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Still Distracted After All These Years

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As someone in this book's target audience, I was very happy to receive an Advance Review Copy (ARC) from NetGalley. "Still Distracted After All These Years" is an excellent resource for older adults like me, who have either been diagnosed with ADHD, are currently pending/waiting for a diagnosis (like me), or who feel like living with undiagnosed ADHD all these years is a very strong possibility. 

Dr. Nadeau's writing style, and the layout of the book makes for very easy reading. There's no need to read chapters in sequence, if you want to jump around, you can easily do so. The book is conversational in tone, with terms explained, and is equally helpful to those already in the process of figuring out if they have ADHD, and those brand new to all of this "ADHD stuff". There are also plenty of additional ADHD related resources provided. 

I definitely recommend this book for anyone who feels that they may have been walking around with undiagnosed ADHD all their lives and never knew. Even if you don't have a formal diagnosis, the information in this book is very helpful if you're searching for answers.
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Okay, just reading the synopsis made me feel at home. I went through the checklist and was able to say yes to more than half the traits. Adult ADHD, especially within older adults, isn’t talked about as often as it ought to me. It’s about time the elephant in the room was addressed and given solutions. Nadeau did a great job with both!
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I really enjoyed this book and gave me more insight into my unofficial undiagnosed case of ADD. My oldest daughter at 31 has just been officially diagnosed with ADD and has started medication to assist her. I’ve am 65 years old and have lived my whole life not knowing why I was the way I was. This book has helped me in so many ways and gives me a lot more awareness of how I am and how to deal more effectively with my ADD. Thank you Kathleen G. Nadeau and NetGalley for an early arc copy of this book 📕 which I plan to purchase when it comes available for sale.
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What a helpful and informative book! This book will be a great resource for anyone in middle age or later who struggles with ADHD symptoms.

Many older adults were never diagnosed with ADHD but will see themselves in the behaviors listed. Nadeau talks about issues that can be especially difficult for adults with ADHD like difficulty keeping up with housework and finances, dealing with adult kids with ADHD who are still dependent and at home, having difficulties with affording to retire, overwhelmed with clutter and possessions and unable to downsize, losing a spouse who previously took care of things like bills and schedules, floundering without the structure of work after retirement, not being prescribed ADHD medicine by doctors who think stimulants are not safe for older folks or that they don't qualify, and much more.

While I'm not retirement age yet, I related to so much here and can see how this book would be so helpful to retirement aged folks with these issues. It's a validating book that acknowledges common struggles without any judgment and gives a ton of tools and suggestions to thrive in your later years even if you have ADHD -- financially, physically, socially, and more. Highly recommended.

I read a digital ARC of this book for review.
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