copy for my own library!)
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This was an entertaining, well-written book. It was fun, steamy and action packed. I didn't want to put it down. This book can be read as a standalone story, though it is part of the Guardians of Eternity series. I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more books in this series as well as other books by this author.
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Satin is a vampire and Marco is a full blooded Were. Satin is determined to never be weak again and has a hard time letting Marco get close. But she gets an unexpected surprise discovery that sets her emotions into turmoil.

There is a new evil and it’s stalking Satin. It was something new for this series. Love this book and the series just gets better.

We see our favorite gargoyle, plus a few appearances from some of our favorites, including Levet’s aunt. I’m hoping she has a book of her own because she just about took over the book.

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of this book.
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Vampires can't get pregnant but Satin does indeed find herself pregnant with Marco's baby. And Marco is a powerful Were but he had nothing to do with it. Satin and Marco have an understanding that they are just out for some fun when they get together and it doesn't mean anything but Marco knows that Satin is his mate, as crazy as that is. So when Satin goes on a mission to find a gargoyle and bring her back for questioning, Marco follows her to make sure she and his pup will be safe. But along the way they find out from a powerful elemental that Satin is somehow infected with a demon called an ifrit. If the ifrit is allowed to become corporeal the way it wants to, it will not only put their baby in harms way but it could also destroy the world. 

Levet and Troy are also in this book and they are on their own mission looking for Levet's aunt Bertha. Bertha just so happens to be who Satin is looking for. Both Levet and Troy find themselves in danger a time or two but if you've read any of the books in this series you know that Levet always finds a way out of whatever trouble he gets himself into. 

Because of all the different characters in this book, there was a lot going on. But even with so much going on, I found the story to be a little on the boring side. The story just didn't move as fast as some of the books in this series which stalled the progress for me more than once. While it had a good ending, it took a while to get there and I hate feeling bored while reading.

Disclosure: I was given an e-ARC of this book via NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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